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labmini 07-02-2011 05:31 PM

Working on becoming Mini
Well here it is... My latest attempt at success. I am excited to be here and truly believe it will help me succeed!

A little bit about me-
I got married in Nov. 2010, and live in a cute neighborhood with my husband and rescue beagle. The biggest theme that will run throughout this journal is how much I work. I work a job where there is a busy season and off season, but I still work year round and the off season is becoming busier and busier! I log a lot of hours, and commute to NYC. Exercise is really tough for me to get motivated for and I love to bake so that throws a wrench in this LC way of life- I am excited to experiment though with LC treats once the weight is moving.

I am starting at about 155lbs with a goal of 135lbs or less and I would love to peel about 10lbs off by the last week in July.

All are :welcome: to join and post - I am a lurker on many of these journals and love the feedback.

And away we go!

labmini 07-02-2011 05:50 PM

Post one- might take a little while to figure out my preferred format but I am going to give it a shot. I know I want to do a count of non-cheat days weigh everyday (at least for now until I get crazy) and push myself to workout. I would also like to add any supplements I take, but I need to do more research in that department. And recount not only my food plan, but what my food day ended up looking like-I tend to plan and get sidetracked through out the day.

Day 1-
Weight - too late to weigh
Workout - ehhh still thinking about it

Actual menu
Br. 2 Italian turkey sausages, eggs scrambled with scallions and cheese
Lunch chicken quarter, grape tomatoes, cukes with olive oil and salt
Dinner (too much here I think) 2 bratwurst, 1 hotdog, grape tom and mozzarella salad, sauerkraut.

Thinking of making some splenda sweetened chocolate whipped cream for dessert

It's the weekend so I struggle with water, fluids is definitely something I want to track here as well.

I am thinking this week on doing an egg and meat fast beginning on Mon/Tuesday to hopefully give me a nice jumpstart.

Feeling good so far (really it's day 2 but I want to start the journal with a day 1 count)

I have been LC on and off since March and just came home from vacation heavier than when I started and with renewed resolve.

Day 1 on plan, I'll take it!:)

labmini 07-03-2011 06:58 AM

Feeling like a win!
Good news this morning as I stepped on the scale! It was the boost I was so looking for! We are going out to an early dinner tonight with my in laws to a seafood restaurant. I have looked over the menu and think an appetizer of steamers and an entree of blackened scallops with broccoli instead of the rice or potato and I should be good!

So for today...
Weight - 153
Workout - it will happen!
Fluids- working on a cup of tea now - there will be more
Food plan-

Br. Ham and Swiss roll ups with a bit of cream cheese
Lunch chicken quarter
Dinner steamers and scallops with veg out

Also think I am going to go out and get some virgin CO to add to my diet and purchase some ideal sweetener so I can test out a LC cheesecake!

Back later with an update on how the day shook out! Have a great day to anyone who stumbles across this.

labmini 07-03-2011 05:58 PM

Survived dinner I think...
Feel pretty good about how today went. I managed to workout which I am thrilled with. Breakfast and lunch were no biggie, but dinner I knew we were going out, I figure fish place no sweat.

It was the biggest disappointment - it was terrible! This was supposed to be one of the best seafood places on LI - my husband and I could not figure out what was going on. Everything was terrible!!!

I started with the steamers - they were gritty and tasteless, even the butter was tasteless! I ate the house salad that came dressed- the dressing def. Had sugar in it. My main course was broiled shrimp, scallops and flounder. It came with rice and 3 baby carrots and one floret of broccoli.

Flounder was dry, shrimp rubbery, the scallops were ok...I ate all of the seafood and veggies seriously I dont even know why. We were hoping my in laws wouldn't want dessert, but they did which was totally fine (they really enjoy the restaurant, and we were taking them out as a thank you) looking at the dessert choices I saw berries and cream- great! I thought -

Now in an effort for total honesty I should have just had a cup of tea and called it a night, I think I was looking for some type of satisfaction though because dinner was so bad. So I ordered the berries and cream (and I should have ordered them without the cream) but I got a nice cup of blueberries and strawberries with wait for it- the really fake whipped topping on them. I'm not even talking cool whip! The really fake stuff that comes in a plastic bag I remember from my camp counselor days! How hard is it to whip some cream!

I ate all of the fruit but had some if not most of the cream as well.

So my thoughts on the day- could have been better - so happy about working out and still need to get over some emotional eating issues- I def had dessert because I was so mad about dinner.

