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Mad4Chillas 04-17-2011 10:04 AM

Mariah's Low Carb Journey
So this is my second time doing my little modified Atkins/South Beach change, and I always preferred South Beach diet over Atkins, but after seeing a recent success from one of my best friends (she lost around 40lbs) and she looks amazing I was inspired. She had told me she lost about 13lbs in the first week and then continued to lose afterwards, so I figured what the hell, Id try it.

I am currently on my second week (Tuesday will be day 15) and I already feel myself getting frustrated unfortunately. I don't have a lack of nutrition knowledge considering I am currently in the process of getting my Master's degree in Human Nutrition and have my bachelors in Dietetics. I just have a hard time applying my knowledge to my life (sadly), I love food thats inherently bad for you and can't seem to kick the habit for very long. I have struggled with Bulimia since I was about 16 and would really like to kick the habit for forever, and lose the weight and feel good about myself. Since its getting to be warm out finally, and I have 2 weddings to attend as a bridesmaid next year (1 in April, 1 in June) I really need to get my ass in gear.

My predicament is as follows, I estimated my high weight when I started (April 5th) which I assume was pretty accurate around 175lbs (I am 5'7) so about 15lbs overweight...in the first week I lost around 7 pounds and now in the second week I stayed the same for a few days (I was having spotting from my birthcontrol) and attributed my slight plateau as the reason for not losing. Well yesterday I weighed in 2lbs less finally, but today I am up 1.5lbs. I am so irritated because normally when I follow this diet I see the results much quicker. I know I need to stick with it, but it's really starting to get to me. I've decided to not weigh myself until Tuesday (which is offically 2 weeks) in order to stay off the scale everyday, in hopes that there will be some miracle that will get me to 165 by Tuesday (Currently, 167ish).

My food for yesterday was:

Lunch (12:30pm)
-1 egg w/cheese
-2 vegan sausage patties
-1/2 cup cottage cheese w/cinnamon
-1 Diet Pepsi
-3 diuretics (for menstrual bloat)
Snack (3:00pm)
- 1 Atkins Shake
- 32 oz water
Dinner (8:00pm)
-1 chicken breast, grilled.
-2 cups spinach w/cucumber, tomatoe, cheese, and ranch dressing.
-1 Atkins Bar
-1 Diet Pepsi
-2 diuretics (for menstrual bloat)
Total = 1,200kcal, 110g (39%) protein, 62g (50%) fat, 18.5g net carbs, 12g fiber, 2,271mg sodium.

On Monday, I am joining a local gym in hopes it will speed up my loss, so I can curb my frustration and see the number move on the scale...

Until next time.

Mad4Chillas 04-18-2011 11:26 AM

Down 2.2lbs since yesterday!
So I wasn't able to eat much yesterday (as much as I normally do), but I am glad to say I am down 2.2lbs and only .4lbs away from my second goal (165lbs). So I'll take it. I havent decided what Im going to eat today, I feel like I overdid it on the eggs yesterday but I might just have to peruse the low carb recipes to do something a little more adventurous.

My food yesterday:

Lunch (11:00am)
-2 eggs w/cheese
-3-1/2 pieces turkey bacon
-1 Diet Pepsi
-2 Diuretics
Snack (2:00pm)
-3 deviled eggs (w/ olive oil mayo, mustard, lemon juice, a little relish, salt & pepper)
Dinner (7:30pm)
-32 oz water
-1 Atkins Bar
Total = 830kcal, 58.6g (32%) protein, 51.1g (62%) fat, 12.2g (7%) carbs, 10g fiber, 1411mg sodium

I only ate a bar for dinner last night because I was meeting a friends right after work, but I had to eat at least a little something.

Mad4Chillas 04-18-2011 05:14 PM

Nice to have a day off
So I've been in such a go go go mood with work and school, that it was finally nice to have a lazy day with the dogs at home today. Although I have homework tonight that still awaiting to be done. It was nice to just laze around.

Food for today:

Lunch (3:30pm)
-4 slices salami
-1 Italian turkey sausage
-1/2 cup cauliflower mash (cauliflower, sour cream, laughing cow cheese, butter, salt & pepper)
-2 Diet Pepsi
-2 diuretics
Snack (4:30pm)
-1 sugar free popsicle
Dinner (7:00pm)
-1 peanut butter protein shake (3tbsp peanut butter, 1 cup sugar free soymilk, 3 ice cubes, 1 scoop protein powder, 1tbsp metamucil, dash cinnamon, dash coffee, & .5 tbsp unsweetened coco powder)

Total= 1,152kcal, 77.3g (29%) protein, 72.9g (61%) fat, 26.1 g (10%) carbs, 24.2g fiber, 2,323mg sodium

Tommorow will be offically 2 weeks on induction and it looks like I will be around the -10lb mark. Less than I would have liked but its still a good amount of weight :)

Mad4Chillas 04-19-2011 07:59 PM

So it is 2 weeks exactly since my induction and I am offically down 10lbs according to the scale. However, my clothes feel way better on me and I just generally feel less bloated.

