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bigkane 03-23-2014 06:48 PM

Extreme fatigue cured, finally
Hello everyone, my name is Jeremy. I started the low carb life about a year ago. I lost 70lbs in 4 months(360lbs-290lbs), and that's when I hit a wall, hard. I even made a trip to the ER because I was forgetting things, couldn't concentrate, lost my drive for life, depression, and experiencing the most awful fatigue I'd ever encountered. Thinking it was the salt, I added more salt and water into my diet, but it didn't help. I went off the diet and started feeling somewhat better but added back 15lbs of the weight I lost, bummer. I tried several times to get back on the diet, but each time I tried, the extreme, and I mean extreme fatigue would set back in. Recently my doctor ran a series of blood tests, and everything was perfectly normal. I wanted so bad to get back to the LC lifestyle but didn't wanna try because of the fatigue. I had to find out why I was hitting this major wall so I was determined to find out why I was experiencing these bad side effects. I stumbled across an article that suggested that LC would cause your body to stop or make less serotonin, which in turn can lead to chronic fatigue, depression, etc. After doing some more research my miracle has finally come in the form of a supplement called 5-HTP, thank God. 5-HTP is the precursor to serotonin. Apparently your body uses tryptophan in the process of turning body fat into ketones, and also apparent, my serotonin without any doubt was low. I started back on LC about 2 weeks ago and the fatigue had returned and even more extreme. In the meantime I was waiting on the supplement 5-HTP(hydroxy tryptophan) to be delivered to my home. 5-HTP is the precursor to serotonin. Your body will use the HTP and convert it straight into serotonin. My package finally arrived and within the very first hour after taking it, my fatigue and mood took a 180. I took the first pill in the morning, and another in the afternoon. By the time evening rolled around I was feeling better than I've felt in years. I've been using HTP for about 4 days now, and have experienced zero fatigue, increased energy, fantastic mood, no depression and now have a drive for life again. I wanted to share this amazing find with anyone else that may be hitting a major wall of fatigue in hopes that it can help someone else going through the hell that I was going through, to turn it around. It's has been amazing how fast this worked for me, when I expected it to take weeks to notice anything. If you're experiencing what I've described, I highly recommend that you order some of this miracle supplement. Be forewarned, you cannot take 5-HTP with any anti-depressants or the pain pill Ultram/Tramadol. This can lead to a problem of too much serotonin, causing what it is called serotonin syndrome. Sorry to rant on for so long, but I just had to share this. I'm so glad I finally got my life back.

Dirty Harriet 03-24-2014 06:07 PM

Thank you Jeremy for this worthwhile information.
Congrats on your weight loss as well!!
I've been wondering why I have had fatigue x 3 months already and thought it may be menopause as all of my labs are fine. I will try this!

maximumdensity 06-03-2014 01:05 PM

Big Kane,
years ago when I did LC 5HTP was talked about for mood, but not fatigue. Our bodies need nutrients of many kinds....amino acids like 5HTP is just one of them.

I am very glad that you added the cautions with your information. Even supplements need to be researched and used with care.

Glad you found an answer to your situation. And thanks for sharing.

jeaniem 06-03-2014 03:48 PM

5htp eases carb cravings for me, but it makes me feel fatigued.

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