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Debbi 10-21-2008 11:40 AM

Menopot Journal
I am starting this journal in an attempt to be accountable to myself AND as a reference source for what works and what doesn't work.

Brief history: 1998->Divorce->Atkins->lost from 297 to 130 - size 28 to size 2/4, over a 2year period.

NOW, 53 years old and in Menopause. Seeing the weight return no matter what I do....I am now up to 166.8 as of this morning.

Just got off the phone w/my doctor with the results of my last tests - blood and xrays....all are normal. Exception would be the Vitamin D levels which when last taken were 10 and Estrogen was in the low 20s. Thyroid is all good - saw the results myself and asked Pam to take a look as well and they are all within normal range.

My doctor(s) are insisting that estrogen may help me - ClimaraPro Patch in a medium to low dose has been prescribed and my internist has finally convinced me to give it a try for at least a month. She believes that it may help reverse the weight gain since it appears that it is the result of decreased Metabolism due to Menopause and Aging in general. So here I sit depressed, fat and fifty plus. Add to that EXTREME STRESS for the last 3 years that continues to go on with no end in sight and I guess I am a prime candidate for either a heart attack or MENOPOT.......

Anyway, accountability for today: I am trying different combinations of foods to see what works. What I do know is that high fat and high protein do not work for me any longer.
Today: Breakfast = 1 sl Ezekial low sodium toast/tiny bit mayo/1 hardboiled egg/Coffee. Lunch = 1 sl Ezekial low sodium toast/1 tsp mayo/3oz tuna (low sodium) Snack = 3 tiny carrot sticks and 3 tiny celery sticks. Dinner = will most likely be two deviled eggs, asparagus, coffee. Exercise for today was Slim in Six - two segments (I got up too late due to Hot Flashes keeping me awake all night).

I guess I will start the darn patch tonight and see what happens because what I am doing is not working.:mad:

If anyone reads this and has any suggestions please do not hesitate to give me your 2 cents.......it will be appreciated!!

Debbi 10-22-2008 06:20 AM

Weight today was 166.4, down .4lbs
Exercise: 10 minutes cardio/10 minute abs/10minute upper body/10 minute floor leg exercises.
B= coffee/1 hardboiled egg
S=yogurt/carb control Kroger- vanilla
L=1 unsalted Melba toast and 1oz sharp cheddar
D=made mini low carb quiches last night in muffin pan....2 tonight and coffee
S= maybe sometime today Atkins shake

Tonight I am going to try to do some Yoga
Never did put the patch on.....last night I forgot and was too tired to deal w/it when I did remember. So plan is for tonight.

Yesterday was very stressfull - memo from the President of the Bank: 4,000 more Employees to lose their jobs in the next 2yrs. We have already been working like this for over a year - wondering everyday if we will have a job the next day...
Boyfriend, Scott (been together 9 years), was diagnosed w/Schizophrenia.....I am so sad and frightened. All I have done is cry. Maybe the patch will help with the depression....sure hope so.

Debbi 10-22-2008 09:08 AM

Menu is already changing for today as stress levels increase...B=coffee/3/4 oz sharp cheddar/cranwater

Just got email - no vacations in January due to workload.....my birthday is in January and I was planning a trip....oh well.

Debbi 10-23-2008 05:25 AM

No exercise this morning - woke-up too late. Hot flashes last night. Finally put the patch on last night and so far no difference, I am sure it is too soon to notice.

Weight was 166.0 down .4
Breakfast = 2 mini quiches/coffee
Snack= Fuze Slenderize tangerine Grapefruit and 1 Pria bar
Lunch = Tuna w/ mayo and celery
Dinner = ????? Probably egg omelette w/low sodium swiss and asparagus. Coffee

My Depression does seem to be lifting a little this morning. It is cooler here today since a cold front moved through last night.

I need to start concentrating on one day at a time and living in the Present. This will be my goal for today!!

