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Lileve 09-15-2011 12:29 PM

Eva's Reality Check
So Here I Am!

My journey isn't all about weightloss, cause then I could go on a crash diet. My journey is about healthgain. I have a little daughter who's only a wee toddler and I can barely keep up with her. I'm sick of having to squeeze into clothes and have them rub to a fray within weeks. I want to be fit and healthy, go to the pool, not get overheated everytime I walk for more than 5 minutes and I want be able to keep up with my household chores without being completely winded after each task. Those are my main goals. But lets be honest, I also want to look good (for both me and my partner) and I want to be able to buy my clothes at a normal store!

My weight goal: 132!

My stats on August 24th 2011:

Height: 5.1"
Weight: 221
Waist circ: 50"

My usual diet up till then: 5 slices of white bread with peanutbutter, usually pasta for dinner (or lots of rice with chilliconcarne etc) and way too much to snack in the evening ie: bag of crisps, another plate of pasta, more white bread, sweets, cake. Lets not forget the 1.5 liters of coke!

My stats on September 15th 2011:

Weight: 209
waist circ: 48.5

Current diet: 400 grams of veggies, 1 egg, 2 slices lc bread, 200 grams of meat, 50 grams of cheese or cold meat and 1 piece of fruit (from the lc range). And then just an awful lot of water!

I feel really good with this diet. Most of the cravings have gone and I now treat myself to something nice in the evenings when I feel like snacking (usually an egg). I just hope so much that I can get it all off and KEEP it off!! :cool:

Lileve 09-15-2011 01:51 PM

I keep forgetting about this (so easy to do), but after I got through my carb crash in week 1, I actually felt so much better! I didn't realize how much until:

I went to dinner and I ended up cheating (a lot): I had nan bread with my curry and 2 bears! The next day, all my symptoms of a foul mood, irritability came back straight away. I stayed LC after that and have been feeling great again!
I've always felt there was a link between eating junk and my mood, but now it's been confirmed.


Lileve 09-16-2011 02:59 AM

So far so good today!

breakfast: 2 slices lc bread with cheese
Lunch: leftover chilli from last night
33 ounces of water

bmore4now 09-16-2011 07:22 AM

We have very similiar stats. This is my first post on this site and would like to partner with someone.

I'm currently 196 lbs, down from 204 and I've been LC for the past 6 weeks. I'm hendering my weight loss by drinking alcohol almost daily. Such a bad habit, but I'm slowly reducing my intake.

I've discovered that LC wraps are a trigger for me and fruits in small doses are ok! Although I didn't lose weight this week and much more aware of my body and what it doesn't like and like.

Good Luck on your journey and hopefully we can chat it up soon.

Lileve 09-16-2011 10:18 AM

hey there!

Good to hear from you. Yep we do have similar stats and nice to see someone here who is also a beginner at LC.

Good for you that you're reducing your alcohol intake. That must be quite difficult to do! Reducing it sounds like a good plan. And you don't have to eliminate it, it could be your special treat once you have it at a level your comfortable with. :)
What happens when you 'trigger'? Do you stop losing weight or do you get other symptoms?

Best of luck on your own journey and looking forward to keeping in touch!

Lileve 09-16-2011 10:24 AM

Did well today!

snack: 1 pear (+ one little slice of banana my toddler wanted me to eat - she's in sharing mode).
Dinner: green beans and brussel sprouts with nutmeg and sausage.

Am now boiling two eggs and I'll probably have one (deviled) for a late evening snack. The other one is for tomorrow :D

I'm having a lot of fun reading all the posts on this website and getting very inspired. It's also good to read up on all the information out there so that I can make healthy choices. The fact that I'm following my own WOE does make me susceptible to making mistakes. But I love delving into this and finding out all that I can.

*I've almost convinced my mom to join me! She just bought a load of goodies though at an expensive shop and she goes through it quite slowly. So she's finishing that first and then joining me lol. I know my mum though and I'm pretty sure she'll join me after Christmas!*

Lileve 09-17-2011 06:23 AM

Guess I need to make more changes!
I'm changing my idea of "doing well". I seem to have stalled now and am not liking it. I did some more research (looked at packaging and this website) and I'm going to start cutting out my lc bread. Looks like there's a lot more in it than I thought.

