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Deb294evr 08-23-2010 10:03 AM

My HHCG experiment..
I am NOT recommending this for anyone else, but I am going to have a record of what I have been doing. I donít really want to post this in the HCG section, because it is not part of the plan. It is an experiment.

I completed the 3 weeks of P2, lost 21 pounds and started on P3. I went for 2 weeks on P3 all the while following it like I was supposed to and maintaining within 2 pounds. By the second week, I missed the feeling of losing weight. I decided to start back on P2, so this is something like an interruption I had read.

Anyway, I am soooo wishy washy, I swear. I started back up on P2 and did fine the first day, by the second day though, I was STARVING! I mean could eat my arm starving. I thought maybe something was wrong with the drops, but wanted to stick it out. The first day back on, I only lost a pound. The second day after STARVING, I stayed the same. GRRRRR, so mad! In my mind, I am thinking why in the world am I torturing myself eating so little and not losing?

Third day, hunger less, but I added lots of extra protein probably had 1000 cals. Lost .8

Fourth day, added lots of extra protein and extra fruit over 1200 cals. Lost a pound.

Fifth day, I am thinking damn, I am eating more and losing more. In my twisted mind I am going back and forth between, whether I should call it a day and move on to P3 for good, or keep trying to stay on P2.

Well I decided that I would keep taking the drops and just eat more. I had read that if you eat one tiny thing over what you should at 500 cals, that you would not lose or gain. NOPE. That is not true for me.

So by day 6 I had been experiementing off plan totally for all but day 1 and 2. I keep taking my drops morning and night. I eat whatever the heck I want that day.

I start my day out with the P2 chili, and it is so good. So filling. I continue to eat what I want for the day. Not stuffing myself, but eating well. Using ****** I see I had about 2000 calories that day. The next morning I lose another pound. Iím thinking YES. I can eat what I want, and take the drops and still lose what I was losing before on 500 cals.

Day 7, start my day with the P2 chili. Eat what I want, mostly fruit and protein, but some things that are not on P3. Again, not stuffing myself, just eating normally. Another .6 gone. Now I am at my lowest I have been in years. I just had over 2500 cals, and I am not hungry anymore. I am very satisfied.

Day 8 was yesterday. I was even more liberal in my eating, including an ice cream bar that had been calling my name for a while. I am sure I had well over 2000 calories yesterday too. This morning another pound gone. How is this happening? I am not even eating low carb?!!! Am I just lucky? I donít know, but I am going to continue my experiment until I see a gain on the scale for a couple of days. I have now lost 4.4 pounds in 4 days, eating what I want, taking the HHCG drops.

If I keep losing, I am going to keep up the drops. Why not? They are HHCG and I donít believe you can be immune to them from what I have read.

So anyway, the moral of the story for me is that while so many are freaking out about touching fat, or using oils , eating over 500 cals/day while on the HHCG, it does not seem to affect me like that.

I will continue to update this as the days pass. Right now I am loving this. :) It may come back to bite me in the butt, but I won't let it get above 2 pounds anyway. Until tomorrow........

Deb294evr 08-23-2010 01:54 PM

Just realized this may come accross as being anti HCG.. oh quite the contrary!!.. I LOVE what this does.. love it love it. Loved the first round so much as I was losing so quickly..

I think I just don't have my head in the right place to continue P2. In fact I KNOW I don't. It is very mental. I am just getting a thrill out of losing without having to eat 500 measly calories.. lol.

But for everyone doing P2.. I bow to you.. it is tough! mentally if not physically. Keep on Keepin on!! :cool:

Deb294evr 08-24-2010 04:08 AM

Don't want to get ridiculous with the food on this.. after all my goal is to lose weight, not to prove anything. So yesterday I did over eat and it did not feel good. NOT LOADING overeat, but more than I really wanted.

This morning was my first stand still since day 2. I actually expected a gain, and was pleasantly surprised. I'd say I know that my limit in calories seems to be around 2800, which is A LOT of food, when it is not all low carb. I ate watermelon, peaches, things I miss on Low Carb. I also had some sugar in the form of home made cookies. DUMB. It did not feel good.