Debbi 10-24-2008 11:20 AM

Today's weight is 164.6 down again....1.4lbs and patch is still on...maybe this really will work.
Exercise this morning : Taebo Cardio/floor legs
Breakfast: Fuze/Coffee/two oz cream cheese and pecans(12)
Lunch : Tuna/low sodium w/mayo and 1 melba toast also low sodium
Dinner: We usually go out to eat so I will probably get a hamburger or chicken and a veggie/Coffee later

Well we did receive a letter from Corporate this morning our bank was sold to another bank. I work in the Mortgage Division in Production Support. The concern is that the new bank does not have a mortgage division - so we do not know what to expect....still have to wait and wonder - I just do not know how much longer we can take this uncertainty.

Good news:: For the first time I found LOW SODIUM Cottage Cheese - yippee!!! At Randall's - Brand is Lucerne and it has 45 mg of sodium and 1% milkfat. Last night for dinner I had a 1/2 cup mixed with 1 egg and some vanilla protein powder and heated it like a custard consistency in the microwave...it was pretty good.

I am glad it is Friday and hope to get some good workouts in this weekend. My depression is just about gone and I feel much less nervous since putting on the patch, I sure hope this keeps up!!! I also do not feel as hungry and I don't know if it is my imagination or not, but I don't feel as full around the middle and it certainly is not due to weight loss since I have only lost 2.2lbs this week so far since putting the patch on. We will see..........

Debbi 10-25-2008 01:21 PM

weight today = 164.2
Exercise=cardio sport/cardio yoga/floor legs/Patrick Goudeau ABC ball workout
B=2% fage w/1/2 scoop protein powder-vanilla and tiny bit of cin. Coffee
L= 1/2 cup low sod cc w/2tsp natural organic peanut butter
S=Coffee and1/2 pria bar
D= will be: Shrimp sauteed in remoulade sauce w/asparagus and 1/2 of 1 beet

Scott is getting a migraine so I guess it will be a rough night - I have a lot to do here at home so I don't mind staying in. My puppy (Bijon Frise), Sophie, got groomed yesterday and has a Halloween bow - she looks sooooo pretty. But she is bad and those bows will not be in long....

Debbi 10-26-2008 09:59 AM

Dinner did not work out last night due to Scott's migraine....instead I looked for comfort and decided on 1 egg/cc/cr cheese and splenda "custard" in microwave and coffee. Also had 2 dark chocolate Walnut pieces...it is amazing to me that it only takes two of those to satisfy me - normally, especially w/chocolate I would go overboard.
Still feel like I am retaining a little fluid....maybe from the tuff work outs yesterday.

Today: uggh..weight bounced back up to 164.8 - here we go again 1 step forward and two back...I cannot do any better than I am doing so I am just going to stick with it .....I do feel better. More energy, although I am still getting a few night sweats and I am having some difficulty sleeping. Today I took my third Vitamin D and my vits.
workout = 2 mile Weight loss Walk and 10 min floor band legs
B=coffee/3whites w/1 slice cheese and 1T 1/3 less cr cheese/Fuze Slenderize cranberry-raspberry drink
L=????don't know yet
D=boiled shrimp w/asparagus,1/2 beet/1/4 avocado
Coffee and 2 Dark Choco Walnut halves.
I have to go through my winter clothes, do bills, go to the grocery, fix Scott's pills for the week, clean my bathroom, cook chicken leg quarters and a quiche...whew...I hate leaving everything for Sunday, but I always do - oh well!!!

I may not journal tomorrow because I have to go w/Scott to see the Psychiatrist about his Schizophrenia and I will be late to work, so I will be catching-up all day.

Debbi 10-27-2008 11:07 AM

Monday - I knew it was too good to be true...weight is back up to 165.4. I am so discouraged.

Exercise: 10 minute pilates
B= Luna bar and coffee
S=Fuze Slenderize
L=1 chicken thigh
S=1/2 cup low sodium cottage cheese
D= 1 chicken thigh and a slice of swiss cheese and some Romaine lettuce/Coffee/2 Dark chocolate covered Walnuts.

I am at a total loss for words other than to just keep doing what I am doing and hope for a loss. I feel very defeated today.