Last night I signed up for ******! Thats given me quite a few insights and now I'm not sure anymore about what I'm doing. There is so much info out "there" that I don't know anymore what I should be eating. I suppose thats the downside of not following Atkins or any of the other one's :(

I also took my measurements to fill in on ****** and that was a bit of a downer - I really am fat! pffff

BUT, I will pick myself up again and I will do more research online and in my daily life. I will find out what works for me (ANY HELP HERE IS MORE THAN WELCOME) and I WILL lose this weight and GAIN my health!

Good Luck to all LC'ers out there!! :heart:

motivate33 09-17-2011 11:40 AM

just stopping by to say hi!!!!!!!! :)

Lileve 09-17-2011 11:42 AM

:jumpjoy: Thanks already to one particular LC member I have now taken up WALKING!
I already walk a lot with my toddler and when she's in her stroller it means I need to push (its a heavy one, also according to others) and when she's walking beside me I have to constantly run after her, I play with, climb all the slides with her and often carry her back home. BUT, there are days when the weather or time doesn't permit a long walk or a brisk one. So I've decided I WILL go for brisk walks by myself (or friend if I can find one who wants to walk with me).
I've just come back from a brisk evening walk (in the sunset) and it was so invigorating :kicking:

My goal is to start doing this 4 times a week and to take it from there. For us, the winter months are closing in so its not going to be easy to keep it up, but I'll find a way.


Lileve 09-17-2011 11:43 AM

Oh hi!! Good to see you here!!! THANK YOU!! You're the one I'm talking about in my previous post :D

Lileve 09-18-2011 12:53 PM

Today was my first day of Atkins Induction and I did really well. Only 16 carbs - all from legal things :D Am quite proud of myself hihi.
Not sure I'm getting enough calories though. I only had about a 1000 calories today, but I wasn't hungry at all!
I have a pretty structured day, but at mealtimes I wasn't really hungry yet. I could eat, and I did, but no hunger pangs or anything.

I also have a whooohooooo today! I ate at my mums (LC) but while I was away my bf made dutch pancakes and he made so many that there are now 8 standing in the fridge - TEMPTING me :( ohh noooo.
So anyway, I had to run to the shop for some cheese and while there I noticed for the first time that we have an atkins line. So I bought a small chocolaty caramel bar. Now, I'm NOT going to eat it! BUT I'd rather eat that, than have a pancake (I know myself, if I have one I'll eat the whole stack :cry:).
So worst case scenario, I'll eat the atkins bar and feel guilty enough just for that. Best scenario: the bar will be my safety net and I'll have to throw it out on august 26 2012 (expire date) :D
So far so good though. Knowing that I have a reasonable option helps me. I just took a slice of dutch cheese and am feeling all smug now :yummy:

Lileve 09-18-2011 12:58 PM

Oh yeah, forgot: I also bought flax seed (saw it by chance in the same section) and will make myself some MIM's in a while - probably after I've done induction. I'd never heard of them before so I'm quite curious. I can't buy Spenda here though - as far as I know anyway. So I'll have to do without sweeteners.

Psmileyf 09-18-2011 04:11 PM

Hi! Sounds like you are doing well.
I bought a box of the Atkins bars for emergencies when I have nothing on hand or just need something. I've eaten 3 in 6 weeks. They fill a need but for me are not that enjoyable anyway.

Anyway, just wanted to stop in and say hello!

Lileve 09-19-2011 05:00 AM


Originally Posted by Psmileyf (Post 15014821)
Hi! Sounds like you are doing well.
I bought a box of the Atkins bars for emergencies when I have nothing on hand or just need something. I've eaten 3 in 6 weeks. They fill a need but for me are not that enjoyable anyway.

Anyway, just wanted to stop in and say hello!

