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Iwantlessofme 04-09-2014 01:44 PM

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar with mother, do you take it? What do you take it for? How do you take it, the taste is awful to me? How much do you take?

I recently used apple cider vinegar with mother to cure my strep throat. I have heard that taking it can lower blood pressure and help allergies. Has anyone used it for these reasons and has it worked?

Thank you in advance!


ladyboss7 04-09-2014 02:08 PM


I need to get back in the habit of taking this!! I used to all the time and I believe that it has a LOT of benefits, I just got out of the habit. It is far to strong to take straight....and too acidic! :sick: My favorite thing to do is add a splash to a bottle of ice cold water and a sprinkle of splenda......it's sort of like lemonade. You can gradually work up the strength over time. I was to the point where I'd have about a teaspoon per bottle of water.....but it took time to work up to that much.

Thanks for the reminder, I have now added that to my grocery list! BTW....it's also a FABULOUS after conditioner rinse for your hair......but you will smell a bit like a salad afterwards! :laugh:

webcrystal 04-09-2014 02:09 PM

I used it a long time ago (apple cider, kelp, lethicin, b-6/12 diet) lost a lot of weight but was also on low cal so who knows lol.

But I also know many who swear by it. Some take it with water/honey to make it more palatable. I used to gag it down with just water (I was young so it was even worse lol). Now I'd just use it to make an oil/vinegar salad dressing and eat it that way - you can put on cooked veggies or a salad. Works waaaay better :) ... (there are also commercial ones made by Bragg's).

afuentes 04-09-2014 02:09 PM

Me too I need to take this as well - so many benefits!

snowangel9 04-09-2014 05:44 PM

I take it every morning. After reading of all the things it can help, with, why not. I take a tablespoon in about 8oz of water with a packet of arginine. I like it, actually. Not something I have to force myself to drink anyway.

Definitely dilute it, maybe with crystal light or something like that. I use Bragg's. it's organic and has the mother. They 'Bragg's' suggest 1 tsp, three times a day. I'm lazy, so I get it all at once! :D

MSN08 04-09-2014 06:51 PM

I take 1 tsp in water 3x a day. Helps with blood sugar,blood pressure,heartburn and headaches for me and I got over bronchitis by gargling it so I am a believer in its healing properties. I love it, I don't mind the taste at all.

Iwantlessofme 04-10-2014 12:04 PM

Thanks everyone. I think I am going to up how much I am taking to 3x a day. Maybe I will just pour it in some water and chug it. That seems the easiest option.


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