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ColleenMA66 08-15-2010 03:11 PM

HHCG and Me
I'm going to attempt to keep a journal for my hhcg experience.

I did a lot of reading before making the decision to follow this protocol. I mean A LOT of reading. I couldn't find enough to read..still can't. I'm fascinated and amazed that this diet works and am that disgusted with myself to finally give it a shot.

I started my first dose Friday morning at 7am. I was on the last day of my vacation so I knew I'd be home around lunch time and could load in private.

My drops said to do 6 x 6 and by the 2nd dose on the way home I was feeling a little bit nauseous. By the time my 3rd dose hit I was sick to my stomach. Like....morning sickness sick. I was worried that maybe it would never go away. I thought maybe it would be like my pregnancy with my son...I had the 3 months worth of morning sickness....allllll the time.

I thought maybe my drops weren't agreeing with me...I had no diet and I was desperate. I emailed the company and got a prompt reply and he told me it was probably my body detoxing and getting ready.

I then decided to do my last dose with my back up bottle. (I came prepared.lol) so after taking my last dose I felt better..enough that I was able to get some peanut butter toast down before I went to sleep.

I weighed in this morning post load at 227. I didn't really gain anything on my load days...I left before vacation at around 227.

I haven't been out of the 220s for almost 2 years....2 years!!!! Just being able to do that will thrill me to pieces.

I'm not setting any goals or expectations. I don't want to be disappointed.

I expected today to be a miserable day. I knew I didn't load properly. If I were getting graded on my loading days I'd have flunked. I tried....believe me..but I just couldn't :sick:

I am proud to say I made it through my day. I can't say I wasn't hungry at times because I was. I also found myself bored. But I actually FEEL pretty good...course compared to how I felt yesterday I feel like a million bucks..lol

Club soda was my friend today....must be the bubbles. I am a diet coke girl. I have to have a small diet coke every morning or I get a killer headache. Guess what? No diet coke today....I even had a zevia cola ready in case...but I never got a headache. Hmm...interesting.

Menu for today
1/2 grapefruit (pink..was so yummy)

3 oz chicken
melba toast

3 oz shrimp
melba toast

I'm nervous about getting on the scale tomorrow....I'm worried...what if I don't lose? What if I'm that one person in a million that can't make this work. What if..what if. I worry too much.

I'm not telling ANYONE I'm doing this. They won't understand and I'll have to hear a bunch of crap.

Gilded Lily 08-15-2010 05:38 PM

Hi Colleen. I wanted to pop and encourage you. It looks like we started hhcg at the same weight. It's such an incredible journey! Good luck to you! You'll be shrinking in no time. :clap:

ColleenMA66 08-15-2010 05:51 PM

Thanks Gilded! I have been reading and watching all of you these past few weeks so inspired by what everyone has managed to do.

I am happy/surprised I made it through my first day without much trouble. If this was the hungriest I ever get I'll be ok...less would be great though!

It's almost 9pm and I'm getting hungry....bed in a few...I am wide awake..which is not usual for me...normally I'm tired and ready for bed at 8:30. I hope I get a good night sleep. I've read a lot about sleeping affecting how you lose the next day.

classykaren 08-15-2010 06:06 PM

This was my first day of non loading and I do feel better and have a little more energy

ColleenMA66 08-15-2010 06:12 PM

Karen, I am feeling like a new person compared to how I felt yesterday..lol

I have read that some have been sick for days and weeks and I thought for sure I'd be one of those...but today..i feel really good!

ColleenMA66 08-16-2010 03:51 AM

I've been awake since 3:30am....I hate days like this....I've been having this issue for a few weeks now...I can't seem to sleep through the night anymore..not sure why.

I was so anxious to weigh this morning. After my first vlcd I weighed in at.......

225.2 so that's down 1.8 from yesterday...not bad since I didn't gain anything from loading.

I was hungry when I went to bed...it seemed better through the night and then when I woke up I started to feel it again..I took my first dose around 5am. I didn't want to take it that early but I was starting to feel uncomfortable.

I have no interest in actually eating anything...but my body is telling me it's empty! Odd feeling....I can deal with the hunger..it's the cravings that I can't seem to handle...hopefully those won't come.