Debbi 10-28-2008 06:16 AM

WT= 165.2 down .2
Exercise: Firm/band workout and Lower Body Sculpt
B=4 low sodium crackers and 2 oz of cheese/Coffee
S=1 square dark chocolate - 80% cocoa
L=chicken thighs - 2
S=Dannon yogurt - carb control
D=cream cheese 1/3 less - 1.5 oz and 1 egg plus 1 white and 1 splenda pack?coffee

It is cold in Texas this morning, but it feels good. I believe I got a decent workout in this morning, I feel pretty good today. Met w/Scott and his psychiatrist yesterday, poor guy, he is still seeing people and hearing things. The doctor is now halving the Cymbalta at night and he has already stopped the Prozac. Then in 4 days he wants him completely off the Cymbalta and Prozac as well as having a full neurological work up - although he is certain he is Schizophrenic, he wants to rule out everything else. He said he should not live alone or be left alone for long periods of time and he cannot drive outside of the City limits by himself. I feel so sorry for him - and to think he has been like this all his life and never told anyone....I am worried since the symptoms are increasing, hopefully the Invega will help. I am even more worried about him being off the anti depressants.......I just pray everything will be okay.

Debbi 10-28-2008 02:16 PM

Well the day is not going so well. Since I am off Friday, I have been bombarded w/and tons of work - Scott is not feeling well - An employee of mine just left and 2 others are sick....great....I have been so busy I really have not even left my desk. I over ate crackers - instead of 4 I had 10. Here is what my food really looks like today - I have to stop the stress eating in its tracks:
B=4 crackers and 2 oz cheese/coffee
S=6 crackers plain/1 small sq of 80% cocoa chocolate
L= 1 chicken thigh/1/2 cup cottage cheese/
S=1.5 oz cheese and 1 melba toast
D= will be: Coffee/chicken thigh/2 choco walnuts

Debbi 10-29-2008 06:06 AM

Wednesday: Feel really nauseous this morning....and tired....Scott had another migraine last night and I think I am really stressing myself out worrying about him while I am gone Saturday. I will feel better once I am on the plane.

No exercise
B=crackers only thing I can handle/Coffee -this was a mistake!
Lunch and dinner will depend on how I feel. I have yogurt here at work and eggs at home(really want eggs - that is all that appeals to me right now - egg scramble w/butter) That and Diet Cherry 7Up - when I don't feel well the cherry 7up makes me feel better for some reason.

Weight this am was: 164.6 - down .6
Work is horrendous ..........

I have so much to do before I go - even just for one day - I have to make sure I have all of Scott's medicines out for him and of course he is out of some so I have to contact the Doctor to get refills - I have to wrap up everything at work etc.....

Debbi 10-29-2008 02:08 PM

Well, I feel better - it is 4pm. I have had the crackers, some cheese, a peppermint and a yogurt. I will have eggs tonight definitely. Hopefully, I will feel well enough to exercise tomorrow. I am looking forward to going home getting in my jammies and looking at a few magazines....in my bed!! I am worn out.....almost forgot....tonight I take off the patch and put a new one on - on the other side. I am not afraid of it any more which is good, that's one less thing I am stressing out about.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!!

Debbi 10-30-2008 06:23 AM

Back up to 165.2 - this is soooooo discouraging.
Also sick - I am guessing stomach virus. I have had to cancel my trip and will have to tell my brother - I am really dreading that and very upset that I will not be there for his dinner.

I don't know what I will eat today if anything and most likely will go home early. At least I made it in to work....

