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CherylB 01-09-2012 02:17 PM

The Continuing Saga of CherylB's Weight Loss Journey (part 2)
It's time to start a new chapter. My first "hcg journal" got so long that it had to be closed from any further posting. It's still "out there" for anyone of us who want to read from the beginning (poor souls.) I'm glad it will still be accessible because sometimes I just need to go back and read where I was at. It helps me to peer inside my head at certain moments when I was particularly weak or strong. Surely there must be something to be learned from it all. Right? :stars: ;)

So I hope my old journal pals will join me here on my new journal. I hope that this is my final journal on my way to goal. I've lost some ground but I haven't given up. I don't know what plans I will follow to get the last few decades of the weight off me, but I don't think that matters all that much. So long as I feel healthy and "well" along the way, I'm in the right place for that time in my journey.

Here we go! Come on along with me. 2012 is bound to be a wonderful year for us all. :hugs:

And for those of you with nothing but time on your hands, here's the first journal:

http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/hc...start-one.html :faint:

Cruzcrzy 01-09-2012 02:29 PM

Here's to new beginnings!!:hugs:

CherylB 01-09-2012 02:51 PM

Amen, sister! This happened at precisely the right time. I wonder why? Hmmmm... Love you, Lord!

:notwrthy: :notwrthy: :notwrthy: With you and my dear friends, I can do anything, rise from any fall, ascend to greater heights than I've ever achieved before, and overcome demons that have hindered me for many years.

:aprayer: :up: :clap::jumpjoy: :high5: :shake:

:goodpost: :goodpost: :goodpost:

:welcome: everybody! Come on in. :hugs:

paulabob 01-09-2012 03:00 PM

Joining your new journal!

CherylB 01-09-2012 04:52 PM

Hey, girl! (((HUGS)))

catjrow3 01-09-2012 06:13 PM

Joining the new journal too!!

TerriMM 01-09-2012 07:48 PM

Hey Cheryl! I'm ready for a fresh start too but with the same and maybe more fresh friends. Big :hugs: for the New Year and for whatever new and wonderful things it holds for you!

tay65 01-09-2012 09:21 PM

I'm joining you too. Here, here to new beginnings! I'm starting over too. I'm right back to where I started 21 days ago. Wasted alot of drops, time and effort.
I hate the smell of oil too. Eek!
How was your day at the barn? I don't think I could do all that cleaning. I'd just want to take care of the horses. LOL

catjrow3 01-10-2012 07:44 AM

Good morning Cheryl... just popping in to say hi to you and see if today was a "good" day!! ?? {hugs}

CherylB 01-10-2012 09:18 AM

Morning, ladies! How nice to see your faces on my shiny new journal thread!

Tammy, I know exactly what you mean about "wasted time", wasted drops, etc. But I can't "go there." I've been in that thought process too long and it keeps me stuck where I am. Let's try to let that go, deep within us and to just deal with today. I'm also going to stop saying things like, "I'm down another lb but it's just regain weight." That takes away from the fact that it was a pound and now it's off of me.

So, along those lines, I am down one lb today! I followed a LC plan yesterday but did not want to chart that I had made it until it was in the bag. I had a salad with 2 HB eggs and ranch dressing, a pot of coffee with cream and Ez Sweetz, and homemade Jalapeno poppers with cream cheese and bacon bits. (Not the fake ones.)

I haven't been drinking much water so I need to remind myself to do that. Maybe in between cups of coffee I need to do some water-chugging.

The barn isn't until today at 4. I do that on Tuesdays and Fridays. It is a lot of work but I'm not there alone. If I ever am, I'll have to rethink this whole thing. I too was only interested in working with the horses, but in wanting to do that, that means much more than just the fun stuff.

I will report on how today's eating plan went, but tomorrow. When it is again, "in the bag." ;) I hope everyone has a super-lovely day today. KUTGW and know that we can move past where we are right now. We are not stuck, we just think we are.

Labyrinth 01-10-2012 11:49 AM

Hi Cheryl!
glad you are feeling better. and :jumpjoy: on your 1lb down!!! :jumpjoy:

CherylB 01-10-2012 11:52 AM

:eek: Donna? :eek: I've never seen you on any thread other than our monthly Atkins one! Nice of you to come by! :hugs:

CherylB 01-10-2012 05:01 PM

Best barn day yet! I can do this. Actually, I brought a rake from home to help me clean up the scattered hay piles in the paddocks and it was much more efficient! Still takes forever but I felt that it was an improvement. Why two horses need so many little piles of hay in one area is beyond me. But I'm still a peon newbie and will store all these things away for now.

I'm really getting the hang of working with the horses. Even the couple of them who act threatening are going to learn that I'm onto them. And since I'm a volunteer, I don't need to go near those two horses if I really don't want to.

