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Mimosa23 09-09-2013 01:25 AM

Trying a more natural route for supplements
Recent news regarding supplements has gotten me worried. On one hand, they say too many is actually counterproductive, but seeing as we are living in times of spoil depletion and mass production, we do need to supplement our healthy diets in some way.
Although we don't need to rattle around like pill bottles, we do need to supplement a little bit to get the most bang for out buck, even though we are already optimising our diet by eating LC.

Our soils are nowadays so depleted, we are lacking in some essential minerals, and it is a fact that most of us are not getting enough vitamin D3.

So what do you all do?

I try to eat plenty of healthy fats and I take a fermented cod liver oil to supplement my D3. I was taking Magnesium oxide tabs (1 a day, before bed) but they didn't do anything for me.

I have started adding some nuts and seeds to my diet, and am now taking a magnesium chloride solution twice a day and a magnesium citrate tab before bed. I also use magnesium oil topically and sometimes have epsom salt/ dead sea salt baths.

I have added a very high dosed probiotic supplement and I eat a lot of fermented and cultured foods to help my internal good bacteria.

I occasionally take some kelp (usually I eat seaweed in some form) to support thyroid function and I take occasional spirulina for a B-vitamin boost. This only when I feel a potential cold or something similar coming.

I also take acerola powder, apparently the highest natural form of vitamin C available, which also has very high bioavailability. This also not every day, just when I think about it.

I'm hoping by eating as natural and untreated as possible I'm getting the rest of my essential nutrients through my diet!

I definitely am taking much less in the form of supplements as I did when I started LC. Too many supplements aren't healthy either, IMHO.

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