Today, back to things that make me happy to eat. Protein, veges, summer fruits that I love. No need to over eat at all. Not when I can lose and enjoy my food. Starting my morning like I have all week, with the P2 chili. Man is that stuff good! Last night I made a new batch for the week. It really seems to fill me up and I don't have the need to eat more until lunch.

When I was doing the protocol, I could in no way make it to lunch. I had to spread out my food for the day and it seemed like I had more, but I have to be up at 5 every morning, and coffee does NOT hold me until lunch.

Will continue the HHCG drops morning and night to see how this affects my weight. So far, nothing but GOOD news. I don't have as much of an appetite, but that could be because I am eating more food? Most likely.............

LosingKitty 08-24-2010 07:36 AM

Wow Deb, very interesting. I wonder if anyone else has had this happen to them. Its like you got a reset without having to do the entire protocol. I'm curious how long this will last. I'm only on R1 P2 VLCD8 but I already suspect I do better on days I eat more- not crazy amounts more but all my servings and not counting calories I suspect I may be eating 600 or 700 calories some days.

I'll be happy if I hit the 21 lb loss you got on your first 3 weeks of P2.
Good Luck

Deb294evr 08-24-2010 07:51 AM

Thank you Sunny. I am very curious also, and that is why I posted it here. If anyone has had a similar thing happen, I hope they will let me know. I also wonder if there is a difference in how the body reacts to RX HCG vs. HHCG.

I will continue with this until my body starts to gain for a couple of days. Since I had no problem stabilizing in P3 for those 2 weeks, I do wonder if I have a new set point and that shock of starting back on P2 let me release more. I honestly do not know. That is why I'm doing this. If I can lose the weight, while eating more than 500 cals plus feeling really good, I will be in heaven. :laugh:

For now, I will continue on... I am eating steak, watermelon, peaches, chicken breast, cucumbers, mac nuts and my P2 chili today. I don't have a calorie count yet, but I'd say around 2000. I will check back in with a result in the morning...... experiment continues.....

Deb294evr 08-24-2010 10:16 AM

ok, so I thought I would wait until tomorrow, but it's lunchtime here at work, and I just have to say I am soooooooo NOT hungry. I cannot eat anything I brought today. Only cucumbers and some melon. How strange. I wonder if it is because of how much I ate yesterday or are the drops causing me to release that fat that is circulating in my bloodstream?... interesting question to ponder.

I think from reading the protocol a million times I had become so FEARFUL of putting one morsel of food in my mouth that was over the 500 calorie limit he set. When faced with extreme hunger though, i went with more protein, that really did the trick for me most P2 days. I still lost 21 pounds in 21 days and I had been struggling with those 20 pounds for 2 years before I found this.

In 3 short weeks it was gone. To me this stuff really is a miracle. Now whether it is in my head or not, it does not matter, because the proof is in losing what I could not before. The thing is, that I don't believe in the 500 cal limit anymore. FOR ME. I am not going to argue what anyone else believes, because it is very individual.

I still have many pounds to reach my goal, but since I am mentally not ready for another P2 strictly by the book, I am going with the flow here.... my stomach says don't eat lunch today so I won't.....

Deb294evr 08-25-2010 06:06 AM

This started because I could not stick to P2 for a second round too soon after the first. I THOUGHT I could, and that I did not need more P3 and P4. If I had not faltered on day 3 this would never have happened.

Sooooo, yesterday I had 1769 calories. Steak, P2 chili, watermelon, peaches, cucs, celery, chicken. I never got to the Mac nuts they pack a big calorie punch for so little food and I really was not hungry.

Took my HHCG drops morning and night, and today I am down .6. This is 5 pounds since last week, continuing my drops but eating a lot more food. I can't explain it.