Hiya!! Great to hear from you and am glad I'm not the only one who needs a safety net! ;) Are you on atkins induction too?

motivate33 09-19-2011 05:03 AM

Just wanted to post a quick GOOODDDD MORNING!! HOPE YOU ARE WELL N had a great weekend!!! :hiya: Well i will check back later through my journal and yours..gotta catch up on work first :(...just wanted to let you know you are in my thought and were this weekend as well. :)

Lileve 09-19-2011 05:12 AM

So i've been entering all my foods into ****** for a couple of day now and I've noticed that my caloric intake is pretty low. I read atkins new rev. and I am supposed to eat till satisfied. Well, I'm doing that quite well. I'm listening to what my body says I need and all. But when I check ****** I notice that my caloric intake is never above 1000!!
Yesterday was my first day of induction and my caloric intake was 998 and that was me being VERY satiated (not stuffed though) after my meals.
Before that it was much lower. Before induction my highest was 674 calories. Maye I need to change something? Eat more sausage instead of chicken? :dunno:

I feel really good though! I don't sweat nearly as much as I did before and I have a lot more energy. My mood is very stable now too :jumpjoy: lol

Downer: my bf is not entirely supportive of my new WOE. He hasn't said much and if asked directly am sure he'd say he's fine with it, but he doesn't show much understanding. Yesterday he made the pancakes and he didn't care at all that to me the temptation was so big. I asked him if he could please keep them upstairs in the attic (where his pc is). But he just refused.
I managed to stay of them though so am very proud of myself! I invited my neighbor over to have some pancakes for lunch and she was very happy to eat some and take the rest home hahaha....

Did shopping this morning (by car) and asked my mum to park down the street. I walked back and forth for all the shopping as my exercise. I can't go for a walk during the day (sun is shining for the first time in more than a week) cause my daughter is sick. Maybe I'll have time for a walk tonight if bf is home in time from work.


Lileve 09-19-2011 05:14 AM

oh yeah, forgot to mention:

My nails have become much stronger AND I'm not picking at them all the time!
??carbs making my nails soft??
??carbs giving me nervous energy resulting in nail picking??

I wonder :dunno:

Lileve 09-19-2011 06:12 AM

After having come across some weightlifting stuff on this site I remembered I used to do that too. I really enjoyed it. So I will start doing it again. It will take some time to get all the equipment though and I'll have a to ask for someone to spot me too. Probs my mum as we did it together last time!
Am really looking forward to it.

bmore4now 09-19-2011 09:20 AM

Hello there! Just giving you a pageant wave. Hope all is well.

Yes, Trigger foods make you want more carby stuff.

Lileve 09-19-2011 11:01 AM

thanks bmore! All is well. I did great today except for a tiny teaspoon of peanutbutter :(
But I'm moving on and assuming it didn't ruin my whole day of good eating.

Hope all's well with you?!

motivate33 09-19-2011 12:38 PM

Nope remember what we said...just keep on trucking..plus peanut butter is good for you..coulda been worse!!! Like those pancakes..you go girl for resisting them and then giving them away that is AWESOME!!! So proud of you!!! KUTGW!!! You are doing great!
Oh and thanks for the props on the walking (didnt see that before) :):)

Lileve 09-19-2011 01:22 PM

motivate: :hugs: awww thanks for that! I feel much better now :D

Lileve 09-19-2011 01:38 PM

Stats on today's food according to my kitchenscales and ******:

WHAT -grams ---percentage of calories

-Carbs: 8 gr ------ 3%
-Fat: 86 gr ----- 70% :eek:
-Protein: 39 gr ----27%

Total calories for today: 1090

I feel like this is just weird! Is that cause I'm new to LC eating and am just slightly in shock or would anyone say that this is not right?? :stars:

motivate33 09-20-2011 08:15 AM

YES!!! It is because oyu are new to atkins if you are following atkins those percentages are PERFECT!! That is what they are suppose to look like! In fact i is pretty much perfect!!!! You are doing great! Keep it up. Dont let the numbers, pressure, statistics and gossip etc. alter your great progress!! You are doing great !!!!!
Have a good one girl!!!! HUGS!