But I am sitting here so unsatisfied. I am going to make some tea and relax.

So day 2 in the books a day to help me remember it's a journey. I'll take it! :)

ChristineCQ 07-03-2011 06:16 PM

Sorry to hear about your dinner fiasco! It's so disappointing when that happens! :hugs:

labmini 07-04-2011 01:43 PM

Day 3 and a cheesecake!
Thanks so much Christine! And thanks so much for stopping by!:hiya:

Day 3 over here is going pretty well so far. Working on my 1st low carb dessert- a cheesecake!

Weight: 152
Workout: Turbo Jam is planned

Br- ham and swiss roll up
Sn- 2 hb egg salad
Lunch- Chicken quarter
Dinner- is going to be lobster tails! found them in the freezer from a Omaha steaks gift and thought today would be a good day to break them out.

I for sure had quite a bit of cheesecake batter and water hasn't bee great so I will try and up it the rest of the day.

I feel like our house is cleaner than even when we moved in so a very successful weekend on that front. Now I just need to remember how much I like it clean and keep up with it!

I love seeing the 2.5lb loss in less than a week so I need to stick with it!

Bought some virgin coconut oil to start adding into my diet.

Have some work to do tonight but think it will be ok- I am pretty ready for the week so I am not starting behind the 8ball!

Day 3, must workout, then I'll take it!:)

glamazon 07-04-2011 07:02 PM

Hi Labmini! Just subscribing. I am really looking forward to seeing your cheesecake and following you on this journey!

Happy 4th!

labmini 07-05-2011 05:32 AM

Photos of the cheesecake maybe- I think I underbaked it a bit, but now that it has had time to firm up I think it might be better. I am so upset about the crust though. My stinky old pan leaked water (and through 4 pieces of foil) so I have a waterlogged crust. But is it a keeper of a recipe for sure.

Big news- I have worked out 2 days in a row! I did Fire 30 from Turbo fire last night- couldn't keep up with it all, but I stuck through the whole tape

Day 4
Weight - 152 - I am ok with this I feel like it means the 2.5lbs are really gone!
Workout -Firm classic volume 4 is planned- today is going to be a true test if I can get out of work and workout!
Fluids- working on a cup of tea now - I have a big bottle 50oz next to me that I would like to drink 2 of
Realized I forgot the CO in my tea- I guess I will jhave to put it out in the open!

Food plan-

Br. 1 or 2 Bratwurst
Lunch steak with lettuce-less greek salad (3/4 c) I would say- will need to search out dressing
Dinner might be hot dogs or a piece of cheesecake depending when I get home

Have a great day all- back later with how the day shook out!

labmini 07-05-2011 04:52 PM

Sooo still at work but commited to working out no matter what time I get home I am going to work out!

Food was good today- and water too! Maybe a little too much salt and processed/cured meat products but on plan no less

Br. 2 Bratwurst
Lunch steak with lettuce-less greek salad (3/4 c) I would say- will need to search out dressing
Dinner wings and keilbasa (sp?)

Fluids 2 giant cups of tea and 62oz- so far

good day 3- I'll take it!

WATCH-ME-SHRINK 07-06-2011 02:28 AM

"Mini," stopping in to offer encouragement and kudos. Kudos for your attitude you've shown thus far in your journal. I like it. :)

Two common threads between you and me that I've noticed: I too like (love) to bake, and I also am a Turbo Jam lover. Chalene is all that and knows how to kick your butt!

As for baking, I remember before embarking on LC, I was baking two or three times a WEEK. Pies, cakes, cookies, biscuits, you name it. A Southern girl brought up right! :laugh: I can make a wickedly good pie crust!

As I've grown older and time is no longer on my side, I've decided that those empty, virus-like, sugar-demonic calories just aren't worth it anymore. That transition wasn't easy, and it was slow and painful, but I've crossed to the other side with valor. You can do this. You can release that love affair with sugar too. It will just take time, patience, discipline and commitment. It's all about choices, and I KNOW you know that. (Oh, and by the way, I have some great "substitute" recipes I can share with you.;))

You're doing great so far, girl. Keep up the great work. Hope you have a great day/week ahead.


labmini 07-06-2011 08:02 AM

Day 4
Thank you so much for visiting and for that wonderful post! A post like that just reinforces how great folks on this board are!
I am super impressed you can pull off a pie crust- they scare me and I have never tried!
I would love for you to share any substiute recipes! I am pretty happy with my first LC baking adventure of a cheesecake and would love more ideas!