Debbi 10-31-2008 01:21 PM

I am starting to feel a little better, but not out of the woods yet. No exercise today - Weight this am was 164.2 down a lb but that is from being sick - should have been more. I did have eggs last night. Today is dry toast/a little full fat yogurt/tonight I will try to have a plain broiled hamburger. I still feel real tired and achey, throat is very dry. I did call on a high interest rate credit card I have and got it lowered almost cutting the rate in half.....YES!!!! That has been on my mind a while. What a relief, I carry a high balance on that card because I have used it for emergencies and travelling.
Whew....I can breathe again!! I read Kevin Trudeau's book The Debt Cure and used his suggestions with the credit card company and it worked!! I know he is a sleeze as far as credibility with his infomercials, but his script to lower your interest rate really worked. I had tried on my own before but I went about it all wrong and of course did not get the lower rate. I only paid 5.99 for his book at Walgreens and it was well worth it!! I was thinking about exercising this evening but I am really tired and still have stomach pain so I think I will take it easy. Ellen Barrett is on FIT TV w/her Slo Robics - I really like Ellen and all her exercise DVDs.

Well, Scarlet, tomorrow is another day and I will hopefully be back on track w/exercise and diet!!!

Happy Halloween.......:)

Debbi 11-01-2008 09:26 AM

Feeling much better today. Scale is crazy though weighed 165.8 this morning WTH????

I am not worrying about it...found an old exercise tape Lucky Vanous...the Coca Cola guy. It is cardio intervals and light upper body then abs. 50 min total - fairly easy even after being sick.
Today: coffee/Fage 0% yogurt w/Vanilla Protein Powder (small) and sprinkle cinn. w/1/2 peanut butter Oh Yeah bar sprinkled in.

Don't know about the rest of the day yet. Have lots to do to make up for being sick!! My only goal is NO SUGAR and WATCH CALORIES AND CARBS!!!

Will update later.......

Debbi 11-02-2008 11:15 AM

Last night for dinner it was chicken breast w/slice of swiss and coffee and 1 pc dark chocolate.
Today weight was 165.0
Exercise: Fittv Cardio/burn/sculpt and limbo legs - pretty good.
Breakfast was 1/2 atkins shake/coffee
S= 1 tsp peanut butter/1tsp cr cheese
L=leftover hamburger crumbled w/a little parmesean freshly shredded
D will be broiled catfish and asparagus plus coffee

I feel pretty good today, I think the virus is gone. I am uneasy about Scott, especially since he has been off the Prozac now for a while - he just took a walk to get a paper - this is unusual for him...he usually doesn't walk...we'll see.

Today I need to boil eggs for the week and put some shakes in the fridge - do bills-call my stepfather-call my brother to see how the birthday went - and do nails. I have already bathed and washed my hair. I also think I will go through my closet.

Tomorrow....don't know about the exercise yet - maybe walk and floor legs????
Breakfast will definitely be a shake/Lunch most likely tuna in a lettuce leaf "wrap"/Dinner probably deviled eggs and coffee or soup and a lowcarb cracker. Not sure.

It is warming up again - I hope the cool weather comes back soon - the heat makes me swell.

No night sweats last night and no hot flashes yesterday or today. Took my third vitamin D yesterday. I think tomorrow @lunch I will start a good multi vitamin - I believe Pam had suggested Twin Labs and I think I bought that. In the morning I take a 200mg Co Q10 and a vitamin called Fat Burning Factors (mostly Bs) that I have taken since I first started out to lose weight in 1998. I also need to be more reqular w/the B12. I also bought a while back the Revolution formula Omegas - which I plan on starting next week end. I just don't want to add everything at one time. Well Scott is back - 15 min -he walks fast!!!
I think tomorrow I will do the leg magic and the glider then a mile walk and pilates side series....at least that sounds good for now :)

Debbi 11-03-2008 07:01 AM

Still no night sweats or hot flashes. Decided not to weigh anymore except once per week which will be Sunday mornings.
B=coffee/protein bar
L=two hard boiled eggs with may/1slice 2% swiss/2 romaine leaves (wrap)
S=Kroger Carb Control vanilla yogurt
Exercise: Weird...Shape cardio for sexy legs/Gilad floor legs/Richard Simmons 60s Blast - 1st two songs.

Scott had a really bad migraine last night - now he has no medicine left and he will have to drive to Northwest Houston to get the prescription. I will have to call the Doctor when they open. They were suppose to mail it to us, but we have not received it. This is not a good start to the week. Scott also wanted to go back on Prozac today, so I did give it to him, but told him he will have to tell his Psychiatrist he wanted to go back on it. He says he could fee anxious and angry. He has been off almost two weeks and he says it has made no difference in his hallucinations.