I met the woman who started the entire operation up there today. I had no clue who she was and thought she was just another volunteer I hadn't met yet. She started asking me question after question and I wasn't quite following her. Then I turned the tables and started to ask her questions. That's when she said she was the founder. :eek: That's when I said, "Wow! Things must have really changed around here since then." :o I found out where the other barn worker was and beat a hasty retreat.

She saddled up one of the horses and rode him around the ring. It was nice to actually see someone riding! Maybe someday I'll be one of them. ;)

Have a great night, ladies. I have to find something to eat for dinner. Tomorrow I'm making a soup and maybe throwing a roast into the crock pot. Gotta love Atkins. :)

Gremom 01-10-2012 05:59 PM

Hiya Cheryl!!

Glad to hear that you are doing much better! Have missed the best side of you!! :hugs::jumpjoy:

And YAY for a GREAT barn day. I think I would love it. I will live it all vicariously through you, k?? :laugh:

And super YAY for being down a pound! I was today too. No new territory, but it was lower than yesterday, so I am going with it!

Here's to a awesome day tomorrow!!

:love: you!!

tay65 01-10-2012 07:29 PM

Cheryl, glad today went well for you!

CherylB 01-11-2012 09:19 AM

Thanks, ladies! Stacey, you can live vicariously through me with the horses and I you with the kids! I never had children. Ovarian failure in my early adulthood. I learned to love life without kids and it has been just fine. I was a step-mom for a while (now that was fun...)

More good dietary and scale news today. Day two in the bag for LC and boy did I eat yesterday. I had forgotten how good eggs and bacon tasted. And Jalapeno Poppers are my friends.

Today I plan to make a sausage and kale soup that I used to make all the time on Atkins. I just need to go out there and get it in the pot! Sipping coffee #2 right now so I'll be out there eventually. No hurry! It's my "day off."

I hope all you lovely ladies are doing well today!

katiesmemaw 01-11-2012 12:21 PM

Glad to see you continuing with the journaling CherylB. I was concerned with some of the last notes you had entered. Worried about you. We all go there but just haven't been as honest about journaling as you were. Soooooo glad things are back on an upswing for you. (in all areas but the weight that is lol)
Wishing you a wonderfully blessed and profitable New Year.

CherylB 01-11-2012 12:50 PM

Thank you, Betty! :hugs: (Pretty roses!) It can be a rocky road sometimes. I seem to be a seasonal despair-er. :dunno: My rocky times seem to happen during certain months. I think I need to invest in a sun lamp but I think it's more than that. I notice when we get into the real "family event" months that I start to spiral out of control. Hopefully by that time this year, I'll be in maintenance and I can dabble in some things at any family event and be okay. I'll just magically be cured! :stars:

How does one live like a normal person once they hit goal? Is that the thing? We never eat or live like a normal person? It's just some form of "dieting" for life? I have a sister who just will not subscribe to any plans like Atkins or HCG. She's a "calories in, calories out" kind of gal and she will do that until she dies. She exercises almost daily and when she walks she'll sometimes do like 7 miles or more. It's sick.

I wish I could get her to see how carbs effect the production of insulin, the storage of fat and the spikes and dips in energy level.

:hyst: Too funny. Said sister just called me to say how she's got a Panini sandwich being brought to her for dinner by her DH and she went into great detail on how little fat there is in the sandwich. "The majority of the calories in it come from the bread", as if that was a good thing. OMG.

Anyway, she's stayed truer to her plan than I have to mine, so I have no room to judge. She's not been derailed as I have, though she can hit a snag and still struggle with the urge to binge. But no wonder, when you can eat anything you want and you lean toward carbs! It's bound to come back to bite you.

Gremom 01-11-2012 01:35 PM

You got a deal, Cheryl! My life with kids is quite crazy, but I love it! Glad to hear you got some of your spunk back! :D

CherylB 01-11-2012 01:44 PM

It's going to be "spunk city" soon. :)

Gremom 01-11-2012 01:58 PM


Originally Posted by CherylB (Post 15318627)
It's going to be "spunk city" soon. :)

:kicking::up::clap::yahoo::jumpjoy::high5: :goodpost:

tay65 01-11-2012 05:55 PM

spunk city! that is funny! I like your posts of late too. you're more "upbeat". Liiiiiike!!!! :)
well, I just spent 3 hrs with my grandbaby's dad while he visited her. She was hugging and kissing him, which is nice to see. She was also trying to wipe his beard off! LOL When he's here I can't go far away bc she'll scream. Thats why my daughter won't let him take her. Not until she's older, she says. But it gives me time to relax a bit.
well, have to go!

verbqueen 01-11-2012 06:42 PM

Hello! Just dropping by to see your new place! LOVE what you've done with it! :hyst:

I got in from Seattle late last night, and had a busy, busy day today and another busy one tomorrow (choirs resuming.)