I know there are skeptics out there, and believe me, I would be one too. I think the drops ARE DOING SOMETHING, even with the increased food. The reason I think that is because I could not lose the weight before. I was 26 pounds heavier and trying low carb, zero carb, WW, whatever. I never could lose more than a few pounds, and then I would gain it back as soon as I ate something off plan.

I am not losing as quickly as I did on 500 cals but darn near it. Again, this is an experiment and I fully expect to start gaining at some point because that is what my body has done in the past. Until then, well, why not?? Or until I get my mind into doing P2 with the low cals again. For now it is working and I don't know why.

Deb294evr 08-25-2010 06:19 AM

Just rambling on for now, but I will write this thought down.

I wonder if I had not done an entire 3 weeks of P2 first, if this would have been the result I got. I really doubt it. I think it did something to my system. Pondering......:dunno:

ColleenMA66 08-25-2010 11:01 AM

Hi Deb,

Just poking my head in to say Hi and I'm fascinated by what you are doing. I'm too scared to try it myself :laugh: but I'm enjoying reading about your experiment!

Good luck...I'll be checking in to see how it's going.

Deb294evr 08-25-2010 11:25 AM

Oh Colleen, I hear you there! If I hadn't stumbled upon this in my attempt to do another P2 too soon, I would never have had the guts to try it either.. I don't blame you or anyone!! Why mess up something that is working?..:laugh:

I still think this is some sort of wierd thing going on, but I'm gonna go with it as long as I can.. I am committed now to seeing what the heck is happening within my body.. When I gain for 2 days straight, I'm gonna back out of it..

Anyway, another strange thing that is happening is that TOM, that old fart showed up yesterday when he has been GONE for 9 months! I thought I was done with that!!!... arggg....but it tells me that HHCG has something in it that is messing with my hormones.. some good some not so good...
but it is definately NOT a PLACEBO!

Today, I can tell I am getting the benefits of less hunger again. It seems I am eating a bit less each day naturally. When I don't go hog wild and concentrate on feeding real hunger, I am eating much less. Today so far, P2 chili for breakfast, a peach and cucs with about 3 oz of chicken for lunch.

I am not hungry now, so that is all good.... I shall continue on to the evening... until tomorrow???.....

ColleenMA66 08-25-2010 11:41 AM

I can't wait for tomorrow! I'm going to try the p2 chili tonight and I'm a skeeeeeered :laugh: I don't want to gain but I had such a great loss today I'm going to throw caution to the wind.

I will tell you something I have done....basically I've cut out everything but protein. I was eating too many carbs for me and they make me hungrier than I should be.

I was reading on another forum about eating for your blood type. I'm intrigued. I have to do some research and see what foods it's telling me are better for me and see where carbs and all the white stuff comes up. I do best on lc. Sugar makes me craaaazy....but I love it so :mad:

I don't want to tinker too much with my first round because I'm afraid it will hurt me when I try to stabilize.

My goal was to finish this short round and then do a full p3 and then go back to p2 for another short round. I hope I'm mentally ready in 3 weeks. I'm pretty motivated to get under 200 so I'm HOPING I will be.

After that I'm going to do a full p3 and then a full p4. I'm not even sure what that means in my world. I don't know if I'll be able to eat the stuff I like then anymore than I can eat it now. We shall see I guess.

Deb294evr 08-25-2010 12:27 PM

You are doing great! Keep up what you are doing. I would not tinker with the first round at all... you are right. You want to stabilize first. I am totally with you on the protein is all I really wanted during my first round. Mainly because it was the only thing that satisfied me!

I was skeered of the melba and the fruit at first, but did eat the fruit because I wanted to eat SOMETHING! I was hungry. Even when my hunger quieted some I still only really wanted Protein. I think there might be something to the blood type thing, mine says I should be eating mostly low carb and I love it too... who knows??

Well try the Chili, if it does not work for you, then you will know, but it is SO GOOD!! omgosh it is good... satisfies me quite well.. Even if you do have a slight blip.. don't sweat it. Maybe try it earlier in the day if possible. That is what i do, because Beef seems to stick with me longer...