I half expected to wake with a roaring headache from no caffeine but I feel good....I thought I felt a slight headache coming on so I took something right away...but I've tried to get off caffeine before and it's not pretty....so this is a whole new experience for me.

I have to massage today..I'm nervous about using mineral oil. I'm hoping the client can't tell the difference. It is good for their skin..so maybe that's a plus..lol I gotta do what I gotta do.

I don't mean to sound impatient...but..I just want to get out of the 220s...it's been a couple of years since I've been in the 210s.

I often ask myself how did this happen. I had lost over 50lbs at one point and slowly put it back on and can't even tell you why...other than I was so obsessed about losing weight that it backfired..the more I tried the more stressed I got the more I binged. It doesn't help that I'm a carb addict and that always seemed to do me in.

I did go on a stretch of low carb for awhile and got down to 212 I think....and then I got sick and everything went sideways and I've never been that low again...so..seeing the 220s go will make me a happy camper. Until then I'm just rehashing old territory. I hate having to lose something I already lost once before.

ColleenMA66 08-16-2010 12:35 PM

I'm concerned. I had to massage a client today and I couldn't do what I had planned...the mineral oil was just not going to work and I couldn't do that to my client.

It is what it is I guess. I'm hoping/praying :aprayer: that it won't effect my weight loss tomorrow....I have 6 clients this week and had to start taking appointments for next week already. On the up side....means I'm good :D

I have decided to continue with my drops 6x6. I was starting to get really hungry today...not having anything till 11:30 is HARD.

I had my lunch and I'm feeling content at the moment. I hope the hunger goes away more..I'm not tempted...I'm just determined at this point so sheer will is pushing me forward.

There is no point in thinking about what I can have since it's very limited..so trying to figure out a way to cheat and it be "ok" is pointless.

I really feel like if I can do this for 3 weeks I can pretty much do anything..lol

Meek75 08-16-2010 12:52 PM

Hi Colleen, I'm here to cheer you on. I started the protocol today (without loading). So far so good. We can do it. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Happy Releases!

ColleenMA66 08-16-2010 01:20 PM

Hi Meek. I need all the support I can get...thanks!

Gilded Lily 08-16-2010 02:07 PM

Colleen, the hunger should start easing off around day 2/3. I had to go on sheer willpower until the hhcg kicked in, but when it did... no hunger to speak of. It flucuates somewhat, but really it's not been bad at all. Hope it ends quickly for you.

Don't know on the lotions. I guess gloves are a no-no??

ColleenMA66 08-16-2010 03:34 PM

I hope so Gilded. I was ready to gnaw off my arm this afternoon but I made it to dinner.

I ate a little bit later today than I did yesterday and had an apple instead of strawberries...more filling so maybe I won't be hungry at bedtime and of course WATER helped.

I used some massage gel on my client which I ended up loving. It was very light and I tried to only use what I had to and it mostly went into her skin. I gave an hour massage and washed ASAP. I have 4 more clients this week and I told myself I will only schedule one a day if possible....I have 2 tomorrow :annoyed: but couldn't be helped.

Today was my 2nd day and I think it was a bit harder than my first. I know I didn't load near what I should have so I'm hoping the HCG kicks in SOOOOON! lol


1/2 grapefruit


granny smith

As much water as I can get down.

debkeversole 08-16-2010 03:43 PM

as long as you wash good as soon as you can i think you will be fine we gotta do what we gotta do and that is your livelihood:hugs::hugs::aprayer::aprayer:

good news though reading you stats and you wanting to be out of the 220s i honestly believe BEFORE next Monday you will be there!! whoohoo!:cool:

ColleenMA66 08-16-2010 04:09 PM

Thanks Deb! I hope so too.

Gilded Lily 08-16-2010 04:20 PM

Oh, I wanted to add that vlcd2 was my hungriest day!

ColleenMA66 08-16-2010 04:23 PM

Oh good....so maybe it'll be better tomorrow!!

ColleenMA66 08-17-2010 03:31 AM

I am VERY happy to report I am down 2lbs from yesterday and even happier to report that my hunger seems to have gone.

