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cheri 09-07-2005 10:18 PM

Introducing the Weight Loss Journals board!
One step to success with your weight loss program is tracking your progress and adjusting your exercise and diet. This is an area for members to keep a personal journal, weight log, measurements etc. It helps to write things down so you can see your progress. Keep yourself accountable with an online journal! Record your starting point, establish your goals and then watch your progress! Your daily and weekly journal is your aid in staying the course and reaching your goals!

To get started, just start a new thread and include your member name in the thread title such as "Cheri's Journal".

Only one journal per person please - and only weight loss related journals. This is not an area for off-topic journaling.

Please keep comments to a minimum in the journals of others unless they indicate they want others posting in their journal. This is THEIR journal so please don't ask questions or engage in discussion unless invited. There are other forums for that purpose. A short message of encouragement is usually helpful.

If people are posting in your journal after you've asked them not to, please use the "Report Post" (the triangle icon on the left side under the name on the post: http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/im...ons/report.gif) to alert the moderators to the post that needs attention. Please do not PM an individual moderator about it - that will usually slow down the response time.

Remember that the Terms of Service rules apply to journal posts just like any other message post on LowCarbFriends.

Happy blogging!

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