The only thing that I feel might be negative from this is my energy level, Ive been feeling really drained lately and lethargic even when I wake up in the morning, I swear I could sleep all day if was allowed to. I do drink coffee and diet soda with caffiene as well as a multivitamin and diuretics containing caffiene (I dont ingest all in one day) but I feel like I can't get through the day without a little something. But as long as Im losing weight I dont mind feeling a little tired I suppose.

My food wasn't that great today, more carbs than normal but I wont be able to get to weigh myself tommorow, so I will just be extra good tommorow in order to see a loss on Thursday *crosses fingers*

Lunch (12:30pm)
-1/2 cup cottage cheese w/truvia & cinnamon
-1 Diet Mt. Dew
-16 oz coffee w/cream, truvia, & cocoa powder
Snack (3:00pm)
-1 Itallian sausage
-1/2 tbsp ketchup
Snack (6:30pm)
-1 Atkins Bar
-1 Diet Pepsi
Dinner (8:00pm) *calories and carbs are estimated from the chinese food*
-7.5 oz garlic chicken w/brown sauce, onion, celery, carrots, waterchestnuts
-6 oz sesame chicken (this is where my carb count greatly increased)
-1/4 cup mixed nuts
-1 Diet Pepsi
Total = 1,141kcal, 94g (33%) protein, 61.6g (48%) fat, 54.6g (19% carbs) 35net carbs, 19.3g fiber, 2772mg sodium.

Im going to a Twins game on Friday and Im hoping to be around 163lbs give or take so hopefully it can happen :)

Off to spend time with the BF :love:

Mad4Chillas 04-20-2011 07:18 PM

Not Very Hungry Today
So since I spent last night at the boyfriends, I didn't get a chance to weigh myself this morning, which might have been a blessing in disguise for all that Chinese food I ate last night. I am dreading the scale a little bit tommorow but I am curious at the same time. I haven't eaten much today considering I had to come home eat, get ready, walk the dogs, and leave for work all in an hour and a half. I decided to eat mostly eggs today because the 2 other times I have done it I generally see a loss on the scale the next day (who knows why :confused:).

I haven't joined the gym yet, but I will probably do so Friday or Saturday when I have a few days off from work and school. I cant wait to get below 160lbs its been a while sadly, and I need to stay in the "normal" weight range for once and for all.

Food for the day:

Lunch (1:00pm)
-2 scrambeled eggs w/cheese
-3 slices turkey bacon
-1 Diet Mountain Dew
-1-8oz coffee w/cream & Truvia
-3 diuretics (to rid excess sodium of last nights dinner)
Snack (7:30pm)
-1 oz mixed nuts
-1 Diet Pepsi
Dinner (8:40pm)
-3 hardboiled eggs w/mayonnaise, relish, lemon juice, S & P.
-2 Diet Pepsi
-2 Diuretics (same as above)

Total= 842.5kcal, 52.7g (26%) protein, 55.4g (63.4%) fat, 24.4g (12%) carbs, 22.4g net, 2g fiber, 1140mg sodium.

I may have over done it with the soda today unfortunately. Goal for tomorrow is more water or iced tea instead.

Now to homework :(

Mad4Chillas 04-21-2011 08:43 AM

Blech up 1/2 pound...
So I am up .6lb since Tuesday which is irritating, however after Chinese food on Tuesday night I had a feeling a gain was coming. I didn't eat very much yesterday in hopes that it would trigger a loss, so I guess I will have to stick to that as well today...

I think I really need to buckle down and count my carbs much more closey and stay below 20g. I have been doing anywhere from 10g-70g per day and I dont think I am reaching Ketosis like I should, so induction weight loss is much slower than I'd prefer. I would also like to stop eating after 9pm (this seems late, but I work 3:15-7:15 at a hospital and don't get home til 8pm in order to eat dinner) I know I have a long road ahead if I want to lose another 30-35lbs, but usually the first 15lbs comes off much easier than this so I am easily frustrated.

I also want to cut back on my soda drinking and have more water/iced tea. Also, tommorow I am going to go check out my local gym so I can work more exercise into my routine. So I think by changing these things I can see a loss much quicker than I am now, and stay motivated to being on induction phase.

Mini Goals:
1. <20g net carbs/day
2. Only 1-2 diet sodas per day, lots more water!
3. Exercise More
4. No eating after 9pm

My food for the day will probably be simple, I am planning on a PB protein shake for lunch, 2 harb-boiled eggs before I leave for work, and possibly protein and veg for a light dinner.

Mad4Chillas 04-21-2011 06:57 PM

Ready for a few days off!
So today I am excited to say that I have week off of work. Which will be awesome so I can get a lot of school and errands done. Super exciting.

