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Nigel 01-27-2012 04:51 PM

SPROUTS - Callaghan Rd.
Hi all,
The Sprouts store on Callaghan Rd. is way better than the one on Nacogdoches in SA. I went there yesterday and while I didn't go aisle by aisle, it was pretty much the same as when it was Sun Harvest and I am happy about that. It did have GF stuff on sale for .25% off if anyone is looking for that...turn right when you enter the store and in the bakery section, they have a big display of GF pizza crust mix, etc., and some GF crackers, cookies, and other stuff. They also had GF stuff on the baking aisles of the store.

I was happy to find Quorn chunks, so I'll be trying them out. They didn't have the crumbles and neither did the other store. I like Yves faux sausage, but neither store had them...don't know if they carry them, but they had other Yves products...so hopefully.

saltnpepper 01-28-2012 10:01 AM

Good to know Nigel. I have not been to "sun harverst" in a long long time.


Sherril 02-26-2012 03:38 PM

Nigel, did you try the Quorn chunks yet? I bought them once from my Sprouts, but they were freezer burned and threw them away. I may have to give them another try. They seem to have new flavors on the shelves.

What are your favorite things to get there? I usually just stop by on my way home from Trader Joe's. I get roasted pumpkin seeds for my salads and a spaghetti squash or two. TJ's doesn't carry these items. I also get my low carb tortillas from there.

Nigel 02-27-2012 07:33 AM

No, sorry to say that I haven't tried them yet. I'm bad about that. I also got the naked "chicken" cutlets by Quorn which I haven't tried either.

The last time I went there, I got produce mostly and some nutritional yeast. I noticed it being used a lot in recipes as sort of a cheese replacement and I used some a long time ago, but I forget in whiat.

I was looking for Yves faux Breakfast sausage because I like that the best but they have either been out of it or else don't carry it the last two times I went.

I bought a big jar of Sprouts Green olives...a bit pricey at $7 but really tasty olives.
Then I went to Sam's and they had some there. They were a different brand than they used to carry. The other brand that Sam's had didn't seem to be brined/cured enough or something. They very very tart and not a great flavor. I'll get them the next time I go, probably in March.

I also got almond cheese but haven't tried that either yet. They had lots of different cheeses that didn't have milk in them. I figured I'll try a different one each month and see which one I like the best. It's hard to wean myself off of dairy, for sure.

I have gotten the Tofuyan pita breads when Sprouts was still Sun Harvest. I didn't check to see if they still carried them.

Mostly I noticed they have a lot of GF mixes. I'm slowly working my way to GF.

We don't have great produce where I live, so getting it in San Antonio, it seems to last 3-4 x longer in the fridge.

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