My weight is way up from my trip, so I'm planning to Atkins it back down (and sure hoping that works!) If not, I always have my trusty hcg supply.

You sound like OUR Cheryl again--back to your customary energy and good cheer, and I'm so glad of it!

Love you! :love:

CherylB 01-11-2012 08:00 PM

Love you too, Jess. Glad you are home safe. Don't sweat the bump-up. We're going to be doing the up and down thing a few lbs at a time for the rest of our lives. That's just the way a woman's body likes to play it. (And thanks for the comment about the new digs!) :hyst:

You said it once before (I think it was you, or maybe some other very wise woman) that we will always just have to get in the strict habit of weighing ourselves every single day, no matter how bad the number is expected to be. Then deal with it, right then and there! Truer words were never spoken. ;) That's maintenance, girlfriend!

Tammy, I'm glad Chloe had some fun with her Daddy and especially glad you were there with her. Maybe someday she'll be ready and maybe HE'll be ready. Sounds like he's a little immature from what you've said before. When she turns 10, maybe he can take her to MacDonald's for an ice cream sundae. :)

It feels great to be back, ladies! I feel like I've rid myself (or God rid me of) a nasty old spirit that was weighing me down and haunting my head. "This house is clear." :hyst: Poltergeist is one of my all-time faves.

paulabob 01-12-2012 02:28 AM

So laughing at the baby Tay...my 2nd didn't like ME the first 3 weeks, and didn't like her father the first 3 months. I think she would have preferred staying in the womb.... She is still reserved, but not as shy as I worried (or as I was). Patience! It's amazing how babies have certain characters, right from day One!

Cheryl, I'm loving your good attitude...but don't be afraid to share the down days too.

CherylB 01-13-2012 06:23 PM

Lot's to tell but too tired to tell it! Tomorrow I will be back and get all caught up. Will be posting a couple soup recipes, too. Hope it's okay to post them in a journal thread.

verbqueen 01-13-2012 07:27 PM

Just popping by to say hello! I'll look in on you again in the morning. :hiya:

tay65 01-13-2012 08:48 PM

hi cheryl ! Just a pop in to say hello. Chloe has gotten quite an attitude lately. I tried to give her tylenol (teething bad) and she fought me something awful. Screaming & the works! LOL I hope this phase doesn't last too long!
I was down .2 today. I think it was the powder creamer I used. Idk! Guessing what happened. Happy I had a loss, period.
Good night....

katiesmemaw 01-14-2012 04:35 AM


Originally Posted by katiesmemaw (Post 15318389)
Glad to see you continuing with the journaling CherylB. I was concerned with some of the last notes you had entered. Worried about you. We all go there but just haven't been as honest about journaling as you were. Soooooo glad things are back on an upswing for you. (in all areas but the weight that is lol)
Wishing you a wonderfully blessed and profitable New Year.

Morning Cheryl, looking in on your journal this morning. I sure know exactly what you mean about this "life" of weight, diet and family. Been there my entire life. Took me to age 66 to begin to get a handle on ME.
I wish I had known about hcg years ago and I will always be grateful to the friend who told me about hcg and invited me on the journey with her last July. I'm praying that my own personal inner demons (Poltergeist type who instead of living in the tv have seemingly always lived in my body....maybe just my head) were actually killed off by the hcg. I DO know that I continue to weigh every day, I'm eating pretty much whatever I want (just sparingly and balance it with less at the next meal ------ sorta like I've always seen "normal" people do.)
Yesterday, dh and I went out with ds and dgd for lunch at Fatz and had a serving of popcorn shrimp and calabash fried chicken tenders. My side was asparagus and dh had a salad instead of our choice 6 months ago....french fries. We then went to Cracker Barrell last night (we were out late) and each of us ordered the children's serving of grilled chicken tenderloins. Hubby with a side salad and me with turnip greens and 1/2 cornbread muffin. The other thing about this is that for us poor old folks a $7.00 bill tain't bad for a meal "out". Not giving any critique or recommendation of our "southern" type diet but saying all that to say that I am the most amazed person on the earth to get up this morning to see a .6 weight loss and dh had a 1.0 weight loss. (He's in R1P4 and I'm in post R2P4 maintenance. I went off P4 back Dec. 21.)
What I know about you Cheryl at this point is that YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Despite all the "stuff" you had to go through and endure over the past several weeks you are doing great and keeping on keeping on!!!! What an inpiration you are to so many!!! Thank you for your journal and know that you are so appreciated by sooooo many.

CherylB 01-14-2012 10:29 AM

Hi ladies! Tammy, I'm sorry Chloe is in a fussy stage. Those are so hard to take. I find it hard not to take it personally, even when it has nothing to do with me. :( I hope you can find a way to get that tylenol into her. How about suppositories? She'd have little to say about that!

