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LCinSC 05-31-2011 09:04 AM

From Maintenance to a Weight I Want to Maintain!
Hello :hiya:

My name is Stephanie. I am 33 years old, happily married, and blessed to be the Mom of an amazing 18-month old boy. I am a stay at home Mom.

I have a long history of weight loss attempts, and some successes. When I was a freshman in high school I lost weight on an extreme diet I found in Seventeen magazine. (I recall eating nothing but cucumbers, low fat turkey deli meat and the nastiest whole wheat bread imaginable).

One time in college I spent a while drinking massive amounts of coffee and eating one Lean Cuisine meal a day. I did NOT lose any weight, but did give myself a great case of jitters.

About 11 years ago I lost 35 pounds on Protein Power/Atkins. I was very active on a low carb forum at the time, and I feel that was a big contributor to my success! I felt really good while doing it, even though many of my friends made fun of me for what I was eating.

Sometime in 2003 a doctor humiliated me and shamed me into weight loss and I lost 25 pounds, again on Protein Power.

Back in early 2009 I started a weight loss program through a local hospital. My goal at the time was to lose 50 pounds and hopefully get pregnant. I lost 25 and found myself pregnant halfway through the program! The program was low carb/healthy carb, although they never described it that way. I gained very little weight during my pregnancy, lost it all in less than two weeks, and I have maintained the loss ever since.

Now I am ready to continue on with my weight loss journey!

My most recent weight loss history:
My highest weight was 314, in 2008. I lost about 10 pounds just puttering around with LC before starting the hospital weight loss program. I was down to 279 when I got pregnant. Today I am 282.

I am very happy to have maintained my loss for this long. I've never maintained a loss before - I was either losing or gaining, so to be at the same weight (give or take 3 pounds) for 18 months is somewhat astonishing to me.

Unfortunately, I'm about 100 pounds away from the weight I hope to maintain, so it's time to be a loser again!

My plan for the first four weeks:
2 weeks of induction level Atkins (< 20 carbs)
2 weeks of South Beach Phase 1
Drink at least 100 ounces of water a day
Weigh daily
Measure on the first of each month

Today I have cleaned out my refrigerator and pantry. I am headed to the store this afternoon to stock up, and I will begin in earnest tomorrow, June 1st.

Initial Goals:
252 by August 3 (30 lbs down)
232 by November 3 (50 pounds down)
200 - long term Doctor defined goal
180 - My personal long term goal

Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment, encourage, break out a wet noodle, etc. I imagine I'll be posting here a lot. I like accountability!

Bejewelme 05-31-2011 09:28 AM

Stephanie- YOu have a good plan laid out, I was just reading an article about 5,000 dieters who lost more than 60 pounds and kept it off for 5 years or more, the top 3 things were

1. Finding a plan that works for you, obviously a high protein, low carb diet has given you success

2. A support system for accountability- whether online or like WW, I can tell you, I never stuck to LC this long, it was this board helping me

3. Exercising, a minimum of 3 hours per week

You can do this!!!!!!!!!!

My only comment is I am not good at the daily weighing I started out weighing once a week and that worked, now I started this daily weighing and made myself nuts, but you do what works for you, def take measurements, like now I am not losing as much weight but with the exercise I am losing inches so its another measure of success.

I will be routing for you, I always have a soft spot for peeps starting out where I was, I remember reading success stories on here and thinking that will NEVER be me, but one day at a time and it will be you

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."
- Robert Collier

Indeed that is what it is, a little effort everyday yields a big result in the end!!!


LCinSC 05-31-2011 02:28 PM

Amber - Thanks for your comments and encouragement! In the past daily weighing has worked for me, but if it becomes an issue I'll switch to a weekly weigh in. Thanks also for the reminder about exercising. I'm hoping to begin walking again by Monday at the latest. I'm giving myself a few days to ease into things. 3 hours a week sounds like a good goal!

For some reason I am nervous about starting tomorrow. I don't really know why - I guess I am worried about being hungry or worried about induction flu. I'm going to go ahead and plan my meals for tomorrow here, so I can just pick and choose throughout the day and maybe I won't be nervous about it?

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, one cup of coffee with heavy cream and Splenda
Lunch: Large chef salad with lots of ham and turkey
Dinner: Baked chicken with mashed cauliflower

Snacks: cheese, celery with laughing cow cheese or cream cheese, pork rinds, sugar free jello, tuna salad on cucumber rounds

I also need to take the camera out and take some before pictures! Well, I guess they aren't before pictures really, they are just "now" pictures. :)

Bejewelme 05-31-2011 03:03 PM

Yes the more pics the better, you will be so glad when you keep getting weight off and look back, look in my journal I started in Jan and you can see the difference!!!