I really hate work today.....I am in a bad mood.

Debbi 11-04-2008 05:48 AM

Still hate work....I miss New Orleans terribly, I hate Houston.

No exercise this am - wrists really hurt this am.
B=1 slice Ezekial low sod toast w/2 T pb/Coffee
L=Tuna w/mayo/1 romaine leaf/1 melba
D=chicken breast w/asparagus
I am going to try to do some callanetics of LB or Bar Method tonight....not sure though if that will happen.

I am just so sick of this weight. I still do not feel real good and I am back to being tired.
No hot flashes or night sweats though!!!!

Debbi 11-05-2008 12:20 PM

30 cardio this morning plus floor legs

B=Toast/low sod/low carb plus creamcheese - two oz/coffee
S=2 melbas & 2 oz cheddar cheese
S=Kroger low carb vanilla yogurt

Scott had another migraine last night - I think he is having rebound headaches from taking too much medicine. All I seem to want to eat today is cheese.....I am feeling really anxious about not getting on the scale, but I will stick with it until Sunday.

Tonight I have to change patches again. So far no night sweats or hot flashes.....energy level is not a whole lot better though. No negative effects from the patch yet either.....

I did not do any exercise last night - after the stressfull 40 minute ride home I am just too tired - all I want is my coffee. So, I probably will not do any exercise tonight either.

Debbi 11-06-2008 06:14 AM

Ex=B workout (quick) from New Dimension
B=Atkins shake/coffee
S=1T PB mixed w/Vanilla Protein Powder and Cin
L=Tuna w/2tsp mayo and lemon
S=Kroger low carb yogurt
D=Egg w/2oz 1/3 less cream cheese and cin and vanilla splenda

That is the plan anyway - it may change.

Had a terrible time w/Scott last night ....he was seeing all kinds of things and hearing sounds - it was pretty frightening and I wanted to take him to the hospital or call his doctor. He was aware though that it was not "real" and he did not want to go any where....he finally fell asleep. I was up all night worried.

Put the third patch on - still no night sweats or hot flashes. I am starting to notice a little breast tenderness in the evening and I may be retaining a little fluid....not certain though that it would be the hormones since it has turned warm and muggy again.....

Thank God tomorrow is Friday.....I will check in later.

Debbi 11-06-2008 11:12 AM

Well, today is not going as planned.

I succombed to office chocolate - hershey's kisses - 6 of them....oh why did I do that...so I will cut back on fat for the day and for tomorrow. Too late for what I have already eaten - the peanut butter at breakfast....
So - PB w/protein powder for breakfast
S= 1 square of cheddar cheese
L=1 melba and 1 laughing cow light cheese
then the kisses.......
I will have a Kroger yogurt in about an hour and lots of water.
Tonight I will try to have a scrambled egg w/spray butter and my coffee.
Calories are not bad - but sugar is high.
I also have not been eating after 6:30 any longer which is good. I will probably go to 1/2 price books and Wal Mart tonight so eating should not be a problem.

Debbi 11-07-2008 09:29 AM

Today's exercise was Fittv - Gilad and 10 minutes of Denise Austin KB
B= peanut butter - 1T/Creamcheese 2T/coffee
S=1/2 protein bar - OH YEAH
L=Cheese 3/4 oz sharp cheddar and few baby carrots w/light ranch dip
S=Kroger low carb vanilla yogurt
D=grilled 1/2 chicken breast/coffee

Scott is doing better and it is FRIDAY...yippee...I will be able to get better exercise in this weekend. I think I am going to start Saturday eliminating even the melba toast or low carb bread as well as the AS except for one sweet n low in my coffee at night. I can do black in the am but not pm - as that is my treat!

Still no hot flashes or night sweats at all....mood is better - not angry so much any longer although I do still get weepy and depressed. But I do feel a lot more calm these days. I don't get rattled as easily.