I really tried to keep under my carbs today, and I still managed to go slightly over :annoyed:

This whole induction thing is way harder than I thought (more so the patience and keeping under 20g carbs/day to hit ketosis), I'm not really having bad cravings or anything, I just want to see the number go down on the scale for all the effort that I am putting in.

I am also starting to get nervous about Easter...in the morning I am going to brunch with my boyfriends family and then going to dinner with my family around 4pm. I just hope I can stay away from sticky gooey cinnamon rolls and my grammas sweet potatoes. Its gunna be hard but hopefully I can do it. I also told my mom today that if she gets me candy it needs to be sugar free otherwise I can't eat it :cry: she seemed ok with it, so maybe it wont be too terrible....

Food today:

Brunch (11:00am)
-1 peanut butter protein shake (3/4 cup S.F. soymilk, 2tbsp PB, 1 scoop whey protein, 2tsp metamucil, 1tbsp S.F. cocoa powder, truvia, & 4 ice cubes)
-6 oz iced tea
Lunch (1:45pm)
-2 hard-boiled eggs w/mayo,relish, mustard, lemon juice, S&P.
-9 cucumber slices
-1 Diet Mt. Dew
-1-16 oz. water
Dinner (8:15pm)
-2 italian sausage sauteed w/olive oil and 2 tsp ketchup
-1/2 cup chinese mixed vegetables w/chicken, beef, and shrimp
-1 Diet Mt. Dew
-3 diuretics (for the salt again, I need to cut down on these, because I know they aren't helping..)

Total = 1,222kcal, 102.6g (33%) protein, 74.4g (54%) fat, 39.4g (13%) total carbs, 23.1g (7.5%) net carbs, 16.3g fiber, 2230mg sodium.

Sooo I thought I was doing ok until i had the leftover chinese food, I mean it should be ok since it was only vegetables and meat, but I worry about the hidden sugar (and sodium), and now Im feeling super guilty about it. I hope I don't gain tommorow but I am doubtful once again. I think I may be a self sabatoger...:doh:

Mad4Chillas 04-22-2011 09:56 PM

So tonight I met up with some old college friends and was supposed to go to a Twins game, however due to rain it has been postponed. It was a bummer, but we all went out to dinner and drinks afterwards (although I did not partake in the drink area).

It was really great seeing a lot of my friends, but recently Ive just been feeling really down, well not recently---for a while now I suppose, so it was hard for me to really enjoy myself, (I have been previously diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa, Depression, & Anxiety) but somehow this time around I just don't really see a way out.

I really need to make some huge changes in my life, and I just feel trapped and confused and Im stuck in a limbo that I created myself. Someday I will wake up and have the courage to do what I need to do, I just don't know when that will be.

Enough of that though...

Im hoping for a lose on the scale tomorrow considering I displayed very good self control tonight at dinner (a Diet Coke, and 3/4 chicken Caesar salad--I even gave away my dinner roll that came with it). Tomorrow before I go over to the BF's I think im gunna take a trip down to the gym and see what its like and how much it costs.

Lunch (12:00pm)
-1/2 cup cottage cheese
-1/2 cup sugar free Jell-O
-4 slices turkey bacon
-1 Diet Mountain Dew
-1-16oz coffee w/cream & Truvia
Snack (2:30pm)
-1 oz. mixed nuts
Dinner (8:00pm)
-3/4 Chicken Caesar Salad
-2 Diet Cokes

Total = 1,047kcal, 74.7g (30%) protein, 68.6g (62%) fat, 20.5g (8%) carbs, 5.6g fiber, 14.9g (5.6%) net carbs, 2565mg sodium.

Mad4Chillas 04-23-2011 10:50 AM

No Loss & Irritated.
So previous to starting my diet, I had a little goal set for myself to lose 10lbs in the first week and then 3-1/2 pounds in each of the following weeks.

Well regardless of those goals I have yet to reach any of them. It took me 2 weeks of induction to lose 10lbs and now in the third week I am struggling to lose an ounce. Every day its a 1/2 fluctuaction in either direction and its so frustrating. I know I need to keep sticking with it, but generally weight loss has never been this hard for me (at least not soo soon in my diet adventure), my calories are generally around 1,200 which is enough to keep me out of starvation mode so I should be seeing a loss on the scale considering Im in a calorie defecit, but still nothings happening...

My goal weight I set for myself for Tuesday, April 26th was 161.5lbs...and right now I am stuck at 165.2lbs, and with Easter on Sunday and 2 family functions to attend, I do not see 3.7lbs in my future.

I also cannot go sign up for the gym today because according to their website they only have staffed hours mon-wed. So Monday it is...

Im just sick of being chubby and having low selfesteem...Im hoping to get below 165 by Tuesday (even if its just a pound) otherwise Im really going to have to re-evaluate what Im doing..