Lileve 09-20-2011 11:10 AM

ooww thank you so much! okay so no worries then just continue :) I can do that :up:

Lileve 09-20-2011 01:06 PM

Okay so I found my dumbbells again! And have started training as of today! Am taking it slowly to begin with and will take my time with upping reps and weights. I need to get into shape and retrain all my muscles. I just did quite a decent workout for a first one in 5 years! It makes me feel to realize that, oh yes I DO have muscles, I can feel them now :laugh:

motivate33 09-22-2011 01:07 PM

Ohhh working out!!! i so want to get back into the groove!!! i want to join the gym. but i travel for my job!!! i dont want to pay the initial 100 dollar fee when im leaving in 6 months!!! wait, i wonder if it would transfer to the next place i go?!?!?!
KEEP AT IT GIRL!!! YOU ARE DOING GREAT! Such a motivator for me. :p


Psmileyf 09-22-2011 02:57 PM


Originally Posted by Lileve (Post 15015939)
Hiya!! Great to hear from you and am glad I'm not the only one who needs a safety net! ;) Are you on atkins induction too?

It just makes me feel better to know they are there.
I am on Atkins induction. I had a little slip up with peanut butter this week too! I think I need to stop making PB sandwiches for the kiddos.

Sorry your bf is not supportive. My husband made pancakes right when I started this...and it killed me not to eat them. Now when he cooks breakfast he makes me 3 eggs...your bf will learn!

Lileve 09-23-2011 04:10 AM

@Motivate: Sounds like a great idea to join a gym! Especially one that allows you to transfer when you move! :D Keep looking for solutions! :)

@Paula: Hahaha yeah, the pb is hard to avoid isn't it! I've been trying to shove it to the back of the shelf, but even then I know its there. Still better than a pancake tho!
Am glad to hear my boyfriend is not the only one with some adjustment probs. Hopefully he will end up supporting me more. Maybe when he sees what the results are to the whole family when I lose weight ;)
I'm on induction too btw, so great to have support from another "inductee" ;)

Lileve 09-23-2011 04:28 AM

Last night I was reading a bit more in DANDR and there was this questionnaire to find out how satisfied you are with the diet and whether you want to continue.

It got me thinking right, what are my reasons for losing weight and actually changing my whole lifestyle? I know I have lots of reasons and some of them I have thought about consciously but I decided it would be a good idea to make a list. (I love making lists :D)

I categorized them and then wrote down as much as I could.

-I don't want to get Diabetes type 2
-I don't want to wear out my knees, hips or back too soon
-I don't want my feet to hurt so much
-I don't want to be sweating so much, all the time
-I don't want to overheat after every activity, no matter the duration or intensity.
-I want to have more energy
-I want to get pregnant
-I want to have an easier pregnancy than my last one

-Skinny enough to look good naked
-I want to fit into a (dutch) size 38 or dare I hope, 36
-I want to buy clothes at a normal shop (and dare to go with friends!)
-I want to be able to wear high heals
-I want to feel good wearing a belt (weird I know, but feel ridiculous in one now)
-I want to be able to wear my engagement ring again.
-I want to buy normal bra's again.
-I want to wear normal necklaces again without feeling like I'm being choked
-I don't want my trousers to fray at my inner thighs after a few weeks.
-I want to be able to wear sexy clothes
-I want to feel comfortable in a bathing suit

-to be less irritable
-have less mood swings
-have fewer/no cravings

My Daughter:
-to play more with her
-be able to keep up with her
-set a healthy example
-be a happier mother

My boyfriend:
-Have more confidence and energy in the bedroom
-Get more of the household done
-Not ask for as much help around the house
-Have energy to do more fun things
-Be a happier girlfriend

-Go clubbing with my boyfriend and my friends
-go swimming with my daughter
-cycle more
-walk more, longer, faster in daily life/exercise.

There are probably more reasons if I think harder and longer and I could probably split some up to make it seem like more, but for now this is good. This is about one reason per kilo that I need to lose in order to reach and fulfill my goal!!

so 35 reasons to stay off the peanut butter :hyst:

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