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LCfan03 03-18-2010 04:09 PM

Anyone taking the supplement DIM???
I just left my new OB/GYN after getting my implants for progesterone and testosterone. I am 43 and was testing low for these horomones. I had done sublingual and now am getting the progestin via IUD and testosterone in a pellet. My OB is very big on also taking an oral supplement called DIM which is derived from cauliflower/broccoli? I bought some to give it a try.

Anyone heard of this??

I already take a good AM/PM multivitamin, extra vitamin D, fish oil, a couple different amino acids and calcium.... so what's one more?

dawnyama 06-28-2013 06:02 PM

I know this is super duper old, but I am visiting a hormone clinic for my hormone pellets. I was told I was estrogen dominant and when I asked what to do so that I can reverse it, she said "you can take DIM or indole 3 carbinol (which is the same thing as DIM and I have taken in the past) . I do know that Dr Oz had the DIM on his show recently. Are you still around? Still taking the DIM?

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