LCinSC 05-31-2011 04:45 PM

Amber - you are right, I think it makes the weight loss more real when you have pictures to compare.

I think I just found my real before pics - the ones taken at 314 pounds (or close to it). The pictures were taken in 2008 and I haven't looked at them in years because I really didn't like them. Wow, I can really tell the difference between where I was and where I am today.

One day I'll get up the nerve to post them. :)

piratewoman 05-31-2011 05:35 PM

Stephanie, it sounds like a great plan and trust me if you stick with it it will work. Do take pictures....you can really tell a difference week by week. Don't be shy or nervous around us, we have and are still battling this curse called weight. No one judges here or makes others feel bad about themselves, we are one big support group ready to listen and encourage each other. Take this WOE/WOL one day and one bite at a time. Welcome to the gang.

P.S. I'm a SC girl also

Bejewelme 05-31-2011 05:58 PM

Yeah Laura even posted her stomach, and me my disgusting arms before and after surgery, we share all, LOL We will be impressed I know it!!!!

glamazon 05-31-2011 08:39 PM

Hi Stephanie! I'm so glad you started a journal! I am looking forward to following you on your journey.

My baby was an Atkins baby, too! A couple of months into the diet, BAM! Pregnant, after 9 years of marriage. Too funny!

LCinSC 06-01-2011 06:06 AM

Good morning everyone!

Laura - Hi neighbor! :) I just spent a little time looking through your journal - you look great! Your progress pics are amazing!

Angela - I always heard of women LCing and getting pregnant, I was so happy to learn they weren't kidding. :)

OK, you ladies have convinced me. I'll work on some pics. They are stored on a different computer, but I'll post some soon. :)

Today is off to a good start. Weighed in at 282 again, and so far I've had one cup of coffee with heavy cream and Splenda and two eggs scrambled in a pat of butter. I'm feeling good and feeling like I WILL DO THIS! :)

I'm looking through Old Navy's web site to hopefully order some clothes. I've been between sizes ever since I had my son and it's awful. I think I read somewhere that there is a 20-30 pound difference between plus sizes (or maybe I just learned that as I was losing before). With any luck the first 10-15 pounds I lose will make a difference and get me down where things fit properly!

ChristineCQ 06-01-2011 12:40 PM

You're off to a great start! :)

LCinSC 06-01-2011 01:39 PM

Hi Christine - thank you! :)

Most of the day was so easy, I thought maybe I had tricked my body, but oh, 2:30 came and suddenly I was HUNGRY. Then I went to check the mail and we had a coupon insert from Arby's and it all looked so good and I wanted to go to Arby's and say "One of everything please, and two of the desserts!"

But I didn't! I ate ham instead. I'm on my last bottle of water now. I WILL make it through the rest of the day!

piratewoman 06-01-2011 02:02 PM

Thanks sweetie, you can do this too. We will help you every step of the way.

janetsbreeze 06-01-2011 02:06 PM

Good Job Stephanie for sticking to your plan!

glamazon 06-01-2011 02:18 PM

You can do it! You have made great choices. Keep going!

I am trying to only eat 3 times a day, and so I have to make sure each meal is very satisfying-- otherwise the hungries hit and I'm just a snack machine. I can really put away the food if I'm just grazing! It's terrible.

Have a great day! Stay strong!

ChristineCQ 06-01-2011 02:59 PM

Good for you!! I usually try to eat lunch late to avoid that early afternoon hunger explosion!

glamazon 06-01-2011 03:51 PM

I do really well eating at 10, 2 and 6-- But my current schedule has me eating breakfast at 8:45, then lunch at noonish, and dinner at 6-- I'd be okay if I could adopt the senior citizen early bird specials! Dinner at 4!

LCinSC 06-01-2011 04:55 PM

Christine - Thanks for the suggestion! I might need to move lunch later. My son naps at 11 and I usually try to eat while he is napping, but I'll have to see what I can work out. :)

Angela - I ended up cooking ground beef after seeing your dinner last night. Beef started to sound so good! :)

The day is almost over, and it's been a good one! I've had 100 oz of water, and I can honestly say I have not peed like this since I was pregnant and had a baby kicking my bladder! :) I was probably dehydrated starting out today, but that won't be a problem anymore.