Betty, your words mean so much. I can't tell you how touched I am by the things you say. I don't see myself as others do (true of each of us; somehow we are blinded to ourselves) so it really helps to hear what others see in us (unless it's really negative. Then I don't want to know!) ;)

I'm really impressed with you and hubby, the way you are rocking maintenance and eating out and making the right choices. HCG really does work wonders, when you do what the plan says to do. I only did R1 the right way, then followed up with a P3 that was done the right way. Then I cycled back into a P2 without doing a P4. I didn't see the point in learning to maintain at that weight when I had so much more to lose. Well, each successive round got looser and looser to the point where I couldn't tell you what I lost during it and how long I did P3, etc. The next time I do a round (and I know I will, once I'm ready and if I feel hopelessly stalled on Atkins), I'm going to do it by the book.

I'm kind of glad there are only 2 Cracker Barrels in CT and none are close to home. YUM. I've never heard of the other place you mentioned (Fatz.)

I hope those inner head demons are gone for good!

I weighed today even though I weighed yesterday and said I would only weigh a couple times a week. I'm down 0.4 so that's a total of 8.4 in 5 days! (Today is day 6 of Atkins.) Things will likely start slowing down now, but I hope this is my most stellar Atkins experience ever. It would be cool not to need to do another HCG round, though if I could heal my metabolism and reset my hypothalamus, it would be worth it. I just need to make sure I have an iron will when I dive in for that final round.

So, here are the recipes I promised for the soups. The pumpkin one is a soup I made for the family Christmas party but, as it turns out, it's quite LC.

Sausage and Kale Soup


Kale, a large bunch or portion thereof
2 boxes of chicken broth (no msg)
1 box of water
Fresh Cilantro (I use about 1/2 of a bunch)
1 lg onion
1 lb roll of sausage (Jones or other brand)
(Chorizo would also be nice, but I can't find it here.)
Optional: 1 cup heavy cream


salt/pepper to taste
chives (eyeball it)
Cayenne pepper
Spoonful of garlic from a jar


Pull sausage from the tube in little pieces and drop them into a large skillet. Add chopped onion and seasonings, as well as the garlic. Saute all until sausage is brown and onions are nearing transparency.

Wash and chop Kale and Cilantro. Put chicken broth and water into stock pot (I wing the amounts based on how much soup I want. This last time I used 2.5 boxes of broth and 1.5 of water.) Add kale and cilantro to the broth and water. Add cooked sausage and onions to the stock pot (sausage "grease" and all) and move stock pot onto already hot burner.

Add more seasonings to the soup (all of the same, just a little more. I don't put more garlic.) Cover and bring to a boil. (Stir this soup often because the kale rises to the top and needs to stay submerged.) Simmer soup for several hours so kale cooks down and loses its bitter taste. This takes a long time!

If you want to add the cream, I would do it at the very end or just add it to each bowl as you serve it. If you put it in too early it tends to break down into little beads and spoils the appearance or "presentation." This time I skipped the cream altogether because I put cream in my many cups of coffee and the soup was just as delicious without it.

I have also (in the past but not now) added some Thicken Thin toward the end, but I don't really like that stuff. Slimo.

Creamy Pumpkin Curry Soup


(This only serves FOUR, so if you are like me, double or triple this)

3 T butter
1 C finely chopped onion (1 small)
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
1 t curry powder
1/2 t salt
1/4 t ground coriander
1/8 t crushed red pepper
3 C water
3 bouillon cubes (Herb Ox has no msg)
1 15 oz can of Pure Pumpkin
1 C half + half
Garnish with dollop of sour cream and chives


Melt butter in lg saucepan over med-hi heat. Add onion and garlic. Cook for 3-5 minutes or until tender. Stir in curry powder, salt, coriander and red pepper. Cook for 1 min. Add water and bouillon, then bring to a boil.

Reduce heat to low. Cook, stirring occasionally for 15-20 minutes to develop flavors. Stir in pumpkin and half + half. Cook for 5 minutes or until heated thoroughly.

Transfer mixture to food processor or a blender Blend until creamy. Serve warm or may reheat. Garnish with a dollup of sour cream and some chives. (I used dehydrated chives and they were nice.)

Prep tip: Soup may be prepared 1 day ahead. Cool to room temperature after adding pumpkin and h/h. Cover and refrigerate. Just before serving, blend and then reheat. Do not boil!

*This recipe and nutrition breakdown can be found on meals.com.

Don't be put-off by all the curry and coriander and red pepper! Even the family members who say they can't take spicy food LOVED this soup. People raved and went back for more. It's very rich and is nice for special occasions. I made another batch for myself after the holidays and it did seem a bit much to be eating on a daily basis.

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