I am seeing a pattern with me. On my load days it wasn't until the 2nd day last does that I suddenly felt better.....by the next morning all the nauseous was gone.

On my 2nd vlcd by my last dose I suddenly felt full......like I had eaten at the country buffet and went back for 3rds....that full.

I woke up this morning and am still feeling full....yesterday at this time I was eyeballing my pillow I was so hungry.

If this is how I'm going to feel during the next 3 weeks this is sooooo doable!

I took my first dose at 6 this morning...and I'm going to continue with 6x6.

When people ask how will you know if your hcg is working and people say...."oh you'll know" they are right...you'll know!

I am 223.2 this morning.....to be honest I haven't been below this number in a long time. I got as high as 236 over the winter...gosh that was depressing....the number just kept getting higher and higher no matter how much I tried.

The boyfriend is spending the night Thurs....I'm hoping :aprayer: I'm 219 or close to it....but anything from this point on is going to make me happy!

Meek75 08-17-2010 07:26 AM


The boyfriend is spending the night Thurs....I'm hoping I'm 219 or close to it....but anything from this point on is going to make me happy!
Oh, I am sure you will reach 219 by Thursday! Have fun!

debkeversole 08-17-2010 09:48 AM


Originally Posted by ColleenMA66 (Post 13798578)
I am VERY happy to report I am down 2lbs from yesterday and even happier to report that my hunger seems to have gone.

I am seeing a pattern with me. On my load days it wasn't until the 2nd day last does that I suddenly felt better.....by the next morning all the nauseous was gone.

On my 2nd vlcd by my last dose I suddenly felt full......like I had eaten at the country buffet and went back for 3rds....that full.

I woke up this morning and am still feeling full....yesterday at this time I was eyeballing my pillow I was so hungry.

If this is how I'm going to feel during the next 3 weeks this is sooooo doable!

I took my first dose at 6 this morning...and I'm going to continue with 6x6.

When people ask how will you know if your hcg is working and people say...."oh you'll know" they are right...you'll know!

I am 223.2 this morning.....to be honest I haven't been below this number in a long time. I got as high as 236 over the winter...gosh that was depressing....the number just kept getting higher and higher no matter how much I tried.

The boyfriend is spending the night Thurs....I'm hoping :aprayer: I'm 219 or close to it....but anything from this point on is going to make me happy!

remember those days when we would have knocked someone over the head for 2 pounds gone in a WEEK??? :D shoot i have had times i would have done it for 2 pounds in a MONTH!:o so easy to get spoiled to this! GREAT loss! hang in there and you will get a little present each time you step on that scale!

ColleenMA66 08-17-2010 12:58 PM

Deb you are so right. I've been a member of weight watchers so long I should own stock and I can remember losing .2 in a week and having to be ok with that..... .2!!!!!!!

I realize that the losses will slow down but I NEED some success to keep me going right up front or I'll just get frustrated and quit like every other zillionth time I've tried and failed.

I haven't felt this optimistic in a long time....I'm not sure if I've ever actually felt like I could reach my goal.....I don't see why I can't now.

This diet is simple....but it's not easy...your head needs to be on straight in order to start it...that much I know. I am lucky/blessed that I am at that point where I NEED/WANT to change my life.

Cheating is not an option..I've got myself so scared that if I eat one morsel off protocol I'll gain 10 lbs and never be able to get it off...and that's good! I need to take this seriously....this is serious business.

I had a stressful afternoon...got stuck in major traffic going to pick up my son at his summer job and I was hungry and then I got mad because I couldn't soothe myself with food....but that's what we do right? We just eat over the anger and upset and it makes it all better...NOT.

As much of a physical transformation this diet has for us I believe for most there is also a mental transformation as well. On all my other diets I always managed to finagle something that I wasn't supposed to....I'd justify anything....I can't now...I HAVE to deal with the emotions and the feelings.

I told myself after the hr long drive that I was coming home...getting a big glass of seltzer water..take some tylenol..lol and I was going to relax and read the boards. I purposely let them sit today so I'd have a lot when I got home..lol

I'm hungry and it's not dinner time yet...but I can deal.