Anyway! just keep up the good work!! You will love the end results, and I am hoping my mental state allows me to move forward and downward on less food soon.. we shall see.......oh the intrigue!!... :laugh:

LosingKitty 08-26-2010 12:37 AM


Originally Posted by Deb294evr (Post 13825055)
Just rambling on for now, but I will write this thought down.

I wonder if I had not done an entire 3 weeks of P2 first, if this would have been the result I got. I really doubt it. I think it did something to my system. Pondering......:dunno:

I agree. I actually think its that "Golden Moment" thing....or Golden something. You know what I'm talking about? How the first time you try a new diet it will work great but if you go back to your old ways and try again it may work for you but not as spectacularly as the first time. Thats how LC was for me. The first time it was working twice as good as it did when I came back to it a couple years later. I still lost 55 lbs or so but it wasnt as easy.

So I say ride the wave!

Deb294evr 08-26-2010 05:21 AM

Thanks Sunny, and yes I know what you mean about the golden shot! It happened to me with low carb also. First time.. wonderful losses.. from then on.. nope..........booooo

So, last night when I got home my wonderful husband had this big ole meal for us.. holy crap. All the things I love, and had not had in awhile. Long story short, I ate it. I mean I really ate it all. ( nnnnnooo he did not cook, he brought it in from our favorite restaurant) I was having a stressful afternoon at work, and he thought he would be helpful.. thanks dear..:laugh:

After my prime rib meal including baked potato and dessert.. ( why do I do this??) I reverted to my old pattern of throwing caution to the wind. VERY VERY BAD HABIT!! I had something later that I did not even want. Dumb.

So fully expecting that I would gain, I stupidly got on the scale before bed. Yeah that is not a good idea..........:rofl: Up 6 friggin pounds! Of course I know that is the weight of the food and drink, and water retaining from the day, but I was still shocked.

This morning I almost did not weigh, because uggg.. don't like gains. Well guess what? I LOST all 6 of those pounds overnight! I am not even kidding. I was up in the bathroom several times last night, but I did not expect it all to go. It did. I love this magic potion I am on.......LOL

In the past, in my low carb days, I would have kept at least half of that gain, but not today. I don't understand it, but I don't care. This works.

Now I have to get on with the weight loss part and stop pigging out. That does me no good!!!!! This morning no hunger at all, and won't eat until I am hungry. Anxious to see what tomorrow brings, will I keep the loss? Will my body rebound and gain? I don't know...............:dunno:

ColleenMA66 08-26-2010 05:33 AM

I can't wait to find out!! :laugh::laugh:

Deb294evr 08-27-2010 03:33 AM

Yesterday my wt stayed the same from the previous day despite my eating way too much. I counted myself lucky! What other plan have I ever been on when I could eat like that and not gain? NONE.

Today, I fully expected a rebound gain. Instead I was greeted with a .8 pound loss at 5am today. U N R E A L. :stars: I don't even know what to think anymore.

I had 2657 calories yesterday. Most of it was healthy foods, but some was not. I am at a new low since 2007. I cannot explain it, just that it MUST have something to do with these drops. My set point must have changed.

How else am I able to actually lose weight eating so many calories? I am not exercising. I have a sit down job. I do just enough walking to get from place to place. There is no logical reason that I would be even able to maintain at this calorie rate. PLUS, I am weighing in at 5am during the week. On the weekends I weigh in around 8am. So compared to last weekend, I am sure I have lost another 2 pounds in sleeping water weight... :rofl:

I am riding this wave as long as I can... ( thanks Sunny! )

I wish someone else had tried this so you would know I am not making stuff up. I think I will go searching the HCG boards online and see if anyone else stumbled on to this.... until tomorrow...

ColleenMA66 08-27-2010 03:44 AM

Congrats on your loss!

I'm too scared to try it. I'm petrified I won't stabilize in p3. It would be awesome if it were true though.

I'm already nervous because basically I just eat protein at this point and I'm much happier but not sure how it will effect me in p3.

But it's working for you so that's awesome.