Food so far:

Lunch (12:00pm)
-1-16 oz coffee w/half and half & truvia
-1 Atkins Bar

Mad4Chillas 04-23-2011 05:26 PM

Major Cravings
I have been having major cravings today and it is killing me lol. I wanted chocolate so bad that I almost contemplated cheating, my mom also had a full chocolate cheesecake sitting in our fridge for tommorow's Easter and I swear its going to make me snap....but I have stayed strong. For today, I have gone over the amount of calories I would have liked as well as my fat intake, but who knows maybe the extra fat and calories will help shed some poundage :aprayer:

Food for the day:

Brunch (12:00pm)
-1-16oz coffee w/half and half & Truvia
-1 Atkins bar
Lunch (1:30pm)
-2 tbsp peanut butter
-1 oz. nuts
-1/2 cup cauliflower mash
-1 string cheese
-1 Diet Pepsi
Snack (6:00pm)
-3 sugar free chocolates
Dinner (7:00pm)
-1 Hot dog
-3 oz. steak
-1/2 cup lettuce w/ranch.
-1 tbsp ketchup
-1 powerade zero

Total= 1,584kcal, 67.6g (17%) protein, 127.5g (74%) fat, 33.2g (9%) carbs, 18.6g (4.6%) net carbs, 2054mg sodium.

Defintely was a graze a-thon today...yikes.

Mad4Chillas 04-24-2011 06:18 PM

Happy Easter
Well today is Easter, and for once I think I did ok with managing what I eat and feeling good about it. I didn't feel very deprived at all (even though I cheated only slightly--fruit, cheesecake, 1 tiny chocolate egg, & 2 jelly beans). Went to the boyfriends aunts house were we had brunch and then I found a baby bunny outside that was abandoned, and with my motherly instincts I decided to bring it home with me and try and nurse it back to health. How ironic on Easter. Afterwards we stopped at my grandma's house for dinner where I did pretty good as well, however I did indulge in 1/2 of the tiniest sliver of cheesecake :o

I have no idea what the scale will say tommorow, I would not be surprised with a gain but regardless I am probably going to join the gym and run some errands, and then back to induction LC again.

-1/2 piece egg bake w/ham & cheese
-2 sausages
-1/4 cup broccoli salad
-1/4 cup mixed fruit
-1 tiny bite of BF's cinnamon Roll
-1 cup black coffee
-1 chocolate egg
-2 sugar free chocolates
-1/2 Diet Mt. Dew
Dinner (4:30pm)
-2 pieces ham
-3 asparagus spears
-6 baby carrots w/1tbsp cream cheese
-1/2 deviled egg
-1/2 sliver cheesecake
-2 jelly beans
-1/2 Diet Mt. Dew
Snack (8:30pm)
-2 oz. Macadamia Nuts
-1 Diet Pepsi

*I guestimated on the calories and such and looked up recipes online since I did not have them available*

Total= 1,430kcal, 56.8g (16%) protein, 106.6g (69%) fat, 52.4g (15%) carbs, 12.5g fiber, 39.9g net carbs (11%), 2060mg sodium

A little over on carbs, and I feel like my calories should be higher, but awh well. I suppose the scale never lies.

Mad4Chillas 04-24-2011 07:22 PM

Just had a thought, if I don't have a loss, I may do a tomato juice fast tommorow just to see if it gets things moving...I really want to hit my goal by Tuesday. Yikes!

Mad4Chillas 04-25-2011 10:59 AM

Down 1.2lbs!
I have successfully broken through the 165's, thank god. Today I weighed in at 164lbs. Which leads me to believe that previously I had been eating too little calories and that my last 2 days of eating more than I normally do actually helped me shift some weight.

Im really hoping I lose a little more tommorow--I don't know if I'll make my goal i wanted to for Tuesday, but Id like to come as close as I possibly can. I don't think I need to resort to the tomato juice fast just yet....

I've only eaten lunch today, so hopefully the rest of the day pans out alright.

Mad4Chillas 04-25-2011 03:00 PM

Easy Monday.
I thought my eating was pretty successful today, although that leftover cheesecake in our fridge is really giving me issues...

I am contemplating an order from amazon including the atkins book and some ketostix, I find ordering stuff from amazon is so much easier rather than actually going to a million places to find what I'm looking for (talk about lazy)

A little over on my carbs again today, but I was actually pretty hungry. Hoping for a loss tommorow :)

-4 slices Turkey Bacon
-2 eggs w/HWC & Cheese
-2 sugar free chocolates
-1 Diet Pepsi
Snack (1:40pm)
-1 tbsp. cheesecake
-1 sugar free chocolate
Dinner (4:00pm)
-1 String cheese
-6 BBQ Chx Wings
-10 baby carrots w/2tbsp Ranch
-1 Diet Mountain Dew
-1/2 cup S.F. Jell-O

Total = 1,300kcal 80g (27%) protein, 83g (63%) fat, 30.4g (10%) carbs, 4.5g fiber, 25.9g (8%) net carbs, 2610mg sodium

Off to go clean and do some homework....:rolleyes:

Mad4Chillas 04-25-2011 05:00 PM

I just caved and ordered the Atkins book, Ketostix, a new blender and a few other things from Amazon. I had been looking at it the stuff for quite awhile and just decided to bite the bullet. Now I am excited for my awaited shipment :)

Mad4Chillas 04-26-2011 09:35 AM

12 Pounds in 3 Weeks
So it is offically day 22, and I have been on my modified induction for 3 weeks now, and I am down 12 pounds. My goal I set for myself was to be 13.5lbs down, but I am pretty close so I'll just have to live with it. I hope once I go to the gym more often that the weight will come off more easily.