I have not done well on my dieting this week at all so Sunday will not be good news I am afraid. I will try to undo some damage today and tomorrow and hope that I have maintained at least.

Saturday I will eliminate AS/PB/Crackers and Breads/Cream Cheese/ and see what happens. I really do not eat much bread (low sod /low carb or melbas) but I really do think I want to see what happens when I eliminate them totally now that I am on HRT.
That said, I will add more veggies - especially green veggies - I am not good about eating them at all. I will still watch the calories and fat - max 2tsp of fat at each meal. I now seem to be very sensitive to fats - and my stomach really fills up to the point of "overload" if I eat more than an ounce or two of fats or fatty foods - it is very uncomfortable. I am also going to try to substitute a shake (either Atkins or homemade) for one meal per day. I know they contain AS, but I really need to try to shake things up!!

We will see what happens....if this works I will try going up the Atkins carb ladder in two weeks......

Debbi 11-08-2008 02:59 PM

Good day so far....
EX=Amy Bento's 10 min sol bootcamp - Drills and Abs-then Denise Austin Power Kickbox-1st section (20 Min) so 40 min in total.
B=1 Egg and 2 sl turkey bacon and coffee
L=Black Eye Pea restaurant - Hamburger w/mayo - no bun/Tea
S=2 tsp whipped cream cheese and a few pecans and 10 dark choco chips
D=?????? Maybe coffee and an egg and slice swiss
I went to 1/2 price books and got the Fat Resistance Diet to Read as well as another Menopause book that looked good. Then I went to 99cents store and bought stuff liked diswasher detergent/pecans/mini Christmas tree for my desk. I love seeing how good of a deal I can get on things that I really use at those stores. Earlier we went to Randalls Scott is addicted to their green grapes. And we went to Ross and got some 3.00 DVDs and I got a Pantsuit for work for 18.99. Lots of bargains!!!!!

Hope tonight goes as well.......Tomorrow is weigh in day and I KNOW I either gained or stayed the same - I really feel full of fluid and I am wondering if it is the HRT patch. I also take my final Vitamin D today and that means I will have to call the Doctor and have blood drawn next week.

Debbi 11-09-2008 01:37 PM

I hate when I am right.....Weight was 166.2 up 1.2 lbs from last Sunday. I just do not know what else to do....
Exercise: 4 miles Weight loss Walk then 20 minutes of mat pilates
B=1 sl Ezekial low sod bread toasted (80cals)/Black coffee/1/8 of Grapefruit (15 cals)
1T peanut butter (100 cals) = 195 calories
L=1 protein bar (cals = 250 cals)
D= 3 oz hamburger/asparagus/coffee w/1tsp creamer/4 oz full fat yogurt w/lemon and splenda (cals=360)
Total cal eaten for the day = 805 calories
Calories burned(exercise only)= 400
Net cal = 405

Took another Vitamin D today. The patch is working wonderfully for my mood/hot flashes/night sweats - all of that is great!! But it is not helping with the weight - in fact I think I am retaining fluid because of it? Dunno...it has however - slightly re-distributed the weight - the belly is going down and I feel it more in my thighs/legs/hips - which is how I have always been built....pear shaped. I am at a total loss for words as far as what to do...If [COLOR="Red"]anyone reads this and has any suggestions, please feel free to post them[/COLOR]. I will be calling the doctor and probably going in towards the end of this week or the beginning of next week. I guess I am just going to have to count the calories and make sure I stay at 900 calories per day and exercise aerobically for a min of 30 minutes per day and see if I can lose anything that was as the gyno suggested. I will just have to live hungry. The other thing I am thinking is going to shakes for two meals per day or at least one???? I am really just sick about this............ :(

Debbi 11-10-2008 05:26 AM

Today's weight was: 165.4
B=1 HB Egg w/1tsp mayo/1/2 of Thomas multigrain 100 cal english muffin/coffee w/2tsp creamer = 170 cals
S=1 laughing cow cheese (35 cals)
L=tuna/1 Ezekial low sod sl bread/spray of oo/ving/water = 180 cals
D=2oz hamburger w/1sl very thin swiss/asparagus/beets/coffee w/2tsp creamer=300 cals
S=18 72% cocoa chocolate chips = 80

At least that is the plan....Exercise this AM was Denise Austin Yoga Legs (10 MIN). Tonight I plan on doing a 60 minute Yoga Slim DVD...we will see....
Scott has a Psychiatrist appointment this morning and it is going to POUR RAIN in Houston today, which means flooding and over an hour commute this evening....I am not looking forward to that at all.

