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Dezi 08-17-2012 01:10 AM

Ketosis possible?
Hi I was wondering if ketosis was possible with vegetarianism. As I understand it veggie LC is necessarily higher carb than carni-omni LC. So how low can you go?

I ask because I was vegetarian between 2008-2010 and it did not work out for me (I gained) and then after a baby and weaning I decided LC was the way to go. (I became a fish eater during pregnancy and ate meat when brestfeeding then gave up carbs when I weaned)

I have been in ketosis 6 months and kinda afraid to go out! Im addicted to getting back in if I pop neg.

coletteygirl 08-17-2012 04:29 AM

As Dr. A would say "its doable." Keytones are mostly protein and I always get to the darkest purple when I finish I big BBQ day. But ya, youu could do it, just don't shy away from the alt sources of protein

protein powder shakes (pile it up, add splenda and almond/vanilla extract)
lots of cheese
fish and eggs (if u eat that)
almond flower

just a few things. protein shakes will really help i think, I haave one most mornings, you wanna add some oils to that to get a creamy texture.

all the best to you, u look amazing btw

Dottie 08-17-2012 12:09 PM

Dezi it should be since ketosis is really a by-product of fat burning. If you have ample fat in your diet along with a low-carb protein source and low-carb veggies, you should be able to get into ketosis :)

ravenrose 08-20-2012 10:14 AM

ketosis is totally a matter of NOT having enough glucose in your system for your body to be using that as a fuel source. what that level means for your eating is so individual! you are not obese, so perhaps your metabolism is good enough that you can maintain ketosis with a careful vegetarian low carb diet.

for those of us with difficult metabolisms, it's key to keep our protein intake low as well.

since some of us have blood ketone test meters, following actual ketosis is much more accurate than it used to be. it turns out a lot of what people thought they knew about ketosis isn't true. but that happens with all science, time marches on and our understanding changes. you can lose a lot of weight low carbing even if you aren't in ketosis though. I think a lot fewer of us are in ketosis than think they are, actually.

if you eat a lot of eggs and stuff like that, I think you will be fine. trying to do this as a vegan is a lot harder.

VEG! 10-15-2012 03:08 AM

I'm a vegetarian and i've managed to achieve ketosis by using protein shakes or atkins day breaks for breakfast, a falafel or lentil salad (spinach leaves, 1 mushroom, a little capsicum) for lunch with mayonnaise and also low carb thermogenic protein bars for an afternoon snack, dinner being the same thing i had for lunch or maybe slimpasta (that asian vegetable) with "falafel meatballs" in a lowish carb sauce.

i never top 25 grams of carbs a day which is an approximate macro of 10-16%. i know they say to get into ketosis you need to be below 10% carbs, but i honestly haven't been below 10 and i'm there.

all the best!

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