I wanted to lose more, but when I think about 12lbs in 21 days thats about -.6lbs/day which I feel is pretty impressive. I only lost 2lbs this week and would really like to average 3-4.5lbs/week so that just means I need to start getting more physical.

The last 2 days I have lost 2lbs, and I think its due to upping my calorie and fat intake. My body does not like being starved and will not give up extra weight if I let it do so. So its not a bad thing that I get to eat :p

Day 1= 175lbs
Day 8 = 168.2lbs
Day 15 = 165lbs
Day 22= 163lbs

I have class tonight, so I am sure I will bring some sort of snack with my, such as an Atkins Bar, Atkins Shake or some mixed nuts--because I do get awfully hungry on the way home and I find fast food hard to be good with...unless Im getting a salad and thats not very car friendly. I am in the middle of creating a fast food cheat sheet so I can keep something in my car, and know how many calories and net carbs are in the food that I order so I dont take forever deciding what I want.

I'm not sure what I am going to eat today, those chicken wings I had yesterday were good, a little high in carbs and sodium but I am starting to get sick of eggs :sick:

Off to go make lunch....


Mad4Chillas 04-26-2011 07:27 PM

Keep the streak going!
I am really hoping to keep my 2 day weight loss streak going. Hoping for a lose tommorow! Food was alright, a little high on my carbs again and much higher on sodium then I would have liked. I made some oopsie rolls tonight so I am really looking forward to enjoying them later in the week! I may also have to make those cream cheese muffins *yum*

Breakfast (11:45am)
-1 Atkins bar
-1 6 oz. coffee w/HWC & truvia
Lunch (1:00pm)
-6 chicken wings
-8 baby carrots w/2 tbsp. ranch
-1 Diet Pepsi
Snack (6:30pm)
-1 oz. nuts
-2 sugar free chocolates
-1/2 diet pepsi
Dinner (7:30pm)
-1 KFC Drumstick
-2 Hotdogs
-2 oz. Aged Gouda
-1 tbsp. ketchup
-1/2 oopsie roll
-1 Diet Mt. Dew

Total = 1,548kcal, 82.5g (22%) protein, 113g (67%) fat, 41.4g (11%) carbs, 30.8g (8%) net carbs, 10.6g fiber, 3323 mg sodium

Mad4Chillas 04-27-2011 12:06 PM

Streak over..
Well so much for my weight loss streak lol. Today I am up .2/lb which I attribute to going over about 1,000mg of my sodium intake. However, I am forcing myself to go to the gym and sign up today, I am a big lazy but I know if I am paying for the gym, that I will go for sure. Also the gym Im going to has tanning included so thats another incentive for me to look lean and bronzed when summer rolls around :rolleyes:

I just want to be out of the 160's by May 1st, so thats by Sunday...I dont know if I can do it but Im really going to try. I set a goal of 158lbs by May 3rd, so its time to get some exercise in because I am doing the diet to the best of my ability atm.

I laid out what I am going to eat today last night, and my net carbs are around 19.5g. I felt like I had to add fat in order to keep my calorie count up, and even then I was struggling to get my calories around 1,500. I might just have to add more lean protein to up the calories and keep my carbs around the target range.

On another note, I can't wait for my amazon shipment to come in, I wish it would just come already!

Off to get ready for the day and head down to the gym *wish me luck* :sing:

Mad4Chillas 04-27-2011 05:38 PM

Too hungry and off Carb Count
Definitley hungrier than I thought I would be today, I ate my dinner about 1/2 an hour earlier than I planned and ate more than what I planned. So again I am a little over my carbs today and my sodium. But it was either eat or stay hungry, so I chose to eat--thats what the plan is about isn't it?

I am also spotting again from my birthcontrol so I am assuming losing these last 3lbs in the 160's is going to be a pain in the ass.


Lunch (12:30pm)
-2 eggs w/butter & cheese
-2 morningstar farm sausages
-1 6 oz. coffee w/HWC & Truvia
-1 Diet Pepsi
Snack (3:30pm)
-2% Fage w/SF Chocolate Syrup
Dinner (6:00pm)
-2 Hot dogs w/2 tbsp. SF Ketchup
-2 Oopsie Rolls
-1.5 oz. Gouda
-1 cup romaine lettuce w/cheddar cheese & Italian dressing
-1 Diet Mountain Dew
Dessert (6:45pm)
-3 SF Chocolates

Total = 1525kcal, 92.4g (25%) protein, 107.7g (66%) fat, 35g (9%) carbs, 6.8g fiber, 28.2g (7%) netcarbs, 3115mg sodium.

