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Nigel 09-18-2011 05:13 PM

Sauerkraut Juice
I took a can of sauerkraut and 2 cans of filtered water and pulverized it in the Vitamix and it made a quart and half of juice.

I'm sure it would be healthier if you made the sauerkraut yourself first and I want to do that, I just haven't gotten around to it.

Any of you make your own sauerkraut?

I'll admit I've gone juice wild lately, but its so much easier to drink the vegetables/fruits than to have to sit and eat them them all. It makes me feel a lot better to juice daily also.

ravenrose 09-18-2011 07:33 PM

as long as you drink it all, I don't see a problem with that. when people say "juice" like that they normally mean dumping out the pulp once the juice has been extracted. that's a great way to make the carbs more available, not something that makes sense for someone low carbing at all.

Nigel 09-19-2011 01:35 PM

I agree. I use the Vitamix and it pulverizes everything, skin and all except on oranges and grapefruit. I leave the skin on the lemons and limes. Mostly I make a V-8 concoction, but I like it much better than the store bought processed V-8 juice, which I honestly never cared for.
Gotta play with my new toy, ya know. lol :jumpjoy:

TaDa! 09-20-2011 04:31 AM

Once you take the grains out of the mix - I realize you don't Nigel, but most lowcarbers do - vegetarians are left with protein, vegetable carbs, and fats and if they juiced their vegetables, they'd end up on a liquid diet with a hunk of cheese, an omelet or a soyburger thrown in here and there. That is even farther from a traditional vegetarian diet than regular lc is - a quasi juice fast, due to the more limited quantity of vegetables that lowcarbers use - And, I'd venture it is not really practical for vegetarians, or vegans wanting to lowcarb unless they confined it to a very very small percentage of their vegetable or lowcarb fruit intake - even then, they would be reducing the size of their meals further than lc'ing already does ..

my 2 cents on lowcarbing and "juicing"


Nigel 09-20-2011 02:55 PM

How does one get enough protein, be low carb, vegetarian without any grains? I need all the help I can get here, please.

TaDa! 09-20-2011 03:48 PM

According to ******, the other day I got: 1910 calories, 70 carbs (had more eggplant than intended, lol) and I had 83 grams of protein. My protein sources that day were dairy, nuts, vegetables -- no soy at all that day even ..

I have posted this in various places here already, but following is part of a handout I designed for a lecture I did on adding more vegetarian foods into ones lifestyle (the audience was mostly meateaters that do not lowcarb but are interested in diet).

It is very easy to get ones protein appropriately from lowcarb as a vegetarian without meat and without grains. I hope this helps .. if you need any explanation, let me know (it was just a handout .. to go along with my talk) :


Originally Posted by TaDa! (Post 13553070)

How To Get a Little Vegetarian into Your Diet …

Nuts and Seeds – Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Peanut Butter (technically a legume)
Dairy – Eggs, Cheese, Yogurt, Milk, Whey protein powder (and shakes)*
Beans – Lentils, Chickpeas, Beans of all kinds, Hummus Spread
Grains – Bread, Rice, Wheat Seitan (a/k/a “Wheat Meat”)*
Soy and Vegetable Protein –Veggieburgers, Soy Crumbles, Tofu*, Tempeh,* Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)*

Based on the “Reference Nutrient Intakes for Protein” which replaced the RDA

Women (age 15-49) ~45 gm
Women (age 50+) ~50 gm
Women (pregnant) 51 gm
Women (lactating) 53-56 gm

Men (age 15-49) ~55 gm
Men (age 50+) ~53 gm

Children (age 7-10) ~28 gm
Children (age 11-14) ~42 gm


Soy, Nuts, Beans
Almonds (1/4c) 6 gm
Peanut Butter (2T) 8 gm
Veggieburger 15 gm
Red Beans (1 cup) 12 gm
Hummus (1/4 cup) 4 gm

Milk – all kinds (1 cup) 8 gm
Yogurt (1 cup/8 oz) 12 gm
American Cheese (slice) 4 gm
Cheddar Cheese (grated 1/4 c) 7 gm
Eggs (2 large) 12 gm
Egg Whites (2 large) 8 gm

Broccoli (1 cup chopped cooked) 6 gm
Peas (1 cup) ~8 gm
Spinach (a salad bag) 6 gm

More Unusual Vegetarian Proteins*
Tofu (4 oz) 10 gm
Tempeh (4 oz) 16 gm
Seitan (4 oz) 23 gm
Quorn (4 oz) 23 gm
TVP (1/4c) 12 gm

Nigel 09-20-2011 11:13 PM

Thanks for all your help. I was thinking about eliminating dairy, but I'm not sure I can survive that. This really helps a lot. I appreciate the post.

TaDa! 09-21-2011 04:40 AM

Glad it helps .. from a protein point of view, you can easily get your protein without the dairy .. for example to get to my level of 83 gm of protein the other day, as a vegan, without dairy, a person could do say:

8 - Peanut Butter 2T (or almond butter or macadamia butter)

23 - Quorn 4 oz
12 - broccoli 2 cups

12 - almonds 2 oz

20 - Tofu 8 oz
10 spinach - 2 cups

+ fruits, maybe beans, and oils
Total: 85 gm protein

Honestly I consider giving up dairy - and my occasional restaurant fish - all the time, but I do not think I will ever be "there". It can be done though and still lowcarb ... my example uses vegetable protein, soy, nuts, legumes, and mycoprotein (the quorn), of course you'd also be adding oils and vegetable fats .. coconut oil, olive oil, etc in that example .. and could add fruits and beans - with a higher carb count that is recommended for vegan lowcarb (in the new book New Atkins for A New You).

Maybe someday I'll get there too, lol!


Nigel 09-21-2011 07:46 AM

Thank you for breaking it down for me. I'll have to get that new Atkins book. All I have is the original version from way back when. I'm a work in progress...but I'm never giving up.

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