Also I agree with you on the Turbo Jam- I have both Turbo Jam and the newest Turbo Fire and I really enjoy them!

Thanks so much for the encouragement and you look great!

Official morning report

Weight- Annnnnnnnnnd there's the salt! 154 this morning. Today's theme drink more damn water!
Work out- lifting video planned for tonight- hoping to go pretty heavy as I am feeling pretty good

Meal plan
Br. Piece of LC cheesecake- oh yes there it is!
L- same salad and beef as yesterday
sn- fearful I will need a snack today - I will have to scrounge one up
D- Turkey Hotdogs (I know more salt, but they are what we have an need to eat them)

Off to drink some water!

WATCH-ME-SHRINK 07-06-2011 09:59 AM

Atta girl!
You got that right.

Drink more damn water!


(And watch that salt!)

Ok. Here goes, the first of many more to come. (You asked, I deliver)

Coconut Oil Mud (Twyla's recipe)

2 T of Chocolate Protein Whey Powder
1 T of coconut oil, melted (I prefer Nutiva)
1 T s/f Davinci's (English Toffee is nommy!!))
2 T of flax
1 T chopped, toasted almonds (optional)

Stir, refrigerate till hardened (less than 5 mins), enjoy!

No greasiness, just crunchy, chocolately goodness!"

I have been using 1 Tbls of flax and chopped pecans instead of almonds. . .WONDERFUL AND FILLING!!

labmini 07-06-2011 11:04 AM

Its like you read my mind! I just bought the nutiva and had some in my tea this morning but have been looking into the chocolate bark- this is one to try for sure

thank you!!!!

labmini 07-06-2011 01:38 PM

Feel like I need to hop in and get some thoughts down-

1. I am a chicken freak. I never really liked it until now wings and dark meat with skin have come into my life. Its like I miss it if I don't have it each day.

2. 50oz down- I would like about 50 more before I leave work

3. I am also a sausage/cured meat freak - sausage, hot dogs, keibasa, salami- I love it all but need to cut it out right now. I need to stick to "clean" (I guess?) meats get the salt out so I see some losses- I know I am more annoyed about the 2lb gain today because my skirt is too tight, but I think I need to keep with the uncomfortable clothes so I stay motivated!

Br. cheesecake
L- steak pieces, cuke, tom and green pepper salad, chicken thigh and chicken leg
D- Turkey Dog or pork roast (should go with the pork)

ChristineCQ 07-06-2011 03:17 PM

I hear you on the chicken. I buy 5lbs of organic chicken each week and put most of it the freezer since DS and DH tolerate it only 1-2x/week. As for me, I could eat it every day. :up:

glamazon 07-06-2011 10:22 PM

mmmm I love chicken! We have wings all the time, they are my "lazy" meal. And the Salami? I think you know about my love affair with the German Deli down the road. Homemade natural salamis cured the old fashoned way-- no chemicals! My new favorite thing, though, is a big ol' breast on the bone with the skin and bbqed California style with sauce sauce and more sauce! Charred sauce and skin is sooo mouthwatering!

labmini 07-07-2011 07:59 AM

Day 5
Ok so keeping my chin up is going to be the theme of the day - as well as drink more damn water!

I am pretty proud of my 4 day workout streak- and my husband is too, which is really helpful. I would love to feel or see a difference in me and my weight so my clothes would start feeling better. It both motivates and annoys me that I sit at work in uncomfortably too tight clothes or am relegated to dresses because nothing fits! I know a lot of my clothes are not going to fit until I hit goal because I went a little crazy when I was that weight and bought a ton of clothes and chucked the old ones- in order to help keep me at that weight- WELP! Now I have to stuff myself in clothes and have way less of a selection.

Clothing and this beach vacation with my in-laws and extended in-law family is haunting me, and I have to keep going or it will spiral out of control because I am worried about this trip and a bathing suit and even casual clothes in front of them.

This stems from not wanting to be the girl that lost weight for her wedding - (which I did!) then gaining it all back (which I have now done :doh:) People were really noticing me when I was thin last summer and fall- then I let work, fat happy/stressful married life and moving get the best of me.

So I need to keep going. Just keep going and tweaking until I find the food combos that work. I suck at tracking nutritional info with carb counts- I can't its just one more effing thing to add to my list that I can't keep up with. So I am winging this a little (mmmm wings!) but am pretty educated on this WOE, I just need to figure out what works for me.