I'm not sure if your comfortable sharing this information but how much have you lost so far and how much more do you want to lose? If you don't want to share that's ok....I'm just nosy :laugh:

I'm down .2 today and entering week 3 so I'm hoping I don't stall or gain this coming week. I'd love to reach my goal but still need at least 3.4 lbs to get there.

Have a great day!

Deb294evr 08-27-2010 04:01 AM

oh I don't mind... after several rounds of prednisone for my sinus problems, I got up an all time high of 282! ARG!!.. went on Atkins again and got to 272. That took about 2 months. This is when I discovered the HHCG ... read the information for another month before starting.

Started loading and got up to 275.4. In my first 2 weeks of P2 I lost 20 pounds, the last pound came off in week 3. So 21 pounds in 21 days. Got to 254.4 where I stabilized for 2 weeks.

Decided that I wanted to lose again, so started back on P2 at 255 which is where my experiment started. I lost a pound in the first 2 days. So 254 was where I was at when I screwed it up. This morning I am at 248.2. Still have a long way to go, but I'm on my way down as before I was going up up up or standing still.... uggggg...

I definately think you should stabilize before doing anything different. I don't recommend anyone else doing this, unless they were stable.

I just want to see how continuing the drops while eating more effects others... everyone I ever heard of stops the drops and then goes to P3. Has anyone continued the drops on P3? P4? That is what I am doing basically.

So continue as you are doing, and don't change success... I hope you do stabilize on P3. I don't know the answer to eating only protein and then being stable though. I am sure SOMEONE has.. I just haven't heard yet..

ColleenMA66 08-27-2010 04:32 AM

I look at it this way. Dr. S said to drop whatever we didn't want...ie fruit or melba....so basically that's what I've done. I just know for me those foods make me hungrier and makes the entire experience basically suck.

I do keep my calories at 500 or so I just add in some extra protein and I'm happier. I did eat tomatoes 2 days in a row so I did get some veggies in! :laugh:

So you didn't do a p4? I'm really not planning on adding in the carbs and sugars once I'm done because I don't believe my body will respond any better to them than I do now. If I can lose my weight...eat a healthy, fully satisfying lc life filled with yummy proteins and fats and some fruit and some lc treats I'll be a happy camper and if I go off the reservation a few times a year due to holidays or celebrations....I'm ok with that.

I have to use food in a different way and not just go back to what got me here in the first place. Sugar isn't good for us no matter what we want to believe anyway.

One of the things I did notice and I can't explain it is the lack of cravings. I was not following my lc plan for the last few weeks before this diet because I knew I was going on vacation and that I was doing this diet so I ate what I wanted. I didn't really go over the 227...just sort of hovered.

When I started I stopped diet coke cold turkey...I've not been able to do that in ....ever! :laugh: The craving for the carbs never came. I thought for sure I'd go through wicked withdrawals because I had been eating them for a few weeks.

Since my post is so long I'll just keep going :laugh: but I did notice that my cellulite is a lot less noticeable today. Now if my kangaroo pouch would just hit the road I'd be happy!!!

Deb294evr 08-27-2010 05:48 AM

Wow that is awesome! you are having great results girl! :clap: I am so happy for you not having any cravings, and I do recall feeling the same way on my first round. I did not crave anything. I just had my little routine down, and stuck to my boring meals daily.

The problem for me in round 2 was I don't think I was mentally ready to go back into P2 although I THOUGHT I was. So I did not give it my all like I did in round 1. I think round 1 by the book is very very important!!!

I was sooooo hungry, I never could get satisfied on round 2. Of course that was only 2 days really... :rofl: but I was way too hungry to think straight. So extra protein and less fruit and melba is a good choice in that situation.

Whatever works for you!! I'm with you on that and sounds like you have a plan! Go for it!! Don't be skeered!! :laugh::cool:

Deb294evr 08-27-2010 07:53 AM

Had a funny thing happen at work today. We had a meeting and at the end, someone mentioned losing 5 pounds this week. Someone else said really what are you doing? She said HCG. I about fell off my chair! .. here I was quietly doing the diet in my office not saying anything because I did not think they would understand...

