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Sissiesue 09-23-2012 10:48 AM

Interesting thread on B-12 in main lobby
So, as a vegan, I'm used to people thinking that my WOE is weird. I'm also used to fielding unsolicited health advice from well-meaning animal-product eaters who fear I will drop dead without animal protein or dairy products.

The lack of B-12 in the vegan diet is a common issue they bring up: "Hey, SS -- Since you have to take B-12 supplements, doesn't that mean that your diet is BAD?????!!!!!"

I've heard that animal-product eaters can have B-12 deficiencies, too, and I usually respond with information along those lines. But a thread in today's main forum really drives that home. Basically, non-vegan/vegetarian folks are citing low B-12 levels (low enough for medical intervention).

This is a good reminder to ALL of us to keep an eye on our B-12 levels. I take a vegan multi-vitamin that contains it and a sub-lingual dose of B-12. And the post in the main lobby has prompted me to schedule a B-12 shot with my local naturopath . . . just in case! :)

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