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chakwaina37 05-29-2006 11:53 PM

Chaks Journal
Well here Iam day 3 into starting my weight lose journey all the way this time and not gonna look back just keep my eye on the goal. Im so aware how hard and long this journey will be for me but Im so ready to face it head on without regrets. I have tried to start this once before long time ago some of you older folks may know the name of babee_manx which I did not use that name this time for a few reasons one no longer have that email and forgot the password as well but mostly Im starting fresh, so a new name and fresh start. I had lost 40 pounds my first time around before going back to my old bad habits of eating everything bad for me. I gained all that back and then more :stars: . I have made up my mind to get serious and take better care of myself or Im going to die from my own bad choices, So Im proud to say Im back and ready to deal with my choices and habits in a new healthy way. I know this is going to be a hard long road ahead but I also know Im worth it. I was diagnosed(spell?) a year ago with Lumbar spinal stenosis and Neural Foramina stenosis. With this I have got to get the weight off and keep it off. So Iam on the wagon and going to fight to balance on it for the long haul. This is the start of my new healthy active happier lives journey.

chakwaina37 05-30-2006 01:21 AM

By the way Im up for any comments or questions. :)

chakwaina37 05-30-2006 02:12 PM

Well I got up made my breakfast which was 2 poached eggs and 3 strips bacon and water and a diet rite. Took my shower then went outside for a cig (yes I know I need to quit) Hey doing better went from 2 packs to 1/2 a pack so I give myself gredit for that. So I walk thru the hall to go outside and say hello to someone walking past and they just looked away :down: that is so rude it dont take much to just say hello back to someone. Anyways wont let that get me down. Today is going to be another good day with no cheating. Im going to go down to the gym in a bit to walk on the treadmill for as long as I can do it , I figure even if I cant do it for 30 min any amount of time on it is an improvement and each day will get better. I will go when my son get home from school, since I will be more willing to go do it if I have someone there with me. Im really glad even though were living in a motel room till we either find a place or transfer (major housing problem here) I have choice to take this on, Im so glad DH bought me my hamilton beach grill it has been gr8 to have that. Im also glad hes willing to be supportive in my wanting to do this agian. Well im off to get this place picked up and get ready to go to gym. Have a good day. :)

chakwaina37 05-30-2006 09:19 PM

Did well keeping to my goal for day, No cheats only made it 25 min on treadmill but hey I figure any bit is better then none at all. I had grilled chicken and spinach for lunch and taco salad for dinner and if needed I will have sf jello for snack. And been doing very well and drinking lots of water and only doing one diet rite a day and one crystal lite rest of day I drink water :clap: thats a good accomplishment for me considering I was a huge coke drinker a 12 pack a day and no water. I will keep focused on that goal. Still wish I had my scale from storage but I will keep up on my measuring since I do have that handy, Im seriuosly thinking of buying another scale just so I can keep track and see the numbers drop which is gr8 motivation to see. Now Im gonna go take a bubble bath and read with my cup of water and enjoy a relaxing night knowing I kept to my guns for the day, so another day down gets me another day closer to my goal.

chakwaina37 05-30-2006 11:19 PM

I was just thinking about this, its so sad my 14 yr old son has activities at his school he goes to and since I am so imbarressed about my weight I never go with him, and feel I dont want to imbarress him either so I dont go, So sad when I think about all the things Ive missed out on in his life due to my weight and I cant get those years back. Just a thought I need to remember to keep me on track so I dont miss more of his years and when he has children there years as well. Another thing to keep me on track to keep doing this and dont give up.

chakwaina37 05-31-2006 04:55 AM

Did not sleep at all last night which is not a new issue for me just kinda bothersome at time. Had real bad watery bowels all night , Not to sure if thats a good thing or not yet. Start of a new fresh day Gonna do the treadmill agian today, not gonna plan an amount of time on it just gonna see what I can do. Will write more as day goes on.

chakwaina37 06-01-2006 01:51 PM

Wow here it is June already, were does the time go? Did nit get to post yesterday but it went well .
B- 2 eggs
2 sausage patties

L- Tuna salad

D- 2 Hamburger patties
Zucchini and mushrooms steamed

About 72 oz water, one diet rite

Todays menu

B- 2 Brats
L- 1 Brat
D- Pork chop and spinach

Have not got much walking in the last 2 days , back hurts makes it hard to move much on these days. Must go for now will write more later.