One thing I have noticed on this diet is that I'm not craving sugar....I want stuff when I see it sure....but before...the sugar/carb would call me.....omg...it was soo hard to resist. I've been battling some hunger..it is better....but the cravings not so much.

I went to the store today to get some veggies and I saw some stuff I would have loved to have and I told myself....it's ok...it's not gone forever..and some day I'll be able to have it and not feel bad. That's huge for me....the food will still be there after I finish..it's not forever!

ColleenMA66 08-17-2010 02:45 PM

I'm full...just had dinner.


1/2 grapefruit


lettuce (I like plain lettuce..I know that's weird)
green apple

My son asked for some of my apple...I said no...he asked again....I gave him one pc :annoyed: that makes me a good Mom and I shall be rewarded tomorrow on the scale! lol Let's hope anyway.

I'm still scared to get on the scale like this is a dream and it will all go away in a puff of smoke like every other time.

I did use my reg deodorant, shampoo and conditioner today and massaged 2 clients..if I have a loss tomorrow I'm golden! I have changed my toothpaste..not messing with the mint.

I think I drank plenty of water today but I'll try one more glass.

ColleenMA66 08-18-2010 04:15 AM

I woke up to another 1.2 down..which makes me pretty happy. I was looking at my calendar and according to it the lowest I've been was 224.8 a month or so ago....so when I realized that it made me very happy..anything from here on out will make me happy..lol

I read a lot of forums...not just this one and one of the things I don't like and hope not to become is ungrateful.

This diet is amazing...simply amazing and to complain or be all bent out of shape because you ONLY lost .5 in a day is really annoying to me.

If you lose anywhere close to 10lbs in 3 weeks I'd say that's pretty good...anything over is a bonus. I'm trying to look at it that way anyway.

I'm just trying to stay realistic. What I was doing before hcg was maybe a lb a week..maybe....if I was really good maybe 1.5 and even times I thought I was "perfect" I didn't lose or had a gain....so compared to that...this is awesome. I'll take it. Half pounds add up fast. As long as the direction is down I'm good.

I still have 2 more clients to get through before I can be on this diet for a few days without having to touch that gel. I don't know if it's hindering my progress but I'm sure it can't be helping it :p I may find it effects me more closer to the end of my round.

All in all I'm doing pretty good. I have moments of hunger sometimes but they seem to dissipate eventually unless it's time for my meals. I am longing for reg food...even lc food....but I'm so determined to see this through I'm completely focused.

My energy is good...I feel really good actually...no diet coke since Saturday so that makes it 4 days today if I get through the day and I don't see why I won't.

debkeversole 08-18-2010 07:03 AM

http://i967.photobucket.com/albums/a...reationz43.gif you are doing an amazing job!!

ColleenMA66 08-18-2010 03:45 PM

I'm done eating for the day.


1/2 grapefruit


very lean steak....hope it agrees with me and I lose tomorrow
green apple

ton of water....I'm not sure if I drank enough yesterday or not but I sure did today.

I feel really good...I mean...like...I'm on happy pills good. Even though things going on in my life aren't that good in some areas (work) I feel great.

I don't know how people do long rounds of this...I'm only on day 4 I think and I can't wait to be on P3. The food is very limiting...I eat plain because I prefer it that way..but I think I'd like to try the chili and maybe the chicken soup with cabbage...not sure how cabbage will like me...but it sounds good.

The boyfriend comes tomorrow...he hasn't seen me for 2 weeks so I'm hoping to be 220 something tomorrow.

More clients calling for massages today...so I've started booking for next week. I can see taking my round off from massaging isn't going to happen....that's ok....I can't be a hermit for 3 weeks while I do this.

No zevia today....I've had one the last 3 days and I'm not sure if that's a good idea or not. I also added in some acv ...I took some in the morning and again before dinner...I got the organic....with the "mother" included and I have to say...it's NASTY!

I don't know how people get that stuff down..never mind like it! lol I put about a tbsp in a cup with some water and hold my nose and do a shot..and it's gross. I hate wine, cider and vinegar in general so you see my dilemma....but if it works...I'll do it. It's supposed to be really good for you.