Mad4Chillas 04-28-2011 07:13 PM

.6lbs--I'll take it
Down a little over half a pound today, glad to see it gone. Gives me more motivation to stay with it throughout May. I can't believe I have been doing this for almost a month--day 24 today, and surprisingly I don't feel like its been that hard. I just desperatley want to get out of the 160's so I will keep on trucking. Dinner was a little different than I had planned today due to an internet fiasco.

This morning our internet decided to stop working I called our ISP and still no luck..so I had to stop at the BF's after work to do my homework. So for dinner tonight I stopped at Wendys and got a Jr. Double Bacon Cheeseburger, no bun and a side Caesar salad w/a diet coke. Not too shabby, although peeling the bun off the burger felt a little sacreligious :hyst:

I really thought the french fries were going to make me cave (BF got chicken sandwich and fries) and the smell was quite enticing. I wonder if there is a LC of french fries somewhere....

Tommorow will be another busy day but it should be fun too, can't wait for the weekend :)


Lunch (12:30pm)
-1 PB Protein Shake
-4 slices turkey bacon w/butter
Snack (7:30pm)
-40 oz. water
-1 string cheese
-1 oz. nuts
-1 SF chocolate
Dinner (8:30pm)
-1 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger w/no bun
-1 Caesar Salad w/no croutons
-1 Diet Coke

Total = 1,358kcal, 94g (29%) protein, 86.1g (59%) fat, 41g (12%) carbs, 18.8g fiber, 22.2g (6.5%) net carbs, 1832mg sodium

Mad4Chillas 04-29-2011 11:23 PM

Good night for fun, bad night for diet.
Had a crazy day today, had to get up early to get ready to go to class and then listened to presentations for 2 hours, (I commute 1-1/2 hours to WI each way for class), drove to the BF's to get ready to go out barhopping for an engagement party and then drove to cities for some fun.

I basically ate on the go today so it wasn't the best food. I also really wanted to limit my drinks to 1 alcoholic drink tonight, but it just didn't end up that way. Too many people were buying rounds of drinks and it would have been rude to turn it down so I had 3 more than I had originally planned.

I am afraid to step on the scale tommorow, because I know it will go up and because its my first real "cheat" day since I've started. I think Im going to do my tomato juice fast all weekend in order to undo weight gain from tonight. But it was all in good nights fun and it's not every day that someone gets engaged, so it was worth the splurge. Also, had a great time with the BF so awh well :heart:


Lunch (11:45am)
-2 hot dogs w/4 oopsie rolls
-1 tbsp. SF Ketchup
-1 oz. Gouda
-1 Diet Mountain Dew
Snack (1:00pm)
-1 SF Jell-O
Snack (3:45pm)
-6 chicken nuggets w/BBQ
-1 Diet Coke
Dinner (8:00pm)
-5 buffalo wings w/bleu cheese & BBQ
-2 celery sticks
-2 Diet Coke & Rum
-2 Mixed shots

Total = 1,888kcal, 81.1g (23%) protein, 104.1g (66%) fat, 39.3g (11%) carbs, 1.3g fiber, 37g (7.8%) net carbs, 3871mg sodium

Tommorow is a new day though...

Mad4Chillas 04-30-2011 10:22 AM

Definitely Sick.
So I have been starting to get a cold for the past few days, and now I know for sure that I have a cold. I have the sore throat, runny nose, cough, and fatigue. I hope it goes away soon because I strongly dislike being sick. I thought it may have just been allergies (although I don't traditionally have allergies) but its a cold. When I get home today I am going to start my Zinc and Vitamin C routine in order to make it leave as quickly as it came.

I haven't decided whether or not to fast yet today but I have work at 3, so we'll play it by ear.

Until later :)

Mad4Chillas 04-30-2011 07:41 PM

Didnt fast today, but tommorow it might come down to it, since I was wayyy over my sodium today as well as about 100kcal over my estimated requirement. I also haven't decided if I should weigh tommorow, I dont want to see the scale go up drastically :(

Lunch (12:45pm)
-2 Hot Dogs w/3 oopsie rolls
-2 tbsp SF Ketchup
-1 oz. Gouda
-3 SF chocolates
-1 Diet Pepsi
Snack (4:00pm)
-1 Diet Gingerale
-16 oz. water
Dinner (8:30pm)
-1 pulled pork sandwich w/2 oopsies
-1 hot dog w/1 oopsie
-2 tbsp SF Ketchup
-1/2 cup cottage cheese
-1 oz. gouda
-1 SF chocolate
-1 Diet Pepsi

Total = 1673kcal, 95.5g (25%) protein, 116.5g (68%) fat, 26g (6%) carbs, 3.8g fiber, 22.2g (5%) net carbs, 4355 mg sodium :eek:

I think I need a break from hot dogs and cheese :laugh:

Mad4Chillas 05-01-2011 09:28 AM

It feels like a vegetable juice kind of day today.
Well, I weighed in today, I didn't want to but I thought I should since my weekly weigh in is coming Tuesday and I really want to see a loss that I should bite the bullet. It wasn't pretty but it was better than I had expected--

I am up .6/lb since Friday and 1.4/lb since Thursday so in order to see a loss for the week I am going to do my V8 juice fast today and tomorrow if needed. I really wanted to see the 150's by today but life happens I suppose, I also think I need to adjust my calories down to around 1,200-1,300kcal so starting Tuesday I will adjust accordingly.