I overcame the cravings and the hungries! :)

Here is what I ate today:
Breakfast: two eggs scrambled in a pat of butter
Snack: mozzarella string cheese
Lunch: chef salad (baby spinach, romaine, green pepper, tomato, cucumber with ham and ranch dressing)
Snack: pork rinds and cream cheese
Snack: string cheese
Snack: ham
Dinner: hamburger patties with swiss cheese and sauteed mushrooms

And the totals:
Net Carbs: 20
Calories: 2229
Protein: 112
Fat: 185
74% Fat, 21% protein, 5% carbs

OK, writing it out like that and seeing those snacks piling up in the afternoon I know I need to do something differently with lunch. I also think I need more for breakfast as I'm starting out.

I hope everyone else had a great day!

Bejewelme 06-01-2011 06:39 PM

You did it hun!!!!! Maybe try adding some bacon or sausage or cheese to your eggs and that might fill you longer? Good job on the tracking and water, that really helps!!!!

LCinSC 06-02-2011 05:03 AM

Good morning everyone!


I have induction flu and a headache, but I LOVE THIS! :)

glamazon 06-02-2011 07:11 AM

I always get a slight headache for a day or two on induction, but I've never had the induction flu. Two advil take care of the headache, and I've heard that the induction flu is caused by a drop in electrolytes-- maybe try a few packs of Emergen-C Lite? Some recommend a natural chicken broth to do the trick.

Way to go on a successful day! Have another one today!

janetsbreeze 06-02-2011 07:23 AM

Great job, and your menu looks good. The induction flu is no fun but thankfully doesn't last long.

LCinSC 06-02-2011 06:09 PM

Angela - Thanks for the Emergen-C Lite recommendation! I am feeling better, but if I feel rough tomorrow I will get some.

I really cannot believe how quickly I started to feel better! I took two Advil for lunch, and my headache was gone within 30 minutes and has not returned. I felt pretty bad at lunch time, but I ate ham and felt better and I've felt great since. I also haven't been very hungry since, as my food log will show.

What I ate today:
Breakfast 1: two sausage patties
Breakfast 2: two sausage patties
Lunch: ham with a little mayo
Snack: mozzarella string cheese, SF jello
Dinner: 3 eggs scrambled in a pat of butter with 1 slice cheddar cheese

And the totals:
Net Carbs: 13
Calories: 1221
Protein: 60
Fat: 100
75% Fat, 21% protein, 4% carbs

I don't think I ate enough today, but it was a busy day. I'm so happy I don't feel hungry! :)

Bejewelme 06-02-2011 06:18 PM

Yeah that wa sa light day but hey if not hungry dont sweat it!!!! You are doing this!!!!

LCinSC 06-02-2011 07:21 PM

OK, obviously I meant that I took two advil before lunch, not *for* lunch! :)

Just a quick note to myself to MEASURE! Can someone please gently nudge me if I haven't measured by Saturday? :) OK, I've got to go to bed! Goodnight and LC dreams everyone!

LCinSC 06-03-2011 04:35 AM

Good morning everyone!

I weighed in at 277.8 this morning! During my last weight loss attempt I got down to 279, then found myself pregnant, so this is the lowest I have been in several years! :up:

I've got another busy day today, but I'm going to focus on eating and drinking water. And I AM going to measure tonight!

Bejewelme 06-03-2011 07:54 AM

Yeah you are doing great, 280 was my point I was at for so long, then I would gain and lose up to 325 the same 25 pounds, so I know how you feel, each decade gets more and more exciting

glamazon 06-03-2011 08:38 AM

Hurray for Virgin Weight Loss! Congrats! Keep up the good work!

piratewoman 06-03-2011 01:17 PM

YAY! for your virgin weight, KUTGW!

Bejewelme 06-03-2011 02:52 PM

Hows it going today hun?

LCinSC 06-03-2011 03:34 PM

Hi Amber!

It's been another great day! I'm on track with my eating and water and I even found time to take measurements! I don't have them handy, but I looked back at my measurements from 2008 and I'm down 2.5 inches in my chest, waist and hips! I don't think I measured while I was losing last time, so I didn't know! :)

I'm trying to come up with a meal plan for the next few days. We're having lunch with my mother in law and then we have a birthday party to attend. I know they will be grilling hot dogs and hamburgers at the party, so that will be easy.

I'm surprised that I'm not really having any cravings. I did on the first day, but right now I honestly don't feel tempted by anything. Maybe this is just my time and things finally clicked? Whatever the reason it's good to feel good about things. :)

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