What sparked this brain dump- the answer is below

Weight: 155 - I'm sorry what? This is more than what I started at (I think- I wan't exact on starting day) - the rational side of me says TOM, and a new workout regime will do this. It is still dissapointing to my emotional side. :down:

Workout: Day 5 of working out- A nice long cardio session is planned with some serious abs (I have been slacking here and my stomach is my most troublesome) I reorganized my videos last night into the 90 day rotation categories so today I just need to head to the cardio section and grab the one I am feeling!

I am also feeling a bit out of sorts on the food front- effing cheesecake (I ended up eating a slice for dessert last night - part of me knows I wanted it so I should have just had it for dinner instead of the extra calories of dinner and dessert.)

So plan of action as far as desserts go until my weight is moving in the right direction - coconut oil chocolate bark - thanks to WATCH ME for the recipe :hiya:

Plus if coconut oil is supposed to help with weightloss and tummy flattening adding more is clearly necessary.

And I need to either make peace with going shopping and waiting to clean out the freezer until after the vacation, or I need to go through the freezer again because I know there is chicken in there that I can eat and stay away from the hot dogs and sausages.

Today's meal plan
Br- 2 HB eggs, tea with splenda, half and half and VCO
Lunch- pork roast with cuke and tom salad- olive oil
Dinner-not sure yet- may try and defrost some wings or more pork roast or eggs or turkey hot dogs

Also try and avoid the cheesecake

Wanted to be accountable for my day yesterday so here is where it ended up
Work out- Body Sculpt Blaster
Br. cheesecake, tea with VCO
L- steak pieces, cuke, tom and green pepper salad, chicken thigh and chicken leg
D- 3 scrambled eggs with bacon pieces, scallions and cheese - gross OMM with butter
Dessert- cheesecake

This was a long one! Have a great day all! And keep your chin up- I will too! :)

labmini 07-07-2011 03:18 PM

Just downed my second 50oz bottle of water!!! Plus 1 or 2 12oz bottles - yes!!! The salami snack not great but keep on truckin!

ChristineCQ 07-07-2011 04:16 PM


Originally Posted by labmini (Post 14807981)
Just downed my second 50oz bottle of water!!! Plus 1 or 2 12oz bottles - yes!!! The salami snack not great but keep on truckin!

Keep it up!!! Good for you! Going to get some water now, too.....thanks for the reminder! :up:

labmini 07-08-2011 09:53 AM

Day 6 I believe
So a couple of positives to report - on the workout front

I worked out last night (turbo Jame 20 min tape -short but I still did it) at 10:00pm after work when all I wanted to do was go to bed! I am so proud. It doesn't mess with my sleep and I even prepped everything so I could successfully work out this morning.

I am going to my parents tonight and would not have had time to workout so I knew I had to do it this morning and the best part- I ACTUALLY DID!

Tomorrow is an off day but I think I will do a stretching tape to not lose my momentum.

Sunday is a nice long tape that I really like- Firm Cardio Sculpt from the first transformer system. Next week looks like lopnger tapes in general with Cardio sculpt and Maximum Cardio burn twice- so it will be challenging but I am ready.

My goal is also to use weights no matter how light everytime it is prompted instead of no weights. Again challenging but I need to push a bit more.

As far as a report today - nothing really official

Weight- didn't weigh because I forgot before I worked out and didn't want to after.

Food plan-
B- LAST piece of cheesecake- Done finito not going to make a sweet next week except chocolate bark with VCO
L- I have 2 turkey hot dogs and grape tomoatoes- not really feeling it but need to eat it
D- Really not sure on this one- might have some quick eggs before I hit the road to my parents.

And Workout that is done already! - Firm Classics Vol 5 - the classics really crack me up with some of the moves and the OUTFITS! Oh my!

Another goal for today- focus on my tasks at hand at work and get out of here!

labmini 07-08-2011 09:53 AM


Originally Posted by ChristineCQ (Post 14808152)
Keep it up!!! Good for you! Going to get some water now, too.....thanks for the reminder! :up:

Thanks so much for all of the cheering on! Only on my first bottle but chuggin along! :)

glamazon 07-08-2011 10:33 AM


WATCH-ME-SHRINK 07-08-2011 05:32 PM


Originally Posted by labmini (Post 14810082)
I am going to my parents tonight and would not have had time to workout so I knew I had to do it this morning and the best part- I ACTUALLY DID!



labmini 07-09-2011 03:01 AM

Watch me- I am sooo trying to make exercise a part of my everyday life and have the true discipline! Even today I am going to do a stretch tape and not lose my momentum by having an off day- and a good stretch will really feel good.

