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VEG! 10-14-2012 11:47 PM

Potentially misleading food labels (and keto)
Hi fellow low carbers,

I recently started a ketogenic diet (10 days ago) and have gone from 44.5 to 42.5 kilograms in that short time, which I am pretty impressed with!

Today, I forgot to bring lunch with me so I went to the supermarket and picked up a dhal curry, made with yellow split peas, red lentils, cauliflower, carrot, garlic, onion and spices. It was served with rice on the side which I threw in the bin straight away to avoid temptation :P

So, the nutritional information for a 375g serving was as follows:
Energy: 1100kj
Protein: 9.2g
Fat: 15.6g
Carbohydrate: 18.6g

Now, I assumed that most of the carbohydrates would have come from the rice that I threw away and also the carrot (there was only a very small amoutn of carrot so it did not bother me too much). I then did a search on google and found that yellow split peas are actually quite high in carbs?!

My mind is baffled. If yellow split peas are high in carbs and rice is also high in carbs, how could the whole portion have had only 18.6 grams of carbs? :confused:

Do you think this food label has misled me? I was under the assumption that the curry portion I consumed was going to be max 10g carbs out of those 18.6.

Have i fallen off the keto bandwagon? I really hope not...

I look forward to hearing your responses!

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