WELL... one by one several of the girls said, I'm doing it too... hahaha.. all this time there were several of us doing it and nobody said anything... well now I am EXTRA motivated to get this fat off... now I that know I have company at work this will be awesome!

SO, despite my success on my experiment, I am going to start P2 for REAL again Sept. 7th. There are several of us that will be on round 2, and a few new converts starting round 1. Should be a blast!!

Treating the rest of this time as P4 which is where I really am anyway.

ColleenMA66 08-27-2010 07:57 AM

Awesome news! All it took was one person to say it out loud.

I've told one woman I work with who needs to lose about 100lbs but I think she's too afraid to try it. I'll see her tomorrow for our weekly weigh in. I'm not trying to convert anyone....just wanted to be honest with her why I was losing so much suddenly.

This diet is not for everyone that's for sure...but if you can get yourself mentally prepared for it..it's a great way to lose the weight.

I'm not telling anyone else....no one would understand and just not going there...nope.

Deb294evr 08-27-2010 09:53 AM

That's the way I was too.. I was NOT going to say anything.. that is why it is so funny that out of the 15 women there, 5 were already doing it and not saying anything either! Now we have a few more who want to try, but I agree it is not for everyone.

I think it is hard! Yet easy, ... lol and no way would I bring it up first, I would wait to be asked for sure.

Deb294evr 08-28-2010 06:51 AM

Yesterday ate 2340 calories. Majority before 6pm. Took my HHCG drops morning and night, this morning at 6am weighed in at 246. 2.2 pounds less than yesterday. Unbelievable. I am at a loss for words on why this is working.

Here I was so afraid to eat over 500 calories while dosing, and it turns out I had no reason to be. Or maybe at that time I did? I do remember my last week losing hardly anything, in fact only 1 pound all week. That is when I knew it was time to move on to P3.

WITHOUT the drops, I ate the same calories I am eating now, at least 2000 a day, most of the time more, and stayed the same within 2 pounds for 2 weeks straight. I add the drops back in and I have now lost 9 pounds. In about 2 weeks I think? Not bad. Not as fast as I did on the first round and at 500 cals, but duhhhhhhhhh.. makes sense.

Off to enjoy my day and just not worry about it for now.

Deb294evr 08-29-2010 09:35 AM

Last night, mexican meal with margaritas and lots of chips and salsa.. plus dessert.. oh hell I really ate like a pig.. It was SO GOOD.. but today I am up a pound. I totally deserve it though. I had 3890 calories yesterday!

I would say that has exceeded my limit...:rofl: In fact in my low carb days it would have been 5 pounds easily... I keep referring to my low carb days, but that is really all I have to go by. I LOVE low carb eating, but it just was not working for me anymore.

Needless to say, today is going to be much more sedate. I am going to stick to chicken, watermelon, peaches and maybe some P2 chili too... I am anxious to see what tomorrow morning brings......

Still taking my drops.. I considered going off them for a week before I start official round 2 of P2 next week, but I am sort of afraid to do it now. I know I can't stay on the drops indefinately, but for now, they stay.

missC 08-29-2010 12:22 PM

Deb, you are really on the roll here, I think it's great that you are able to still loose while eating almost 3,000 calories. Do you mainly eat just chicken, watermelon, and peaches? I was 280 when I got pregnant with my last child and 280 on 05/27/07 the day he was born. On June 1, 2007, I weighed 265 and started a low carb low calorie diet and lost 30 lbs in 30 days. I remember throughout my pregnancy my doctor kept telling me I needed to gain weight at least 20-25lbs is normal. Well, I ate like a pig and didn't understand why I wasn't gaining weight, only maintaining weight. This HCG hormone really makes since to me now because I also fasted 9 days during my 7 month and my son was still over 7lbs when he was born.