Debbi 11-10-2008 10:04 AM

For some reason just the thought of Tuna left me feeling blah...so instead I had a low carb Protein bar for 210 calories....for lunch with my water.

Debbi 11-11-2008 05:38 AM

Today = 164.4
Exercise=Walk Slim and floor legs
B=1/2 100 cal English Muffin + 1tsp mayo + 1 HB egg + 1 laughing cow cheese + 1 coffee w/2tsp creamer = 205
L= will be una and toast w/OO/V spray =180
S= Dannon carb control shake = 60
S=1/2 protein bar = 100
D=sliced HB Egg + 1 white +spinach + shredded parm. che + coffee w/2tsp creamer + 18 72% choco chips = 247

Have to say I am only a little hungry and that should go away after I have my water. I may skip the Dannon and have the whole protein bar. I feel better physically increasing the carbs and decreasing the fat and dairy(esp). Although I absolutely LOVE yogurt - my body may not....we'll see....

It is a miserable day here - storming now for 2 days with one more to go tomorrow - streets are flooding traffic is a nightmare.

Debbi 11-11-2008 12:09 PM

Some changes to food today:

Breakfast was the same
S=sugarfree hot cocoa mixed in coffee = 50 cal
L= Protein Bar = 200
S=1 melba toast and 1 Laughing cow lite swiss cheese = 55 cals
D= most likely will remain the same.

I was just looking at pictures of myself at my heaviest and my lowest weights - I looked like two entirely different people. I was really too thin at one point - now I would be happy with just losing 25 lbs.

Debbi 11-12-2008 06:05 AM

Today: 163.6
No exercise today - woke up too late.....it stormed all night here and is still raining - I love to sleep in when the weather is like this.
B=LUNA bar-Iced Oatmeal/coffee w/creamer/Water/1 T peanut butter=310 cals
S=Laughing Cow cheese wedge = 35 cals
L=Tuna/spray OO dressing/1 melba toast = 150 cals
S= Kroger Low carb yogurt = 80 cals
D=Coffee w/creamer/2 Deviled Egg/18 72% cocoa choco chips/ = 310 cals

That's the plan anyway....we will see. I really am liking substituting a meal w/a protein bar. It doesn't fill me, but then in an hour or two I have a low calorie snack and that seems to be working - for now!! Course I have been down this up and down road before so by Sunday if my weight continues coming down I will feel better. I change the "patch" tonight and I am going to try to dye my hair while it is off - all my gray is showing and it looks awful. I cannot afford the 175.00 it usually costs at the salon so I will do it myself and then get a haircut by month's end which I desparately need. Biggest loser was good last night and so was Dancing w/the stars - I toggled back and forth between the two. Another rainy day schedule today - I sure hope this all clears out by tomorrow......

Dinner last night changed at the last minute - 2 egg whites/4T whipped cream cheese in microwave w/vanilla splenda. It was very good!!

Debbi 11-13-2008 07:27 AM

Today: 163.4

It is slowing down....just need to pray it doesn't start going up again - I feel like if I can get under the 160 mark soon then maybe my metabolism has kicked back in. Put the new patch on last night that's #4 - so four weeks with HRT and I really am emotionally and physically feeling better - no hot flashes at all and no night sweats - Belly fat has redistributed - back to being pear shaped. I hope this continues.....

Exercise = Taebo bootcamp Elite Mission1
B= Atkins Vanilla shake = 160 cals
S= boiled egg
L= boiled egg/laughing cow cheese
D=?????????? Don't know yet.......

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