I want to keep my net carbs under 20 today, so in order to do that its 2.5 cups V8 juice which is 25g carbs, and 5g fiber. The rest of the day shall be water, hope I can get through it alive :laugh:

I read something on fat fasting, which I should try in the future but right now I think this is my best bet, and technically it's still LC friendly if I am under my induction net carbs.

Wish me luck :aprayer:

Mad4Chillas 05-01-2011 04:36 PM

My fast went as planned today, ingested about 2-1/2 cups of V8 juice, no more no less. Hopefully, I can see a shift on the scale tommorow. In order to make my mini goal by May 3rd, which is 158.5 lbs, I have to lose 2.8lbs in the next two days (5.2lbs total >.<). Doubtful it will happen but Im hoping for at least 159. If I see a good lose tommorow then I will do the fast for 1 more day :)

Still feeling sick with a cold today, called into work and have been in bed pretty much all day. Supplementing with Zinc and Vitamin C and medicating with Dayquil in order for me to get better.

I feel hungry, but I am not super bothered by it. My parents ordered pizza too and offered me some, but I resisted :annoyed:

Adjusting to living with my parents again has really tested my patience and I can't wait until August when I am on my own again, after that I hope to never have to live with them again. Im getting too old for this craziness.

Food is boring but thats what fasting does.

Lunch (11:00am)
-8 oz. V8 vegetable juice
- Zinc & Vitamin C
Snack (3:45pm)
-4 oz. V8 vegetable juice
-4 oz Diet Tea
Dinner (6:30pm)
-8 oz. V8 vegetable juice
-8 oz. Diet coke
-24 oz. water

Total = 125kcal, 5g (17%) protein, 0g (0%) fat, 25g (83%) carbs, 20g net carbs (64%), 5g fiber, 1505 mg sodium.

Its funny seeing my breakdown in calories today since the majority of it is coming from carbohydrates, basically due to my no fat today and my tiny amount of calories :p

Mad4Chillas 05-02-2011 09:48 AM

Fast Paid Off.
So my fast yesterday paid off, I am down -1.6lbs today :kicking:

I have decided to do a modified version of my fast today, last Tuesday I weighed in at 163 lbs (-2/lbs total for the week) and I would really like to see at least another 2lb loss for this week, so today I weighed in at 162.4lbs (only down -.6./lb :( )--so another -1.4lbs is needed to meet my goal for tommorow.

I have to eat a little something though today because I'm feeling a little weak due to my cold, so Im going to get my solid food out of the way in the morning and stick to my V8, water, and hot tea for the rest of the day.

I also got a pair of Levi Capris in the mail today that I ordered ( I thought I ordered them according to my measurements but I guess not), they are a juniors size 11, and although I can zip and buttom them (just barely) there is still a lot left to be desired in order for them to fit. Hopefully in like 5-8lbs I can fit into them because they are super cute and if the weather ever warms up I'd really enjoy wearing them....

The 150's are so close I can taste em' (and funnily enough I bet they taste like eggs and bacon :laugh:)

So far today, I've had 5.5 oz. low sodium V8, 2 vegan sausage patties, & 1 cup Hot Tea w/Truvia.

Lets keep the whoosh train going....

Mad4Chillas 05-02-2011 03:30 PM

I have become obsessed with the Netrition website, and I have a little shopping cart for myself and the total is like $200+ dollars lol. I really want to place an order for some stuff but I just can't decided what I want or what I need...

My list includes:
-1 Box of Atkins Advantage Mudslide bars
-1 Box of Atkins Advantage Cookies n' Creme bars
-1 Box of Atkins Penne Pasta
-1 Jar of PB2
-2 Jars of Low Carb Pasta Sauce
-1lb Coconut Flour
-1 bottle SF Maple Syrup
-1 bag low carb graham cracker pie crust mix
-1 2 oz. bottle EZ-Sweets
-1 package LC Chili
-1lb Erythritol Cyrstals
-3 bags SF Jelly Bellys :drool:
-1 Bag Glucomannan Powder
-1 Jar SF Blueberry fruit spread
-1 Package LC tortillas
-1 Pack of Microwave pork rinds
-3 packages Shiritaki Noodles
-1 Package SF Oreos :drool:
-2 Cans Light Coconut Milk
-1 Tub Isopure protein powder
-1 Jar Coconut Oil
-1 Box Hi-Lo Cereal
-1 Jar SF Teriyaki Sauce
-1 Bag SF Chocolate Chips
-1 Box Sensato Hot Cereal
-1 Bottle SF Barbeque sauce
-1 Bag Barbequeu Cheese Chips
-1 Bottle SF Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Torani
-1 3lb Box of Carbquik