Deb294evr 08-29-2010 01:46 PM

Well hello MissC! No, i don't only eat that, but in the summer I love fruits and I missed them for so long when I was doing low carb. I have had to totally rethink fruit since then. I realize I can eat it and still lose weight.

I have always loved watermelon so that seems to be one of my daily foods. Also peaches are cheap here right now, and I love them too. I would eat cherries all day long if they were cheaper!.. :laugh:

I eat a lot of chicken because I really like it, and I bake it with the skin and eat that too. I have also fallen hard for Ken's hot sauce and have that on my plain chicken breasts when I was eating the 500 cal days. Anything to make it better..

I also LOVE steak, and have that several times a week. Actually I just plain love food. I am trying to lose weight though, so I am trying to keep it real food and not frozen dinners, or restaurant meals if I can help it. I eat whatever I am in the mood for that day though.

Since I am officially in P4 right now, I am eating quite a bit of food and still losing or maintaining. The only difference between what I am doing and what most are doing in P4 is that I am continuing the drops, and others are not. They are trying to maintain their last dosage weight within 2 pounds. I am just allowing the weight to go if it wants to... :rofl:

So I know there is something to the HCG. I totally believe it is working on breaking up the fat and letting it circulate and leave the body. I guess my weight is high enough that the extra calories I eat are not slowing things down like the Dr. said it would. Then again, he was talking about RX shots and not HHCG. I think personally something is different in the way they work.

Anyway, in pregnancy I agree with you, something allows us not to eat when ill and the baby to be fine. I also wish I had known all of this when I had my kids, I sure wouldn't have gained so much weight... I would have known i was ok not to eat so much. Ah well..

sheryl0423 08-29-2010 03:01 PM

This is very interesting to me, I am still a little on the fence about the hcg, but I am gathering info now. I have been on and off low carbing for years and it just seems like it doesn't work anymore. I get to around 220 and then nothing...which is where I have been for the last month or so :( Bouncing around with the same 3 or 4 pounds.
I am watching your progress with interest!

Deb294evr 08-29-2010 04:00 PM

Thank you Sheryl for stopping by. I ran into the exact same problem with low carb.. then I researched Hcg for more than a month before I decided I had to try something new!

I was very skeptical and honestly did not believe all the things I read, but it does work. This experiment is because I could not do round 2 as soon as I thought I could. Finding that I can eat more, take the drops and lose weight, is just a really nice bonus! I recommend everyone do the first round by the book and then stabilize.

From there, it is up to the individual on what works for you.. good luck with whatever you choose to do! It is a shame that low carb does not continue with the same results after awhile, because I really love the food!

Deb294evr 08-30-2010 04:00 AM

This morning I lost that pound I gained, plus another pound. I weighed in at 245 at 5am today. I AM SUPER excited about that.

Yesterday's food. 2 chicken thighs and legs baked with skin. Coffee with cream. 1/4 round watermelon. 1/2 canteloupe. 2 peaches. 2 bowls real chili with beans and cheese. 3 ice cream bars ( definately not a good idea, it stops up my sinuses and is not healthy) 2 oz macadamia nuts. A small bag of cheetos and a McChicken sandwhich from McDonalds! AGAIN NOT HEALTHY, I have to stop that crap! It won't help me in my goal to get healthy, which is my main concern, That includes weight loss.

I have to get my eating back under control because I am pushing it now. I don't want to eat such unhealthy things, but I keep thinking it is ok, since I am in P4 and I'm sure I won't gain. Eventually it is going to bite me in the butt! At least I am down 10 pounds in 10 days. Amazing to me. :stars:

It HAS to be the drops! I am reading where some of the vets of HCG are gaining weight on P4 that they can't lose and are doing P2 again to get rid of. They all went off the drops during P4 which is the protocol. What if they didn't? Would they have re gained that weight? I don't know! I certainly am no expert!!! Maybe when I go off the drops I will gain everything back too?:confused:

That is one reason I want to get my eating under control while I can. I cannot continue to eat crap and when I get down to a decent weight, expect to maintain or not gain. I have to fix that now! :doh:

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