Sometimes I wonder if my hcg is working and then I think...it has to be..I'm not hungry other than meal times.....every now and again my tummy rumbles but not bad and then it goes away usually. But my energy level is really good....so logically..if I was doing a 500 cal diet for 4 days and it wasn't working I don't think I'd feel this good. I'm just paranoid I guess.

ColleenMA66 08-19-2010 04:02 AM

I'm down another pound this morning. That gives me 6 lbs in 4 days..way above the average but I can see it starting to taper off. I'm hoping to lose consistently even if it's small.

My hunger is fine this morning...I took my 6am dose. I find dosing 6x6 a good schedule for me.

I'm finding around 11:30 I'm ready for my grapefruit and then by 12:30 for lunch and I eat dinner around 5 and by then I'm usually starving so get out of my way..lol

After dinner I just want the day to be over already..lol but I don't get tired till after 10pm.

I am sleeping a little better...I'm getting maybe 6-7 hrs....closer to the 6....I may lay in bed for longer...but I'm usually awake.

One lesson I learned this morning.....step on the scale ONCE and then be done with it. I was fiddling around this morning and the scale Gods got pissed and started being mean :p

If anyone that is reading this is on the fence whether or not to try this.....do it. I'm so happy I'm doing this and I can't share it with anyone because I don' t want anyone to know what exactly I'm doing because I know my family.

Last night I spent time on another forum reading a thread all about cheating....people that did it and how they are trying to fix it..or can't seem to stick to the diet while on hcg. That was enough to scare me straight if I was wavering....which I wasn't...but cripes. I'm learning from other's mistakes. This diet is NOT forgiving. For me...maybe that's a good thing. I can't manipulate it like I've done with everything else in my life.

My last client for this week is this morning. I have 2 so far next week..possibly 3. I'm really looking forward to this weekend and no clients.

Boyfriend is spending the night..he hasn't seen me in 2 weeks...I doubt he'll notice anything but he might.....I feel better...and that will come through in my attitude so he'll enjoy that!

There is a good possibility he may not see me for the rest of my round....I'm not trying to avoid him :laugh: but I sure would like to get through this and then surprise him.

My weight has been a huge deal for me for so long and he's tried to help me..but that was a big mistake. I hate feeling less attractive to him...even if he says it's not true...how can it not be?! He did meet me heavy and then I lost about 50 lbs while we were together...but it took a few years so it didn't seem like that much..but it was. Then I gained it all back and then some...good grief I could kick myself sometimes. Oh well.....I'm going to do it now....I'm so focused and in the zone in other words...I'm obsessed...which is how I need to be. I'm easily distracted...so this has to consume me right now and it is...:laugh:

debkeversole 08-19-2010 07:45 AM

ENJOY his visit! did i ever mention to you that it increases your libido increases with this too? :D
yes the euphoria is AWESOME!! that is one reason i like the homeopathic better than the RX

about the vinegar in water add a pkt of splenda or stevia and it will help make it taste better!


ColleenMA66 08-19-2010 11:18 AM

Yes....I love the libido jump...he's going to enjoy it tonight! :kicking::kicking: I won't tell him why though....:laugh:

I do feel euphoric..that's the best way to describe it....they don't have that feeling on rx? I was thinking of trying it for one round just to see the difference.

I know that I do get hungry at times.....most of the time I'm ok...but I do need to eat during my day...not sure how some people don't have any appetite at all....that might be nice!

debkeversole 08-19-2010 01:12 PM

i have never had it on the RX and always do on the HHCG YMMV

hmm about the hunger is it head hunger?(one thing you are wanting and like celery sticks wouldn't be it??) or reall hunger (i will eat the celery sticks happily)

if real hunger go ahead and have an extra portion of whatever beggie you have had for your recent meal veggies are so low in calories A LOT can be eaten
yerbe mate tea really helps

here is what one person says about hunger i will see what else i can find for you!


- WEEK 1:I usually feel some hunger until VLCD6 or 7.

