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Deosil 06-05-2013 05:54 PM

Stacking for weight loss!
Hello all!

I want to add in a really good weight loss stack to my routine. Right now I have been taking the following each day:

One A Day Women's multivitamin
Omega 3
Green Tea Extract
Raspberry Ketones
And I drink a lot of coffee (Tried decaf for a few months but went back to caffeine to beat the horrible migraines I suddenly had. I haven't had a migraine since)

I have been doing a TON of research online and otherwise and have come up with the following. There are different times of the day I will have to stack these and if anyone needs to know the particulars I can post them but it is a LOT of typing to do so without need. Typically they are taken pre and/or post workout or with meals.

Green Tea Extract
Caffeine (won't be a problem lol)
Omega 3
CLA (Have taken it years ago with great success)

I am also thinking of adding the following as I have read good things about them (especially the Guggulsterones).
Forskolin Extract

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with stacking these or any insight they can give me? The only things I will be adding to what I take daily now are the CLA, L-Carnatine, 7Keto and possibly the Guggulsterones, Fucoxanthin, and Forskolin Extract.

Avy 06-05-2013 08:14 PM

I started taking CLA/GLA and L-carnitine daily almost 2 weeks ago, not sure about the results, but definitely feel an energy increase from the L-Carnitine. I take L-Glutamine and my Omega 3s with the L-carnitine mid morning and mid afternoon, and the CLA/GLA with meals and my other supplements I've always taken.

I'll keep you posted on the results. :)

Deosil 06-18-2013 02:00 PM

So last weekend I started taking a new stack of supplements. Instead of taking a few different things I had listed in my above post, I found a supplement that has many of the items in it that I wanted to take and in sufficient amounts. The NVMax has Green Tea Extract, gugglesterones, fucoxanthin, and caffeine among other "extras" I was not really looking for.

I started taking the following:


1x Women's Multivitamin
1x Vitamin D
1x Vitamin C
3x Omega 3
2x Tonalin CLA
3x NVMax
2x L-Carnatine


2x Tonalin CLA

Just before evening/workout:

3x NVMax
2x Tonalin CLA
2x L-Carnatine

So far (3 days in) I feel increased energy levels and as a result have shaved 5.2 minutes off of my power walking route I do every day. I have had some joint aches especially in my groin and for whatever reason the last 2 days I have had little to no problems in that area. I just really have a much better feeling of well-being. Perhaps it is just psychosomatic but I really do think taking these is helping a good deal. I will post back after a week or so to log my losses in weight and/or measurements.

Has anyone else tried these items with good result or have anything else they swear by?

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