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nzmegs 09-12-2011 08:00 AM

opinion on importance of exercise
bearing in mind that exercise increases your appetite and only burns off a small number of calories. Do you think it is possible to easily lose weight as a vegetarian low carber with just moderate exercise.

The thing is that someone I know is insisting that I will fail in my weightloss efforts unless I exercise hard everyday. I do moderate exercise on a daily basis such as walking and I was doing pilates - but have had a few days off that.

Loads of studies I have read have stated that exercise has minimal effect on weight loss. But I guess there is nothing like hearing it from others who are doing the same diet.

My problem is that i eat lots more when I workout because I am just so starving. it also leads to cravings for carbs.

I am continuing to lose weight even though I haven't been exercising very much the last few days.

poopsie2223 09-12-2011 08:02 AM

In my opinion, exercise is not necessary to weight loss. But it is vitally important in maintaining weight loss.

TaDa! 09-12-2011 01:46 PM

I think moderate exercise is absolutely fine - and I workout fairly hard. The big thing, in my opinion, is to make sure weightloss does not catabolize your existing muscle .. that lean body mass actually is a great calorie burner just sitting there even when you are fast asleep in bed. The more muscle you carry, the more you can eat at any given weight.

People who are able-bodied and insist that exercise is not necessary for weightloss are missing the question of body composition. Who cares if I weigh less on the scale, if that weight is a high percentage of bodyfat? .. NZmegs I am all for cardio + weight bearing exercise .. but honestly the most important thing a person seeking fatloss can do for themselves is to do some muscle-building along with that moderate cardio!!

my 2 cents!!



nzmegs 09-13-2011 03:10 AM

I certainly agree when it comes to weight bearing exercise. In fact i am a former gym bunny! I have to say though that in all the years i worked out at the gym, my body fat percentage and my weight hardly changed at all. My body just loves holding on to fat....

I think i will just carry on as I am. Moderate exercise - for now and harder exercise once I am a little less heavy.My problem is that I hate being told what to do!

TaDa! 09-13-2011 05:25 AM

lol! I am the same - hate being told what to do!! But in this instance, your friend is just plain wrong, lol!!!!!!! Moderate exercise is perfect for achieveing your goals .. the food end of things is the critical one for fatloss!!



nzmegs 09-19-2011 05:47 AM

As of tomorrow I am the proud member of my local gym! I have a six week membership to start with and will certainly make the most of it. I have been a gym bunny for many years, but in the last year or so my exercise has been limited to pilates. I am really looking forward to getting my fitness levels back up again and hopefully - as you say - it will compliment my diet.

I know full well that what I eat is 90% of the task of losing weight. yep my friend is wrong. me thinks that it is too many episodes of the biggest loser which have contributed to the opinion that hard exercise does the trick. Why don't they concentrate more on their diets on that program? because it doesn't make interesting TV - that's why!

nzmegs 09-20-2011 07:40 AM

First morning at the gym and it went well. I was able to run for quite a while on the treadmlil and did a further 15 mins on the bike. then about 30 mins of weights. I was surprised I have the same stamina I used to - but my muscles are weaker.
Tomorrow i am doing a Zumba class. Hmmm not too sure about that. i am pretty good at aerobics and dancing - but this looks like something different!

TaDa! 09-20-2011 10:31 AM

lol Nzmegs .... you are doing great!!! Don't overdo it the first week back, lol!!!

have fun!! That zumba is craaaaazy stuff!


nikki 10-24-2011 03:07 PM

In my opinion, aerobic exercise in necessary for heart/lung health and endurance. But if you are worried about weight loss, ditch the experts and go with heavy weight lifting. It is very low-carb-friendly approach, and you will need even more protein than you are used to. You will drop sizes, though not necessarily weight (at least at first), and you will NOT bulk up unless you become a bodybuilder and start taking steroids. At least, this is what has worked for me in the past. FWIW

VeryVeganVictoria 05-07-2012 10:59 AM

I can only really speak with any sort of authority based on my own age and body.

I am over 50 now and in the very last stages of perimenopause, I can not lose pounds, I am losing only in ounces now, and have developed the dreaded ' menopot '.

I do 1-4 hours of cardio daily, the changes I have seen are a lower resting plus, lower blood sugar, lower pressure and a smaller waist and calf defination.

What I can say is that it takes me about 15 minutes to eat what it will take me 4 hours to burn, but if you do not overeat of have an issue with food ( I am recovering from a 30 year bout of an eating disorder ), then prudent amounts of cardio will reshape your body rather quickly.

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