chakwaina37 06-01-2006 10:09 PM

Was a long day, changed my menu a bit had spinach with lunch and made steamed green beans with dinner instead. Im thinking being here in a motel is making this alot easier to not cheat at my new start since I dont have alot of food in the fridge just whats for that day. Im thinking thats a big help for me to get well into this wol. Grant it my hubby and son have a few things laying around that arent LC but it has not bothered me one bit. I laughed the other day and told them at least when they have there treats they come home and I have not ate them now. Before id eat them, Im sure it didnt help when that was all there was in room to eat since I skipped meals at that time as well. Im noticing now that Im not skipping meals Im feeling alot more satisfied during the day. Iam missing my scale tho, trying to get hubby to let me buy a nother one since we cant get to my other one in storage just so I can see my results, I did take some measurements on monday so I will do them agian this monday, but i still want to see the numbers. Im sure others could understand that. Well another day closer to my goal. Another day passes without cheating so Im on the right track and give myself a big pat on the back for that.

chakwaina37 06-02-2006 05:13 PM

Well started my day out with alot of pain, kinda hate mornings I can not hardly move , makes for a long hard day but I must push forward and do my back excersizes as best I can :aprayer: all the way thru it. Wasnt hungry when I got up but made myself eat some eggs then had some sausage later on. Still not hungry really but think Im gonna make me a burger and top it with spinach and cheese for dinner, but not all sure about it yet still to early to think about it. Been a ruff few days trying to find a place and dealing with medical issues :stars: enough to make me nuts but must push forward and keep my mind sharp and keep focused on all aspects. Have been doing well as for my eating goes so thats a plus and Im staying in Ketosis so thats another plus will take my measurements on monday agian to see if Ive lost inches, want my scale , thats making me nuts but i need to think past that and just keep on track and keep in mind even without the scale Im gonna lose and move closer to my goals. I know Im just rambling but sometimes its good to just talk and let it out stress relief. Well must go for now will check back in laters and post my days menu when I decide whats for dinner :dunno: . chow for now

chakwaina37 06-02-2006 07:54 PM

4 pounds gone forever
:clap: :clap: My day turned for the better, hubby went and looked thru storage to get me my scale, got to :heart: him he so good to me. went from 310 to 306 whoohooo made my whole night.

todays menu
B 2 pouched eggs
L 2 sausage patties
D 2 lean hamburger patties , steamed zucchini

64 oz water

Oh and my treat was a diet dr peeper berries and cream, yummy felt like a big treat having that, and thats a good thing.

wisnowbird 06-02-2006 08:21 PM


Originally Posted by chakwaina37
went from 310 to 306 whoohooo made my whole night.

:high5: Keep it up - you're doing great!! I'm so impressed that you're eating well while living out of a motel room :up: You're going to be in the 200's before you know it.

chakwaina37 06-02-2006 08:51 PM

Ty Wisnowbird , Yes it has really been pretty easy even being in a motel, got my forman grill and microwave and little fridge, I usually go to store each night to get my meal for the next days menu which I plan it ahead to keep me on track. Yes I cant wait to be in the 200s that will be awesome.

chakwaina37 06-02-2006 11:23 PM

Wow found me a treadmill buddy, I went downstairs to the gym here, and hoped on treadmill and did 20 minutes, I know its not much but hey its a dern good start I say, and along the way got me a treadmill buddy , One of the other gals thats staying here says she will come join me every evening, How cool is that? So cool. This turned out to be a very good day after all.

Autumn 06-02-2006 11:27 PM

A treadmill buddy is always nice :up: I've been walking around my local track all by my lonesome...with athletic people passing me left and right...but it's not terrible...I zone out to my music :D Congrats on your recent weight loss :up:

chakwaina37 06-02-2006 11:31 PM

Tyvm amhouse, Before long you will be passing them while your jamming to your music, You kutgw too

chakwaina37 06-03-2006 10:22 PM

Hi there , It was a good day stayed on course and went for a walk wif hubby that was nice. My son cleaned for me today and even did the laundry grant it he did it so he could get him a PS game but hey it was nice to not have to do it myself and he still learns the work for your money lesson. Has anyone seen the movie never talk to strangers wow I got that today and I would have never guessed the ending, I thought it was pretty good. Well gonna go watch another movies.

