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wishbone 11-29-2009 03:00 PM

Wishbones Ride
Oh my....where to start....

my ride has certainly been a roller coaster...my avi says 100 pds lost. At one time that was true. I have gained some back, and at this time, I am not ready to publicly admit to how much. It is enough that I know how much.
I do NOT WANT to change that avi because I need to be reminded of how much...and how many times...I have done this.

I do not know what happened this time...i want to blame it on age...but I know better.

I know that I need to get a grip, I need to regain control, I need to once again establish some structure to my days and nights.

I work 7 days a week....and I do not want to someday "have the time" dh and I want/need to do the things we want to do...only to find out that I cannot physically do it.

I am now vowing to myself to write in this journal...at least 4x a week.

It's a start.


wishbone 11-29-2009 04:13 PM

breakfast today was 1 scotch egg, sliced..plated..with a bit of cheese melted on top
lunch was 3 poppers
supper was a low carb flour tortilla, buttered, with a tad bit of grated cheese and turkey....fried and served like a melted cheese kind of taco. very satisfying

now...I am going to the basement...watch some tv...read....all while riding my ex. bike


wishbone 11-29-2009 06:18 PM

I managed to ride 5 miles...been awhile...I used to be able to do 5 in 30 min or less...tonight it took 31.5 min. That does not sound like much of a diff, but it really is. I have an upright stationary bike....I wish it was a recumbent...back gets a little sore...in the morning, i will do the treadmill instead. maybee...

i don't sleep well, and wake up so tired and sore....but maybe a hot shower 1st will loosen me up to get on the treadmill...

on thursday, we are getting a new bed. at least that is the planned delivery day. a new sealy, pillow top, posture/pedic thing. I CANNOT WAIT!!! our current bed is about 19 years old...lol...so, maybe the 6 hours of sleep i get each night will be a GOOD 6 instead of a POOR 6.

i believe if i got better rest...more/better energy would follow...and maybe if i could leave the stress outside...lol

wishbone 11-30-2009 05:57 AM

my weight gain has caused a snoring problem...or so i've been told..lol

i got up this a.m. and did 2/5 mile sessions on the bike. the 1st one took about 34 min...the 2nd one took 30.5 min. guess i just had to loosen up a bit.

funny, how at the end of the day i've noticed that my time/mile ratio is always better. it's always been that way.

breakfast today will be scotch eggs. not sure about the rest of the day, although i have some catfish in the freezer that needs to be delt with. perhaps that will be supper tonight...getting kind of tired of turkey.

wishbone 11-30-2009 05:11 PM

did the scotch eggs for breakfast...
lunch was a 6 oz. hamburger pattie, with some mushrooms and swiss cheese
dinner was leftover turkey...I had to share with my oldest cat...lol

the one day i ride 2x in the morning....my day cook in to work, lookin and soundin like crap....sent her home cuz I DO NOT WANT TO GET SICK!! well, i certainly got my exersize in AGAIN! dh helped me cook lunch today...and my feet had wings!!

think i'll go downstairs and ride again...picked up a new magazine at walmart tonight, i really like to read/ride at the same time.

i need to be super tired tonight when i hit the sack. i might end up sleepin on the basement futon so dh can get some sleep. thats ok...he's my world.

wishbone 12-01-2009 05:41 AM

for a snack last night...i had some poppers and a few pieces of russel st. sf chocolate candy...wish i hadn't done that. but i did ride 5.2 miles in the 30 min.

this morning...not so good on the distance...only 4.1/2 in the 30 min. i did get some sleep tho...even on a futon.

tues am's i bake biscuits for the soup of the day. homemade chicken pot pie soup. i float a biscuit on top of the bowl to similate the "crust". DANG!! this house smells good. I can honestly say though, i have never eaten one!

well, got a meeting this afternoon with a city engineer. i think the city wants to put 10 little league fields in the "farm field" that is adjacent to our bar property. and they need to have construction "access" to the land. that's where we come in. not so sure about this development.....

stress....GO AWAY!!!

dusk 12-01-2009 05:59 AM

Hi Jan. Just stopped by to wish you well. :) I'm hoping you're not like me who relieves the stress by stressful eating.

