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Nigel 08-09-2011 07:27 AM

Snappy Joe
Snappy Joe

This has got a kick to it. I usually use all fresh vegetables and fruits, but when you are shy of what you need around here, you improvise. I really need to hit the produce stand.

Lg can diced tomatoes
small can green chilies and tomatoes
2 ribs celery
1 bell pepper
10 baby carrots
1 large lemon, peel and all
salt and pepper to taste

Pulverize it all.

For less heat, add in another lg can of tomatoes and 2 more ribs of celery. I like the kick, but it was a little too hot for my brother, Joey, so I named it Snappy Joe!

I love this with half a cucumber and 10 leaves of spinach added also and some fresh tomatoes.

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