So Vegas this week for 3 days- I am formulating a plan in my head then will put it down on here. Must work out - that's for sure and be prepared!

Check in from last night-

I ended up having plain wings and a bit of sausage/kielbasa for lunch and a bunless burger from Wendy's on the drive to my parents.
I also indulged In a diet coke which I haven't done for a while

No weigh today back at that tomorrow -- we will see how it goes

Off to the running of the books!

Oh oh oh!!!! I almost forgot- openly soliciting advice on any supplements folks are taking and why- I need to formulate my plan on these!

Great day to all!!!

WATCH-ME-SHRINK 07-09-2011 10:06 AM

Definitely fish oil.

My current supps include:

Fish oil
Vit D
B complex
7 Keto*
Potassium (on weekends)

(*Because the body's production of DHEA declines with age, so does the production of 7-Keto. Weight gain is a common sign of aging that often accompanies the decreased production of DHEA and its metabolites. Supplementation with NOW 7-Keto can safely promote thermogenesis, thereby supporting the maintenance of healthy body weight.)

labmini 07-10-2011 05:09 AM

Thanks so much WATCH ME! I am really starting to do my homework on these and this is a great starting point

Back from my parents with much less damage than usual. I usually go crazy when I am there, totally out of control. But this time- I was full from the burger and said no thank you to the snacks.

For breakfast we were out at a deli and I had bacon and eggs

Lunch it got a little hairy- we went to a japanese restaurant. I was all set with my sashimi lunch - it came with a salad with the ginger dressing- I ate it but avoided a lot of the dressing but def got some- we also had sautéed green beans and they had a light sauce that I a sure had cornstarch

Dinner - 2 turkey sausages (almost done with these) some baby carrots and 2 pickles

So salty yes I did use some soy sauce

I am at 153.5 today- headed to the beach this morning then getting ready for the week. Chicken is the name of the game this week- I have it all defrosted.

Have a good one!

labmini 07-11-2011 05:05 AM

I think I reall need to jump on this supplement game- thanks to glam and watchme for info - I am so exhausted. I am really hoping some more veggies and supplements will help. The trip out west is going to mess up my clock again but hopefully not too badly.

So I have been doing some thinking around these parts and I really miss fruit. And have since March. I really enjoy fruits and veggies and know I have not been eating enough and I haven't seen huge losses so I am going to be increasing my intake. I need to balance out my diet a bit I feel like it has been a little wacky this past week. So for the next 2 and a half days until I leave for Vegas my days will look like

Yogurt with 1/2c blueberries and 1/4 cup coconut flakes
Chicken legs or wings and 1 cup of cuke Tom salad
Snack of HB egg
Dinner is more chicken and salad or broccoli

Worked out last night - cardio sculpt - as good as I remember it
Weight today is still 153.5
Workout planed today is another hour firm tape- more cardio than heavy lifting

Feeling good- just hoping to see it on the scale soon

labmini 07-11-2011 01:58 PM

Kinda an ehh day- had a handful of almonds and have a feeling of guilt by eating the yogurt and Blueberries

I also dont think I can stomach VCO in my tea- I think I will give it a shot tomorrow and if I still can't do it then not stress about it.

I am worried about artifical sweetners- I use 2 teaspoons of splenda in my tea in the morning and one in my yogurt because it was so tart. I am trying to get off them completely- perhaps that will be a job for Thursday on.

I also want to get back to serious induction Starting Saturday- I know I should be saying I want to do it now, but I bought the yogurt and blueberries and I have to eat them so thats that.

I HATE counting carbs- so I need to figure out a menu that will be low enough in carbs and eat it for the week.

I need to pull out the book and get back down to basics. I just really need to see the scale move!

And back to our regularly scheduled programming

gonna lose it 07-11-2011 03:58 PM

I just wanted to pop in and say I enjoyed reading your journal.

labmini 07-12-2011 06:25 AM


Originally Posted by gonna lose it (Post 14818189)
I just wanted to pop in and say I enjoyed reading your journal.

:welcome: gonna lose it! Thanks so much for stoping by!

Notes for today-
154- I guess down 1/2 a lb is a start- must not get too annoyed at this.

Food today
yogurt with BB
2HB eggs for snacks
2 Chicken legs- need to grab a salad with these
Dinner- not sure

have to be better on water today- have a good cardio session planned- and need to pack for vegas too... busy night need to get to work and get out of here today!

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