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Old 01-19-2012, 10:49 AM   #1
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My last resort... and it's not working! : (

hi everyone,
my name is Amy and i've been visiting this forum for a few weeks. i'm loving how much i can learn and be inspired here.
my husband and i started the Atkins diet on Jan. 2. he's been trying to get me to try this diet for many years, as he had success at it about 7 yrs ago and lost 50 lbs. he gained about 25 or 30 back.
i've tried a few other diets, all with the same results... i either give up too soon, or, i just gain back what i lost, usually without reaching any real goals.
i never wanted to do Atkins before because i love carbs! but, this is pretty much my last resort, and since i love cheese and butter and salad dressing so much, i thought i'd finally give it a try.
i started on Jan. 2 at 217 lbs. In the first week, i lost 5.4 lbs and was ecstatic. however, at the same time, i also started taking blood pressure medicine (the lowest strength/dose there is) at the same time, and my doctor told me it was a diuretic, so don't be surprised if i lose a lot of water weight at first.
now i'm beginning to think that all the weight lost in week 1 was due to the medication!... because, i haven't lost any more since then. : ( in fact, i've gone about 1 lb up.
i admit that i haven't been keeping track 100% of the amount of carbs i'm getting, as i don't weigh/measure all the veggies i put on my salad... and, i don't weigh/measure the amount of cheese i'm having, for example. but, i've been dieting on and off for many years, and i have measured lots of food in my past, so i think i'm doing a pretty good job of estimating how much i'm eating... and, i'm logging it into ******.com where it tallies it all up for me.
i've been staying at or under 20 grams of carbs a day.
i thought that maybe if i get the Ketone test strips, that would at least help me determine if i'm in ketosis or not, and if i do need to cut out some of the higher carb veggies. at first it was at the "trace" and "small" levels, but has come up to the "moderate" level lately.
i also have to say that i have not yet started an exercise routine.. and i know that will help. but, i still feel like i should be losing SOME even with no exercise.
lastly, i also have to admit that i have not been drinking very much water. i know that this will also help, and i am trying harder to drink more.

so, i'm looking for advice from you all...
what should i do? i'm starting to get discouraged, and wondering if it's ever going to kick in???
it's been almost 3 weeks!

i read somewhere about when you have a stall, you can do a "fat fast". does anyone know about that? i've been eating plenty of fat, that's for sure.

or, should i cut way down on the fat for a while?

thanks for your suggestions!
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Old 01-23-2012, 08:04 AM   #2
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Amy - how do you feel on LC? Is your mood and energy improving? Do you feel hungry? If you feel otherwise great, keep doing what you are doing. WL will eventually kick in. I had a similar issue, where I lost great the first week or two and then last week I saw an uptick on the scale for no reason. It hasn't caused me to waiver from this plan or lose resolve, I know it's the best way to eat to be healthy.

If you want to post menus, I'm sure some people could come and give you advice. I wouldn't try a fat fast yet or do anything drastic, but some people lose better with no cheese or dairy in their diets.

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