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TinO 10-10-2005 09:18 AM

Curves Ahead
[COLOR=Navy]Good Morning, its Monday and I'm on my first week of restarting!

I know there are beautiful curves underneath all this fat! In 2004 I was 207, went down to 178, and now I'm restarting at 225! CRAP! What went wrong? :confused: I'm not that stupid, I know exactly what went wrong.... ME! I went wrong! :cry: I knew what it took but i got lazy and quit thinking about it. I am a compulsive overeater and that's exactly what I did, overeat. Again and again. No wonder I gained it all back and then some. :down:

But NOT anymore! I'm here, I'm committed for life! :cool:

It's been a week since I told myself I need to do this again and make it work this time. I've learned from my mistakes and hope I can make the right decisions in the future. I know what this is going to take. :stars:

Todays Goals:
drink my water
Be happy

This weeks goals:
exercise 30mins each day

Long term goals:
Get down to 150 no matter how long it takes and maintain this comfortable weight.

cynann 10-10-2005 05:39 PM

Good Luck Theresa!
I'm restarting tomorrow myself..


mystree11 10-11-2005 08:01 AM

Hey there ..good luck, I suffer from COE too...I understand your pain! :console:

If anything is gonna help us its eating low-carb...its the only time I feel sane and (almost normal) about food is when I got ketosis on my side. Please do not call yourself stupid, or beat yourself up too badly..going through failure gives you a better understanding of what works , like you said. The binge mechanism is so deep rooted and ingrained I dont think there is a way to ever rid it completely...but I do believe this is the best way to manage it! When Im not low-carbing gf I can spiral out of control for months on end despite all my desire to be thin and despite knowing better...all the "good intentions" wont help for long ...low-carbing takes the cravings away..and wipes out a ton of binge triggers! Im so glad youre back to doing the low-carbing..you got the wisdom now and you got the diet..the support of this site.

You can do it this time around! :hugs:

Much love,

TinO 10-11-2005 01:31 PM

Thanks Cindy and Myst! I was surprised to see anyone post on my journal thread but very glad you did! Thank you! :hugs: I need all the support I can get!

Yesterday went well except I'm having a heck of a time getting into exercising! :doh: My back has been sore so I'm using that as a legitimate excuse. I did some stretching, that has to count for something! :clap: Once I get my groove it should all come together.

I love my fruits and veggies and I need lots of fiber, so I stick to a lower carb meal plan. Usually between 40-80 per day and ~1100 calories. I will have 1 day a week that I will add a little more cals.

I managed to get a group of gals in my area where we can support each other through emails and occasional get togethers for a walk or other. So far I havent been able to get them on this site for messaging. It would be so much easier :)

Have a groovy day everyone! :heart:

TinO 10-11-2005 01:34 PM

Good Luck Cindy on your restart!!! :cool: I know you can do it this time and make this a complete lifestyle change! Let's do it together! :kicking:

Mibashful 10-12-2005 08:38 AM

we can all do this we need to do this and we will win the battle of the buldge.

TinO 10-12-2005 08:50 AM

Wednesday 10/12/05 It's Hump Day!

Down another pound this morning..woohoo! 218! I feel good inside and must be on the right eating plan as my mood swings have evened out and life is better :) Even with TOM this week. For cravings I reach for a sugar free werthers or I brush my teeth (funny how that works).

What I really need is a challenge or something to hold myself and the scale accountable too. I'm working on this! I also welcome anyone to come here and kick my butt to get me started exercising! :kicking:

Have a groovy day! :heart:

mystree11 10-12-2005 06:00 PM

Wtg on the pound lost forever!! right?! This time around is the time we're gonna do it, you excited yet?! :D

Keep going, youre doing great. :)


TinO 10-13-2005 10:57 AM

Yes, Im excited!
I'm feeling better little by little and that's what matters most, my health. We cant live life fat and sluggish!

I'm glad to be back on this site, it's so inspirational and I love the support :) Now if I had something to compete against I know it would get me to exercising more! I'm just an average gal, not an athlete or play sports. I'm still looking for that challenge.

I've looked on the challenge boards here. Most all of them have really big groups and it seems if you arent in the daily chit chat, you get lost in the posts. I've tried it before. I dont want to get lost, I need something a little smaller a bit more personal. I hope I click with someone(s) on here and we can help each other or join in somewhere.

Todays goals:
Drink lots of water
Move my arms and legs around while sitting at work for some kind of movement during the day.
Make someone laugh :rofl:

Have a groovy day! :heart:

cynann 10-13-2005 11:18 AM

You did make me laugh!!!
I'm with you on the exercise thing.. I'm OK if I get started, it's the getting started part.. I usually walk for exercise and was going good for about a month then NOTHING!!!!!!! Common for me..
Maybe we could help each other out in this area..LOL


TinO 10-13-2005 12:18 PM

I did it!! I walked at lunch... 45 mins! woohoo! This is a major break through for me hahahahahahahaha! We'll call this Day 1 of the exercise plan. :)

Cindy, you helped me today, Thank you! If i didnt read your post before lunch I probably just would have jumped in my truck and drove around aimlessly instead of walking.

