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DaffodilSoup 05-02-2011 08:39 PM

Low Carb Vegan Lasagna!
My man-friend and I are both vegan, but I'm the only intentional low carber (thankfully he'll eat whatever I put in front of him). Here's the recipe for the deeeeelicious protein-packed lasagna we made last night!


- 4-6 large zucchini, sliced thinly lengthwise (we used a mandoline). If you like, you can sprinkle them with salt
- 1 jar prepared pasta sauce (check the label!)
- 1 cup dry TVP, rehydrated in 1 cup hot water
- 1 wee can of mushrooms
- Garlic, as much as you like (we're garlic people)
- Worchestershire sauce (vegan is best, but if you're cool with it, I'm cool with it)
- Vegan mozzarella cheese shreds (of course, sub in real mozzarella shreds if you're into that!)


- 2 packages firm tofu, mashed well
- 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
- 3-4 tablespoons nutritional yeast (don't let this freak you out, it's cheap and easy to find. You can leave it out, but it does lend a "cheesey" taste)
- 2 tablespoons olive oil
- 5 cloves garlic, minced
- Salt and Peppa!
- Dried basil and oregano


- Put a little oil or pasta sauce on the bottom of your lasagna pan. Preheat that oven to 325!
- Mix pasta sauce, TVP, and worchestershire to create a "meat" sauce.
- Lay down a layer of zucchini slices on the bottom of the pan. Spread half the tofu ricotta down, sprinkle with mozzarella shreds. Top with a thin layer of "meat sauce".
- Cover with another layer of zucchini slices. Do the same thing with the rest of the tofu filling, cheese shreds and most of the "meat" sauce. Top with a final layer of zucchini slices.
- Cover the top of the lasagna with the remaining sauce and a liberal sprinkling of mozzarella shreds.
- Bake for 45 minutes, or until browned and bubbly.

Hope you guys enjoy this just as much as we did! :D

cleochatra 05-02-2011 08:53 PM

Hey, Miss Melissa! I have a question: What is cheese-free cheese made from? I love the idea of adding yeast for that cheesy taste!

DaffodilSoup 05-03-2011 07:27 AM

We made our cheese-free ricotta out of crumbled firm tofu and the listed add-ins/spices.

You can also buy vegan cheese shreds - they're generally made from soy, but if you purchase the Daiya brand it's soy-free.

cleochatra 05-03-2011 08:59 AM

Thanks for the information!

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