LOL! Typing all that out just seems ridiculous. I think as for all the "grain" type stuff I need to wait until I get out of induction, but I am so intrigued by all these products that I want to try them. Also, for a lot of them they last a long long time so it'd be worth the money. I'm sure I'll edit my list and place an order soon...I just need to figure out whats staying and going :laugh:

Mad4Chillas 05-02-2011 06:36 PM

Fast was only semi-successful today, due to various reasons. However I did manage to keep some of my food down.

Breakfast (9:00am)
-2 Morningstar farm sausage patties
-5.5 oz. Low Sodium V8
-Hot Tea w/Truvia
Snack (5:00pm)
-1 SF Jell-O
Snack (8:30pm)
-1 SF Jell-O

Total = 225kcal, 24.4g (44%) protein, 6g (25%) fat, 17g (31%) carbs, 3.4g fiber, 13.4g (24%) net carbs, 722mg sodium.

Hoping and praying for a loss tommorow on the scale. Would love to see 161. I need to eat some real food tommorow as well so no more fasting and back to LCing.

Mad4Chillas 05-03-2011 08:54 AM

Had a major whoosh last night due to my 2-day fast. Super excited! I weighed in at 160.2lbs today (though secretly I wish it had been around 159, but I will take it!)

I am also excited to eat normally again today, I am going to be concious of my calories though so I dont undo my fasting weight, slowly work up to what I was eating before so I can still lose. I changed my stats today as well (I rounded down to 160, which is 15lbs from my starting weight :kicking:).

Goals I had set prior to WOE

o April 5th = 175lbs
o April 12th = 170lbs (Day 7) (BMI = 25.8) (ACTUAL = 168.2lbs)
o April 19th = 165lbs (Day 14) (BMI = 25.1) (Actual 165)
o April 26th = 161.5 (Day 21) (BMI = 24.6) (more than way to goal!) (Reached May 3rd)
o May 3rd = 158lbs (Day 28) (BMI = 24)
o May 10th = 154.5lbs (Day 35) (BMI = 23.5)
o May 17th = 151lbs (Day 42) (BMI = 23) (More than way to goal!)
o May 24th = 147.5lbs (Day 49) (BMI = 22.4)
o May 31st = 144 (Day 56) (BMI = 21.9)
o June 7th = 140lbs (Day 63) (BMI = 21.3) (More than way to goal!)
o June 14th = 137lbs (Day 70) (BMI = 20.8)
o June 21st = 133.5lbs (Day 77) (BMI = 20.3)
o June 24th = 130lbs (Day 84) Birthday! (BMI = 19.8)

So it is offically Day 29 for me (completed 4 weeks on modified induction and down ~15lbs) not too bad when I think about it. My mini goal had been around 158lbs for today, so I am just off by 2.2lbs. Still nice to see the scale move in the right direction though.

I've noticed since week 1, that weeks 2-4, I averaged about -2.6lbs/week (currently with no exercise), so according to that, by the end of May, I should have no problem reaching the 149's (just barely)--despite my goal that I had set before starting this WOE this was to be 144lbs by May 31st. Either way its a goal of the 140's before the conclusion of May.

May goal: 11-16lbs (2.8lbs-4lbs/week).

I am very excited to almost be done with my classes this semester as well, so I can say that I have survived my first year of graduate school :aprayer:

I have my last in class final tonight, and then just need to finish up 2 of my online classes. One consisting of a 10 page paper, and the other 4 quizzes and a case study. I need to be finished by the 9th so my motivation better hold out until then.

My food will probably be simple today, I'm thinking PB shake or Tuna salad w/oopsie....

Until later ;)

Mad4Chillas 05-03-2011 07:14 PM

Food today was alright, although the sodium monster crept in and grabbed me. I am sure I will see a gain on the scale tommorow sadly, but I have to tell myself that its normalizing after 2 fast days. I think my final I took today also went good so yayy for me :kicking:

Lunch (11:30am)
-1/2 cup Tuna salad w/2 oopsies
-1/2 cup Cottage cheese
-1 oz. Gouda
-2 Glasses Iced tea
Snack (2:30pm)
-4 slices Salami
-1 string Cheese
-Iced tea
Snack (6:45pm)
-1 Atkins bar
Dinner (8:00pm)
-1 Chx Breast
-1 Side salad w/ranch
-1 oz. Gouda
-1 SF Chocolate
-1 Diet Pepsi

Total =1,375 kcal, 121.4g (36%) protein, 80.6g (54%) fat, 33.6g (9%) carbs, 11.4g fiber, 22.2g (6%) net carbs, 3,376 mg sodium :stars:

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