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MsBlondeGRIT 03-03-2013 12:32 PM

yummy veg fat fasting
Hi guys!

I lurk often but need to change that! I just wanted to open a new topic, I just purchased Dana Carpender's fat fast e-book. I have been vegan/vegetarian off and on before but since watching Vegecated about 6 weeks ago, cannot support the violence of factory farming.

This past six weeks I have made some amazing veg dishes. However, I have overdone it on the potatoes. I must say, however, that I can MAINTAIN on this diet. I have not gained, but I have not lost either. Which welcomes back my old friend the Fat Fast. Only, I am doing it meat free. The only eggs I have purchased since watching Vegecated were from a local farm where the chickens roam free. I just got a dozen this weekend. So I am going to make a few fat fast meals this week - VEGGIE style. What will I eat?

Kale chips - a meal will be chips made with 2 TB EVOO as the fat
Avocado with EVOO
Pecans roasted in either EVOO or Earth Balance vegan butter
Egg salad using eggs from Farmers Market
Pumpkin cream cheesecakes
Romaine lettuce with EVOO and red wine vinegar
Tofu shirataki Mac n Cheese
Cream Spinach

The study on the Mediterranean Diet said the participants ate 4 TB EVOO a day and 1 ounce of nuts. Which sounds positively heavenly.

I hope people will pop in and check on me:)

Merienda 03-04-2013 06:24 PM

That pumpkin cream cheesecake sounds amazing! Would love the recipe!

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