- TEA: If I feel like eating during the day, I drink tea. Dr Oz says sometimes when we think we're hungry, we're really thirsty. I drink LOTS OF TEA, all days, many different types and flavors, with stevia or stevia glycerite.

- NIGHT: Sometimes I start to feel hungry if I am up LATE. Usually a sign I need to go to bed. I do not ever wake up feeling hungry.

- TOM: Ladies "Time Of the Month", no HCG doesn't stop our monthly cravings that come with TOM. I once had a nut bar, and a little chocolate delight- helps with the chocolate cravings, without major stall. Note: chocolate delight and nut bar are OFF PROTOCOL, some people will stall if they eat them.
hope you have a wonderful night!

debkeversole 08-19-2010 01:56 PM

some hunger tips HTH

Try spacing your foods out so that you can be eating something every couple of hours. Drink lots of fluids (especially right before you eat, it makes you feel full).

Hang in there. I remember it took me almost two full weeks to get over the hunger thing. Now as I look back, I think it may have been more of a habitual eating thing instead of hunger. I was told to drink lots of green tea and oolong tea. Those seemed to help a lot too. YOU can do this. Stay strong!

Another trick to try is to use your lemon to make some lemonade and sip on it throughout the day. Just use the lemon juice, some sweetener, and water. It will count as part of your liquids and help you from being hungry as well.

I noticed when I eat my first meal to early, I would get hungry earlier and then need to eat my 2nd meal earlier too. then I was really hungry in the evening. Same when I ate my fruits before my meals and had nothing left for the evening.

Try cutting up an apple in REALLY thin slices and eat a quarter at a time, really really slowly. Save some for later. And if your get so hungry that you think you are going to gnaw off your arm, add in an extra salad with some vinegar. A big salad- like 1.5-2 cups. It has negligible amounts of calories but MASSIVE bulk and will help make you feel full.

Also, if you are unsure whether it is TOM causing the increase in appetite- it ALWAYS did for me, then I would get the cheapest pregnancy test and check the potency of your hCG. 15 days in and you should pretty much be hunger free. Maybe not cravings free, but at least hunger free.

Also, make a slushie. If you don't use all of your fruit allocation, then use some fruit in it. If you have, just make it with ice, water and flavored Stevia. It helps with my sweet tooth cravings. And during TOM, I CRAVE chocolate, so I would make some with ice, cocoa, chocolate stevia and either plain or sparkling water.

Drink lemonade. Make lots of iced tea. Drink liquids until you think your eyeballs are going to float. LOL. Drink hot drinks, drink water. Drink, drink, drink.

And if that fails... eat CELERY and salad. LOL

ColleenMA66 08-20-2010 01:52 PM

Thanks Deb! Very helpful.

I eat my grapefruit around 11:30...I start to get hungry about an hr before.

I have lunch around 12:30 and then I'm good till around 4ish....then I'm getting hungry for dinner.

I have to eat at 5 because by then I'm starving.

I've been having an apple for dessert at dinner and I find that very filling.

Poor boyfriend....he didn't know what hit him last night :laugh: I was way more in the mood than usual.

Even though I haven't even scratched the surface of my weight loss... I have 58 lbs to go at least....I still felt so much better about myself...I felt more confident and he was so proud of me for sticking to my plan......any plan....he's watched me get bigger and bigger these last few years and even though he loves me I know he isn't thrilled...who would be?!

I'm majorly stressed today.....I work for my brother doing bookkeeping and our family business is hurting big time...this economy is just horrible...my state is bad and today was just one of those days it all piled onto me. He left for vacation for a week and I'm stuck trying to hold things together.

My own personal life isn't as stressful so I really need to focus on that. It's HIS business...and he's choosing to not pay attention to what's going on...it's not my fault.

I was working at a farmers market today that was plunked right next to a guy dishing out ice cream...that was hard...I had my food with me....but....boy it was hard...that was the first time I'd been around food that was difficult...unless you count the bakery at work!

Couple more days and I'll have a week under my belt and then I can focus on the 2nd week.

I'm proud of myself for sticking to this....the diet is simple...but it's not easy..thats for sure.

debkeversole 08-20-2010 02:26 PM

glad last night was a success!:D:D:D

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