You can deal with the stress, girl. You can do it without food! (I'm talking to myself here as well.) :o

I find it fascinating that you can exercise better in the evening. I've never really thought about that . . . Interesting.

I hope you have a wonderful day, today!

Weebonilass 12-01-2009 08:44 AM

They want to put in 10 little league fields next to a bar? That sounds really odd... although you might get a wee bit more business from it :)

I think it's great that you've got the exercise thing down pat. That impresses me so much :) I'm in awe of folks who have found that sweet spot in their lives.

wishbone 12-02-2009 03:53 AM

Ginger - the "looking at the plan paper with the engineers" was a nightmare! I know...I can't see the benefit of putting it next to us. I can see a lawyer bill in our future. They want to put their access road on a portion of our property. Not Good!! That portion of land ....we already use as parking...in the summer time for our volley ball program. We have built that program from 20 teams, 12 years ago, to 137 teams this past summer.

Dusk - sometimes...that stress just gets me. I don't eat things that are "illegal"...just eat more of what is allowed. Like the "never ending" cheese snack, way to much bacon.....

well...gonna pour some coffee and get on the bike....

dusk 12-02-2009 04:46 AM

Enjoy your ride, Jan and have a great day! :D

wishbone 12-02-2009 05:55 AM

so far...30 min/5 miles on the bike
gonna take some poppers to work for brek.
gonna sit back and let dh call the city today and tell them how we REALLY feel....we have this arrangement..i do the inside/he does the outside...lol...works for me

this afternoon i will come home and make some more scotch eggs...dh loves them..this year he dropped 35 lbs doing his version of low carb...whatever works!!

dusk 12-02-2009 10:16 AM

Jan, what are scotch eggs?

wishbone 12-02-2009 01:17 PM

Dusk - very simple, very yummy, especially if you have to "grab and go"

preheat oven to 350

I usually start with 12 hb eggs, peeled and layed a paper towel so they dry off a bit.
2 rolls of jimmy dean sausage
I divide each roll of sausage into 6 equal lumps
place a lump in the palm of your hand and flatten it out a bit from the center. place 1 egg into the "well" and bring the sausage up around it forming a solid looking "ball"
bake for 30 -35 min. great out of the oven! great cold! i've even sliced them in 1/2,popped out the yolk and made deviled eggs.

don't let the sausage "tick you off" when you make the "balls":annoyed:
if you don't use HUGE eggs, it's a lot easier till you get the hang of it
I make 12 at a time cuz dh likes them also.

wishbone 12-02-2009 01:23 PM

we just had a city council election a few weeks ago...dh and a guy that was elected go "way back", all in the construction business. he came out to talk to us this morning...boy, i feel way better now....i don't think we will be having the little league for neighbors...who in there right mind would put this park on a state hwy...or don't kids ride their bikes to ball fields anymore?

i cooked 4 hens today in the pressure cooker at work...my fav part is taking the skin then, and dropping it in the grease till crispy...

so....I am gonna "shed the stress" of the day....go vacuum the bedroom...and get ready to go play pool tonight with the girls...

wishbone 12-02-2009 02:04 PM

i tried to post a pic/post from the egg/meat fast recipee thread...had a pic of the scotch egg...but i really am BAD at this!!!

I like Scotch eggs both ways.
They are a good finger food and out the door breakfast in the morning!

Here's a pic of my last attempt.