Now, your turn! :clap:

cynann 10-14-2005 09:40 AM

Congrats Theresa!
You're on your way! Have a great weekend!


TinO 10-14-2005 09:59 AM

Happy TGIF!!

I signed up for Jazzercise last night, I hope that doesnt kill me! :kicking: I'll start that monday after work, unless I get really motivated and go to Sundays class :cry: This will force me to work out, and I'll be sure to take it easy the first few times.

Food has been around 1100-1200 cals. I've been teetering between 218-220 this week. It was 220 this morning :confused: I keep telling myself to be patient, it will come off slowly and thats the best way.

I answered an ad for a diet buddy locally that wants to challenge each other with wagers and mini goals to help us lose weight. My only concern is its a man and we all know they lose faster than women. We are the same age however. I suggested that I get a girly handicap... ;) He seemed ok with that! We are going to talk more about the plan. No better way to keep us motivated than to have a jackpot up for grabs! I do like winning!!! :D

Todays goals:
More water
walking at lunch
gazelle tonite for at least 10 mins (I know I know, it's just been words so far!

Have a groovy weekend! :up:

TinO 10-15-2005 12:41 PM

Striving Saturday!

I strive for a great weekend of eating healthy and treating my body with respect it deserves. I know I need to live a better quality of life within myself. Today I am working around the house again. It's making me feel my life is getting put back together and I'm more in control.

I've been weighing officially on Monday mornings to give myself more of a reason to be good on the toughest days of the week... the weekends! Another little way to trick myself in learning control and portion size.

I have this cute halloween candy tray I've been anxious to take to work. At first I put out a couple sweet and low candies as thats all I had and really didnt want to share them with people who dont appreciate low carb ;) Then I bought candy that I dont like (hehehe see, it's all about me!) Yuck candy corns, wayyyyy to sweet for me they actually make me physically sick!. Everyone else at work loves them!

Have a groovy low carb day!

TinO 10-15-2005 12:54 PM

just checking to see my weight loss pattern...
10/3/05 - 225 - Day 1
10/04/05 - *
10/05/05 - *
10/06/05 - 221
10/07/05 - 221
10/08/05 - 220
10/09/05 - 219
10/10/05 - 222
10/11/05 - 220
10/12/05 - 218
10/13/05 - 219
10/14/05 - 220
10/15/05 - 218 - Day 13

Cinfully Good 10-16-2005 05:06 PM

:rolleyes: HI!

How are you! It looks like you are doing awesome on the weightloss!! WAY TO GO!!! I finally dropped two pounds. :aprayer:

How was Starbucks today? Did you guys have a good time? How many people showed up?

We will moving next weekend. I have alot going on this week and I will be busy and not thinking about food (for once) :p which will be good!

Please keep in touch and keep up the AWESOME work!! :up:

Cinful :)

TinO 10-16-2005 06:19 PM

Hey woman! Good luck on the move, I'm so excited for you two! You'll be burning up calories getting packed and moved. :laugh:

Starbucks went great. There were 4 of us.. Kary, Jan, Maureen and me. We sat there for 3 hrs and talked about life, food, support, goals, and whatever! We missed you! It was nice to get out and meet such great gals. Everyone seemed very upbeat and honest and real about themselves. :hugs: That's what its all about.

We had DBF (dear boyfriend) daughter yesterday and today. That's always fun. She's 10 and loves coming over and doing things, I'm always giving her something to do. This morning we went to the pumpkin patch and went on a hay ride, she went through the hay maze and have fun picking out a pumpkin. Hey, it got me out of the house! It was at an apple farm so we got some of the biggest juiciest Honeycrisp apples Oregon has to offer! Yum, glad my food plan allows those :p I left them at home to carving the pumpkin while i met the gals at Starbucks.

Day 12
Yesterday went well for me. I actually worked out on the Gazelle for 15 minutes! Big huge break through for me... hahaha! I see a pattern developing! :aprayer: I've been eating alot of veggies, trying to drink lots of water (need to work more on this).

Day 13
Today I ate well today. Kashi cereal and lc yogurt, lunch was hot dog and left over veggies, tonite bbq beef and salad and veggies.

Tommorrow, the offical weekly weigh in! I have been liking the scale the last 2 weeks, so I'm ok with this. I'm not going to set my hopes too high and be satisfied with slow and steady. One day at a time. :cool: This is a life style change. I eat now like I will eat in the future. Fresh, healthy, low carb. So far so good.

