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cookwithme65 10-28-2011 09:43 AM

Thanks Ta Da and ?'s
Hi Pauline,

A big thankyou for your informative posts. I'm just starting lc'ing and am so happy I found this board and the veggie section. I am trying to cut out as much meat as I can from my BF and I's diet while I try lc'ing. The Dr. suggested he cut down on red meat due to medical issues. We both love fish and veggies so I was thrilled to find a veggie section on the board. You have some great suggestions and recipes here! I have been sick in bed for the past few days and enjoyed reading them. But now that I'm on the mend I want to try something this weekend. I also have the Atkins New Diet Revolution revised and updated 1999 book that I am reading. I don't have the most up to date one you spoke of with the good vegetarian info. I love your idea of going up the rungs? When do you suggest starting this. I'm just starting induction now and will be eating fish and some meat and staying at around 20 grams of carbs for a few weeks. I have begun to lose but still have at least 30 more. What are some of your fav induction recipes? I'm trying to meal plan for the next couple of weeks. Well thanks again for your great additions to this board. It's appreciated. BTW your stats are amazing!

- Kristan

TaDa! 10-28-2011 11:44 AM

Awww Thanks Kristan :) Well Induction with fish and some meat should work quite well for you - just follow the exact guidelines in the book you have - the 1999 one!

Most vegetarian meals are going to have a few more vegetables than standard solid induction (20 carb) meals are going to have - and hence a few more carbs from the vegetables. I think the best lacto-ovo vegetarian induction meals are egg dishes .. so some nice big omelettes with a bit of veg and cheese works great, as do crustless quiches like on Linda Sue's recipe website: Linda's Low Carb Menus & Recipes - Meatless Recipes She marks all induction recipes with an asterisk -- and as you can see, a lot of these ones are induction-worthy! My kids really love the pepper and onion quiche - I make some substitutes to lower calories, but that is totally unecessary on Induction and when you have a good bit of weight still to lose.

Other dishes I would eat near induction - having eaten as a vegetarian for over 30 years - would really take quite the leap of faith in new proteins, lol!!! I usually suggest that people new to vegetarianism (low or high carb vegetarianism), start with some of the processed vegetarian products from the freezer case if they want to start eating soy, etc, rather than immediately trying to wrestle with tofu, lol! but they are processed foods. One product though, if you are easing off the red meat, that might suit you would be the vegetarian crumbles they make to replace ground beef in recipes - I use the Morningstar brans (in a green bag in the freezer)

IMHO, a vegetarian should go up the rungs as soon as they can - adding protein like nuts is pretty critical, as is adding more vegetables to vary ones menu. Since you have fish and some meat, it is not as critical, but honestly, I think it makes eating so much easier and more "normal" and would suggest starting anywhere between the 2 weeks and a month of induction -- even if you only do the lower rungs and camp out there for a while.]

Anyhow, feel free to chat me up if i can help with anything else! Happy to help a fellow Baystater!



cookwithme65 10-28-2011 05:17 PM

Thanks for all the great info Pauline. I have used the morning star veggie burgers many times but never ventured further than that. I will give the veggie crumbles a try. Thanks for the link to Linda's recipes. That will be very helpful. Wishing you a great weekend despite our dreary forecast.

TaDa! 10-28-2011 06:16 PM

Thanks! Yahhhhh .. I just saw 6-10 inches forecast for my area - North of Boston -tomorrow night .. like .. whaaaaaaaa???!!! lol!

Might be an extra exercise day Sunday ... shovels at the ready!



locarblady 11-02-2011 07:25 AM

I have a question - other than Pauline, who has lost wonderfully and kept it off :), has anyone else lost a good amount of weight eating vegetarian low carb??

saltnpepper 11-05-2011 11:35 AM

I'd like to know that answer also. :dunno:

Also thanks to Pauline for all your hlep to everyone.

TaDa! 11-06-2011 04:59 AM

Hmmm .. well out of 78,000+ members of lowcarbfriends, you probably have 25 or less people who eat vegetarian. Not all of them lowcarb and not all of them have had large amounts of weight to lose either. There would be a much larger group of people who try to eat less meat, and follow some of the ways of vegetarian lowcarb .. how many of these have reached goal, etc etc? You'd have to do a survey, lol. Out of the total of 78,000 members of lcf, how many successful "carnivorous" members are there? A rather low percentage .. How many would you find in the small group of veggies here who may have been exposed to lowcarb for the 4-5 years it has been accepted as opposed to the 40+ years for lowcarb in general.

Lowcarb has not traditionally drawn vegetarians for obvious reasons ... when I did "Atkins" .. it had been after ignoring it and everything I thought of as "that meat diet" for 38 years. I literally had to read the books and formulate a vegetarian method of putting that science to work for me. And the only reason was that I overheard a very intelligent guy touting the science behind Atkins. A lightbulb went off and I tought, "Hey! That could apply to vegetarian eating too." Thankfully, there are books now out in the last few years specifically addressing veg lowcarb and maybe more vegetarians will be giving it a shot.

Just because the veg lc population is smaller does not mean it does not and cannot work. The *only* difference between us and the greater community is our emphasis on vegetarian proteins and non-use of meats.

Vegetarian Proteins:

lower rungs
Nuts and Seeds, Cheese/Yogurt/Milk, Eggs, Quorn, Seitan, Soy Foods/Tofu/Tempeh

higher rungs
Beans, Peanuts and Whole Grains



Nigel 11-06-2011 10:50 AM

Well, I lost my weight by NOT being a vegetarian. I'm still not 100% vegetarian either, but I am working on it. Now I don't really worry too much about carbs, but I've been conditioned to eat low amounts of carbs so I have trained myself how to balance them out so I don't gain any weight. Sorry, it's not the answer you were looking for, but I thought you deserved an honest response. Have a great Sunday!!

locarblady 11-06-2011 05:25 PM

Thanks so much - I learn soooooo much from reading this vegetarian thread! :) I am going to work harder at at doing a vegetarian version of Atkins. I've been following mostly a "pescetarian" eating plan and while I feel great, the weight just doesn't come off with any regularity, so I get frustrated and eat higher carb (tho still vegetarian) foods. :( I will try to add more of the veggie protein and eat less of the higher carb veggies....and I'll continue to check in here for ideas and support!

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