B- 2 poached eggs
4 strips turkey bacon

L- 2 Brats and celery stick

D- Grilled chicken breast, cooked from fresh spinach with butter and garlic, yummy yummy

32 oz water 2 diet dr pepper berries& cream

chakwaina37 06-04-2006 05:31 PM

Well today Iam just not hungry at all, did how ever eat some breakfast and tried my darndest to eat my grilled chicken with lettuce cucumber and cheese salad for lunch i didnt even eat half of it but I did eat a little. Its sure nice not to have an appetite but not so nice to have to force yourself to eat. But I figure thats better then before any how, huh. Just a relaxing day wif the family sitten back watchin movies. Not much else to write for today.

B- sausage & eggs
L- little bit of grilled chicken salad
D- not sure yet

chakwaina37 06-05-2006 08:51 PM

Trying to eat today has been a real challenge, I look at food and Im :sick: . I just dont want to eat today, And Ive even been kinda down today. Im so tired of being in this darn motel, Im tired of moving but Im so ready to move but got to wait till fall. I just want a home. This is so depressing alot of days not having a porch to sit on in the mornings to listen to the birds, to be able to work in the yard. :( . I miss all my family pictures on the walls to look at. And the list can just go on. And its getting annoying to go to the grocery store every day. Well not much else on mind to type for the day.

B- Brat
L- Brat
D- Lean hamburger patty with cheese, tiny bit of cobb salad

Autumn 06-05-2006 11:43 PM

I'm sorry that your feeling :sick: and :cry: about not having a house...I've been in a similar situation as you (I posted in your Century Club thread) God sometimes puts obstacles up so when you do achieve something, like weight loss or getting a home, you can appreciate all the more, and to help others achieve the same goal. God has a house picked out just for you and your family- but the timing is on God's timing...so be patient and wait (easier said than done, eh?) Well at least you have housekeeping service and clean white towels everyday- huh! My Dad is a truck driver and he's lived out of hotel rooms for years...or he sleeps in his van (its a long van with no windows for deliveries) and believe me thats way worse than a hotel room! I've been on trips with him and its rough! I also did a month long trip in RV's (my brother and Dad also delivered RV's for a while) I had to take showers at truck stops...not fun. So it's better to be in a hotel room rather than a tent-right? Try to stay positive- you're doing very well on the plan- we want you to stick with it! :clap: :hugs: :clap: :hugs:

chakwaina37 06-06-2006 04:16 AM

Ty Amhouse I really appreciate you coming in and boosting me up, Oh how well we know it can be much worse since we have had much worse ourselves so many times, Its just crazy before we moved out here to find good work it was alot worse, just kinda get tired of it at times, crazy I thought about how before we had been being layed off of jobs and lose our apartment and have to live in a tent or our car if we had one at the time. So ya made me think that hey this is much better then those days. Its just so hard to think we have been thru so much and now he has a gr8 job and now we cant find a place but yes you are right. We need to think how things could be and how when we do get that house we will be very appreciative for it trust me. Anyways ty for commenting and supporting me in this I so very much appreciate that. And I want to say Im proud of you for doing so well yourself keep it up and you come say hey to me often as well I need it.

chakwaina37 06-06-2006 09:58 PM

Today went pretty good, didnt make it down to gym since there was so many folks in the using hot tub, so I walk around the parking lot and went up the stairs in hallway for a bit not alot but anythings better then none, oh yes and my umteen million trips to get me a cup of ice, and my cat some ice, yes i did say my cat some ice he loves ice water too :dunno: . Im getting alot better at drinking water, and noticeing im enjoying it actually so when i do have a diet soda its like haveing a little treat, since it taste so sweet to me now. Wasnt very hunger today either but stuck to plan.