I have always fried mine. How long did you bake these for?
That would sure be less messy.

wishbone 12-02-2009 02:05 PM

well...that didn't work...lol

wishbone 12-02-2009 03:10 PM

man...i am tired...we get our new bed delivered tomorrow. YEAH!!!
i cannot believe the trouble i'm having finding a bedspread. i never have been one for the whole comforter/bed skirt thing. i guess i'ne never met a bedskirt yet that would STAY IN PLACE!!! the bedspread i have now is pretty old..besides, i want to go with some more neutral colors.

dusk 12-02-2009 03:33 PM


Originally Posted by wishbone (Post 12814224)
Dusk - very simple, very yummy, especially if you have to "grab and go"

preheat oven to 350

ooooooooooo! THANK YOU for a new breakfast idea! Those sound REALLY good! I'll be going grocery shopping here tonight or tomorrow . . . must get me some jimmy dean sausage!!! http://bestsmileys.com/kissing1/1.gif


Originally Posted by wishbone (Post 12814251)
we just had a city council election a few weeks ago...dh and a guy that was elected go "way back", all in the construction business. he came out to talk to us this morning...boy, i feel way better now....i don't think we will be having the little league for neighbors...who in there right mind would put this park on a state hwy...or don't kids ride their bikes to ball fields anymore?

That sounds promising. Stress stress go away! Ahhhhhh . . . :)

play pool tonight with the girls...
Have a blast! :up:

Originally Posted by wishbone (Post 12814410)
i tried to post a pic/post from the egg/meat fast recipee thread...had a pic of the scotch egg...but i really am BAD at this!!! Sharon

A lot of people use photobucket.com when they want to post a picture here on the boards. You might try that . . .

I'm a bit confused right now, though . . . In your first post,you used the name JAN. But in this post you used the name SHARON. Ummmm . . . help? http://bestsmileys.com/clueless/1.gif

wishbone 12-02-2009 04:18 PM

lol...my name is Jan...I tried to copy a post that had a pic of the scotch egg..that post was from "sharon" ...the post copied, but not the pic:laugh:

dusk 12-02-2009 04:22 PM

:hyst: Okay . . . good . . . I was worried I was calling you Jan and you were like, "Why does she keep calling me Jan!" :annoyed:


wishbone 12-02-2009 09:28 PM

YEAH!! we won at pool tonight...i even had a table run!!! :kicking:

gonna sit down and have a snack...scotch egg..i like them cold with a little chipotle mayo on them

dusk...where in the midwest are you? Ive lived in the same town all of my life.

dusk 12-03-2009 01:06 AM

I live in Indiana. I've only driven through Iowa once. You guys have the darkest soil I've ever seen. Our soil out here is light brown in color. I was so shocked at the difference! :eek:

wishbone 12-03-2009 11:34 AM

ok...i really need to do something constructive today. i've been putting off making a "pool standing" sheet on the computer. "in house" pool league has been playing for 3 thursday nights now, and they are curious who is in 1st place....better get my rear in gear.

dusk 12-03-2009 01:53 PM

Ooooo . . . a chart ! a chart! I love charts!!! http://bestsmileys.com/hyper/3.gif

Weebonilass 12-03-2009 02:27 PM


Originally Posted by dusk (Post 12818914)
Ooooo . . . a chart ! a chart! I love charts!!! http://bestsmileys.com/hyper/3.gif

Dusk girl... you be oooooooooooooone funny lady :)

wishbone 12-03-2009 02:44 PM

i wish i had the energy of that little guy!!

got the standings DONE!!!

the new bed came this afternoon.....got it all dressed....layed down and called dh....told him he had to come home and help me...i'd fallen into bed and i could'nt get out :rofl: man...is that baby comfy!!!!

dusk 12-03-2009 03:23 PM

Congrats on the new bed, Jan! enjoy enjoy enjoy . . . and yeah, I wish I had the energy of that little guy, too!

wishbone 12-03-2009 04:03 PM

broiled catfish for supper...it was pretty good :)

wishbone 12-03-2009 08:21 PM

its a sure sign that your getting old when....

i'm waiting for dh to fall asleep 1st...cuz i've been snoring so bad lately...and we just got a new bed today...but he really deserves some rest...so, i'll just sit up and read a little

dusk 12-03-2009 08:23 PM

Have you tried getting him to wear earplugs? The soft rolldown ones are really good to sleep in. I know . . . I make them and used them for 20 years when I worked nights. :p They help out quite a bit.

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