Hope everyone had a groovy weekend, mine was! :heart:

TinO 10-17-2005 08:38 AM

219 this morning :( up down, up down, up down. Its been two weeks, 6 lbs. Ok ok, I'm happy :) Slow and steady! :stars:

I met some great gals over the weekend that are on the same path to health and fitness as I am. :hugs: I'm very excited about the encouragement and inspiration from them and look forward in sharing each others journey.

Todays goals:
Drink lots of water
Start Jazzercise tonite... circuit training. I'll go and watch to see if I can do it or not :eek:

This weeks goals:
Go to Jazzercise class at least 3 times this week
work on the gazelle the other nights
Eat low carb, low cal

TinO 10-17-2005 08:41 AM

just checking - 2 week weight pattern
10/3/05 - 225 - Day 1
10/04/05 - *
10/05/05 - *
10/06/05 - 221
10/07/05 - 221
10/08/05 - 220
10/09/05 - 219
10/10/05 - 222
10/11/05 - 220
10/12/05 - 218
10/13/05 - 219
10/14/05 - 220
10/15/05 - 218
10/16/05 - 219 - Day 14
10/17/05 - 219

Hey, it's my journal, I can do whatever I want! :p

TinO 10-17-2005 03:22 PM

Had to set some realistic goals. Here goes..
Oct 3, 2005 - 225 lbs :mad: bad, boo, hiss!
Oct 31 - 213
Nov 28 - 203
[COLOR=Blue]Jan 1, 2006 - 195![COLOR=Magenta] -30 lbs!! Happy New Year!![/COLOR] [/COLOR]
Jan 30 - 187
Feb 27 - 180
[COLOR=Blue]Mar 27 - 175[/COLOR] [COLOR=magenta]-50 lbs gone!![/COLOR]
Apr 24 - 170
May 22 - 165
[COLOR=Blue]June 23 - 160 [COLOR=Magenta]My Birthday!! -65 lbs gone![/COLOR] [/COLOR]
July 24 - 155
[COLOR=Blue]Sept 1, 2006 - 150[/COLOR] [COLOR=Magenta]Can I do it?!?! Hell yah! -75 lbs gone!! [/COLOR]:up:

TinO 10-18-2005 08:16 AM

I did it! Worked out 45 minutes of dance last night!! I think that's my favorite exercise. Close the door, put in a groovy disco CD and YMCA all over the room! When I get the hang of it again and on a routine I'll add some weights. I'm already feeling better. I know my back/neck appreciates the movement. I have a 750 minutes of exercise before T-day challenge out there, so now I'm 45 for 750! :kicking:

218 this morning! Keep going!!

Todays goals:
64 oz of water
60 mins Jazzercise

TinO 10-19-2005 11:02 AM

Day 17
Stomach is shrinking as I dont need as much food to feel satisfied, a very good thing!

Last night was the first time at Jazzercise. It was exercise hell! I'm glad I didnt drop dead on the floor. This body is so not in shape for exercising...hehehe It was fast and they jump around....alot! I just cant bounce up and down like I used to, and not for 40 minutes nonstop! I need to tone up to get in shape for this :cry: I stayed in the back and tried my best to keep up doing my own thing, with a smile on my face. It was really fun even though I sweated a river! They give lots of support, which I love :)

218 this morning. 60 minutes exercise last night! :kicking:

Todays goals:
lots of water
30 minutes of my own exercise tonite

TinO 10-20-2005 12:43 PM

Day 18 (I like this day counting thing)
Another day gone, another day closer to goal! 218 today (again). It's sticking around an extra couple days for the goodbyes. Soon 218 will be gone and 217 will be here! Cool!

Yesterday I walked a brisk walk at lunch for 15 minutes, that felt good! i aslo did 5 minutes of stretching and wall push ups. I'm going to write down a little routine to get into each morning and evening before bed. 5 minutes of stretching and 20 wall pushups to start.

No jazzercise last night... I need to pace myself. Tonite I'm thinking about going. My neck is stiff so I can hardly turn my head. I need to go and just get my body moving, it helps my spine to get straightened out and limbered up. Im sure I wont be following the whole routine. I'm just starting, gimme a break! haha!

Food plan is going well, attitude is great! I'm working hard on my support group here locally. Great gals! I am very inspired to keep going!!! I'm doing this no matter what! :up:

TinO 10-21-2005 08:32 AM

Day 19
218 again this morning :blush: My neck hurt so bad last night there was no way I was going to exercise anything! I will just have to push it this weekend. Today I feel a little better.

I ordered and got in the mail yesterday, a weight loss hynosis cd. Very cool. I have a book I used to use alot, and I have another cd that I just cant connect with. My new one is great, I listened to it last night. We all need help telling ourself that "I am good" and "its OK" and to help us forgive and love ourself by doing the things to live a healthier and happy life by making the right food choices. Positive affirmations, say them as many times a day as you can.