B- 2 poached eggs, turkey bacon

L- a few slices summer sausage, had to force that down

D- grilled chicken tenders about 3 peices, steamed broccoli

chakwaina37 06-07-2006 10:17 PM

Well what to write about today hmmm, nothing really happening here. Not been hungry at all today agian which is gr8 but some bit annoying when ya know ya have to choke something done to keep the engine running. I did fail at eating breakfast today just could not stomach it. I had a few slices of salami for lunch that was it. For dinner I made a london broil and ate a little and made myself eat all my veggies I mixed fresh green beans, fresh broccoli, fresh spinach and steamed it in microwave with a tiny dab of butter and garlic. Ate maybe a cup of that. I need to make sure i dont keep skipping breakfast tho, dont need to do that. Well lets see how tommorrow goes.

chakwaina37 06-08-2006 11:36 PM

Today was okay stayed on plan and even when i just had to have something grunchy I stayed on plan and went and got some almonds, it hit the spot. Man Im so bad about going to walk on the treadmill, I just need to do it and stop making excuses for myself. The lady that was gonna go with me has not gone. She keeps her Do not disturb sign on door so I wont bother them, i would be alot more apt to go if she would go with me but I see thats not gonna happen. I should just go down there anyways and do what i got to do. Okay Im going too.

B- 2 eggs in poacher with spinach and cheese, like a poached omelet, was good.

L- hamburger, Carb option alfredo sauce over a 3/4 cup of dreamfields pasta, that was a nice change for me

D- 2 thin boneless porkchops, 1 cup spinach, hand full of fresh snap beans steamed.

S- hand full of almonds

Autumn 06-08-2006 11:54 PM

Hi Chak! (Hey, do you mind posting your real name? What does Chakwaina stand for?) Just stopped in to see how your doing....I gotta say that you're doing well in the cooking department for staying in a hotel room! I think you said you got a George Foreman grill....must help out a lot! I remember eating a lot of cereal when I stayed in the hotel for a month :)
I'm the same way about walking...it's hard for me to get started...but you know what helped me- portable cd player...that way you can just listen to the music and not give a rip about the people around you. I use to have a treadmill, and I did get bored on it quickly and just stared at the miles/minutes walked...not really enjoying exercising. I like walking outside better cuz there's just more to look at...do you think you'd like to walk outside or is it too hot right now in AZ...I think you posted earlier that you walked around the parking lot.
Talk to you later- keep up the good work! :up:

chakwaina37 06-09-2006 02:22 AM

Hey Amber, ty for stopping in. My real name is Alene , Chakwaina is an indian name which means ( one who cries). Yes I got me a foreman grill which is so helpfull and I got me an egg poacher thing ya put in the microwave so far its all working out, Im trying to keep it from being boring to me so i wont give up like my first time around. I would love to walk outside, if i was not in a business district area. Im just gonna have to buck up and go down stairs and do it. I keep in mind come fall I will be somewhere else hopefulling near the mountains and near my sis and we will go walking in the mountains all the time. And i also want to ty for coming and writing post to me in my journal, it helps to have a friend in this. thanks . We are going to make this

wisnowbird 06-09-2006 03:23 PM

You added a picture to your avatar!! (Or am I losing my mind & never noticed it before???). You look so pretty & you're doing great with all the obstacles & excuses you could easily throw out there as reasons to put off eating on plan. If you can do this well out of a hotel room, you're going to be unstopable when you finally get into a house of your own! :hugs:

chakwaina37 06-09-2006 08:00 PM

ty snow bird and yes I added my picture. Ty for your support. Yes it will be a gr8 change when i get a house. Im not gonna let this keep me from going forward since heck Iam losing so its working . :hugs:

chakwaina37 06-09-2006 08:15 PM

weight in today 1 pound gone, not alot , was kinda disappointed but I thought it out and I will take it. Each pound down is progress. :clap:

chakwaina37 06-09-2006 09:24 PM

Oh forgot to put up my menu for today, to keep me in check.

B- oysters ( i know how strange but had to have them)

L- hot wings and little ranch dressing

D- left over pork sausage, carb option alfredo sauce, zucchini (mixed it all together, was pretty good)

Im trying to keep it different as i can so i dont get bored, thats what I did wrong my first try ate same stuff day after day and got bored. Im learning to get a bit more creative, or trying to.

Autumn 06-09-2006 10:03 PM

Hey! Nice to know your name and face Alene :) Just wanted to say thanks for encouraging me in my journal and congrats on the 1 pd loss....you'll be in the 290's soon! Woohoo :cool:

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