<<<< Changed my avatar for the holiday...watchya think? Cool, huh! Right now only parts of me look like Elvira! :rolleyes:

Todays goals:
Drink 64 oz of water
Smile, be happy
Make someone laugh! :hyst:
20 wall push ups (great idea, thanks to whomever I got this idea from)
5 minutes of back stretches (my thing)

*Make Life Happen* :clap:

TinO 10-22-2005 07:08 PM

Day 20
Oh how I'm having the day 20 blues. I've done very well, even exercised a little but it's soooooooo slooowwwww to come off. Yeah, yeah, I know, slow is good and that's the only way my body sees it. It's my party and I can cry if I want too! Ok there, .... whew..., that felt good to vent a little.

Now back to the positive thinking and taking it one day at a time. These peps talks are working pretty good for myself. I'm usually dont take my own advice. I heard life starts to happen from within and we are the only one in control of our own life. Wow, ya think I could get that figured out.

It's been good to get it all out there and open myself up to the truth through this journal. So what if other people read it.... It's not like I'm the only one with issues!! hahahaha!! It can't hurt to write it down and maybe I get to learn something about myself that can teach me to change a whole lifetime of bad habits. It's a win win situation! So here I am, learning and sharing with people in the same situation. Cool. Thanks for being there, whoever, whatever you are or are not!

220 today, whats up with that! I gave myself a little more yesterday knowing my calories werent enough. Being a COE I am so afraid to over indulge, even a little, in fear that it won't stop. *sigh*

Todays goals:
same as before

*Be good to your body*

TinO 10-23-2005 10:18 PM

Today was the day for the annual Progressive Breakfast. Oh My GOD! We (about 40 of us) start out at 830am ride to a friends place for donuts and coffee, then ride to someone else's house for the main course...omelets prepared to order, saus, bacon, bisquits, gravy, milk juice, more coffee, we eat be merry then we ride yet to ANOTHER house for fruit and a chocolate fountain!! Crap, where's the straw..hahaha! Oh, and it doesnt stop there... we leave and ride to the last house for cake, ice cream balls, more coffee!

Days like today need extra will power :cry:

I ate a donut (first time sugary slip) no big deal.. coffee, omelet, bacon, sausage, fruit, NO chocolate from the fountain (yippee! this would have made me sick anyhow...too sweet), NO cake!, 4 ice cream puff thingies, more coffee then a hot dog for dinner (seemed I didnt eat enough) :eek: !!!

Whew, another bad day handled fairly well! I'm so glad summer is over, too many BBQ's and potlucks!

Todays goal:
Do not over indulge!

*just say no*

TinO 10-24-2005 08:26 AM

Weekly progress
lbs mins exer cals/carbs
10/17/05 - 219 45 1000/85
10/18/05 - 218 60 1085/122
10/19/05 - 218 20 1060/70
10/20/05 - 218 5 1200/105
10/21/05 - 218 0 1390/100
10/22/05 - 220 33 1000/15
10/23/05 - * 20 1350/80
10/24/05 - 220

TinO 10-24-2005 08:33 AM

day 22
W T F ? 220 this morning. :blush: what can I say... re-evaluate, lower carbs, drink more green tea, more exercise...trial and error. My body sucks, it's soooo slowww to come off. Damn insulin resistance! Life has always been tough for me.

Last week, 183 mins accomplished of 750 min exercise by Tday!

*stay positive*

Cinfully Good 10-24-2005 01:00 PM

Hey, Girl! :rolleyes:

Well, we are finally settled out here in Hood River! At least, a little bit anyways. I have tons of setting up to do still.

I LOVE your cool halloween pictures under your name! :p

You are doing so AWESOME with the weight loss. Remember, inches fall off before the pounds! Sooo, all this exercise that you have been doing will give you great results! You are probably starting to build some muscle now and that weighs more than fat! And just weigh once a week (even though this is soo HARD to do!) :annoyed: But you will see results just do not discouraged and keep up the great work!

How is the weight loss group going? Have you guys met up again? Who is involved with it still? I am still bummed that we had to move away so soon and I couldn't form a bond with any of you! :(

This thread is great! It's like your own personal journal/blog for yourself!

I lost 5 pounds but that's just because I was moving around so much with pakcing and stuff. I still need to get on a program and stay away from the food! :sick:

OR....MY EVIL COE sister will come out and mess up my routine! :annoyed:

Plese keep in touch and drop me a note if you can!

Cinda :D

TinO 10-26-2005 09:56 AM

Day 23
Crap crap 221 again. Whats going on? The gain really sucks, it's like starting over everytime. I was much further along last time I changed my food plan and lost a bunch. It's sure a big let down, but I know I have to stay positive. Damn this is hard! I'm trying to figure out what I've been doing different compared to last time. :(

*be happy with yourself*

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