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toomuchbooty 11-23-2010 11:04 AM

A Vegan No More
I think this is an interesting read. I know I struggled with the idea of reintroducing eggs and dairy to my diet after a stint of veganism. I had to do it to lose weight. I hope to go vegan again when I reach my weight goals, but I will also closely monitor my health.

A Vegan No More | Voracious

TaDa! 11-23-2010 11:46 AM


Originally Posted by toomuchbooty (Post 14110841)
I think this is an interesting read. I know I struggled with the idea of reintroducing eggs and dairy to my diet after a stint of veganism. I had to do it to lose weight. I hope to go vegan again when I reach my weight goals, but I will also closely monitor my health.

Exactly! That is what I also take away from the blog post ... You do veganism, or whatever "ism" - lowcarb-ism even! - and you must monitor your health. It is only common sense and every food plan in existence states that very thing!

It seems that the blog author's reasoning behind the veganism, and her departure from it are very clear right here in this excerpt:

"Unfortunately, there were also masses of people who contacted me to offer unsolicited and often insultingly patronizing advice. They made sure to let me know that I was only sick because I was ‘doing veganism wrong’. ‘Have you tried more greens/beans/tofu/nuts?’ the questions were relentless. I was baffled by the suggestions to eat imported goji berries, use maca powder in my smoothies, or eat more spirulina. All these exotic recommendations were supposedly needed to make me healthy on a diet that is heralded as natural and ideal; it absolutely did not make sense..."

Then she goes on to talk about her first "healing bites" of animal flesh ... her problem with veganism related health problems is that the way she chose to eat was supposed to be "natural and ideal" so actually being mindful of what was necessary to maintain one's health was not a choice for her, ummmmm sounds like she wanted a reason to back out of veganism, proclaimed supplements and watching ones nutrients as unnatural and then went on her merry way having rationalized her choice.

I never have too much sympathy for people who just use excuses to do whatever it is they wish to do, or is easier for them to do .. I totally respect, someone like you toomuchbooty, or toogood, saying "this is what I do, and will do because it is the best way for me personally to live up to my own desires/beliefs". That I respect! That I understand! That is what I do .. I fully own that I could do better, I make no excuses to anyone, and leave it at that..

I just think there are too many people rationalizing their personal preferences and then insisting that "there was no choice." There is always a choice imho .. hard choices, easy choices .. I am all about owning what you do as a person and knowing where you might improve should circumstances, inner strength, whatever, improve ... lol! The blog author is saying basically, I ate what I wanted as a Vegan and expected that it should provide me everything I needed without any intervention on my part, without even trying to eat healthily. Well, if I can't just eat whatever I want, then it doesn't work and for health reasons, I must give it up. That does not reflect poorly on the way of eating, just the person ..



Strawberry 11-23-2010 11:31 PM

I also have to agree its a little ridiculous for that doctor to suggest that you HAVE to eat meat to be healthy.
1) there are plenty of iron rich foods - leafy greens, tofu, lentils, beans, etc.
2)They make vegan iron supplements if you really need a supplement.
3) if you can't tolerate iron supplements by mouth, you can have an iron injection (only downside is if the doctor isn't careful, it can leave a little black mark, like a tatoo)

FURTHERMORE... that doctor is negligent if she didn't do a complete workup for the cause of iron-deficiency anemia. Typically it is chronic slow blood loss (such as from a cancer in the GI tract, or a slow bleeding ulcer, or menses that are too heavy with hormonal levels that might be predisposing you to uterine cancer, but there are many other causes) Its not that some people just can't handle being a vegan and get anemic.

with regard to B12... So many foods are fortified with it now (esp cereals, breads, soy milk) that it not that hard to get in the diet. Again, if you're lacking, take a vitamin pill. And if thats not working out for you, injections are available.

Vitamin deficiency can be a very real and devastaing problem when it develops... I've seen it! But its also completely PREVENTABLE! Concerns over vitamins should not be the driving force behind what principles guide your dietary choices.

toogood 11-27-2010 08:58 PM

Thanks so much for this article! This came just in time. Since realizing that I have gained 5lbs. last week, I have re-introduce dairy and eggs into my diet. One of the reason for this is my 11 year old DD. She was a vegetarian but always begged to be vegan. I decided she can do it with me since I do make every meal and try to balance it with greens, beans, and carbs. She lost 5 lbs! Right then I told her she HAD to add in dairy and eggs. She really wants to be like me so of course I said I would do it too. Since last week she has already gained 4 lbs. back. She is still small, weighing 64 lbs. and is a competition dancer who dances 15 hours a week. I do understand the health benefit of meat. I firmly believe that our brains need some sort of animal fat to keep us sane. The weird thing is I felt great being a vegan! Really at peace and tranquil. However, I feel and look very bloated though! Yes, I am giving up my ethics (temporarily) for looks! Told you I was shallow..ha,ha!

toogood 11-28-2010 04:42 PM

So, this morning I finally stepped on the scale after many months. I was last in the mid 135's to 137. This morning my weight was 143.8. It is the highest it's ever been! So I am now doing low carb vegetarian and putting dairy back. So far I had a homemade taco salad with spring mix, TVP, sauteed zuchini, bellpeppers, onions, homemade salsa & guac., sour cream and cheese. Man, does dairy taste good. It does hit the spot. I know my carb count is a little high but I want to be "nice" to my family on their day off! I tend to get really cranky without carbs for the first few days. Tomorrow I am going to incorporate eggs into my diet. Wish me luck. I will weigh myself daily now and keep you all posted!

toogood 11-29-2010 01:09 PM

So after my yummy lunch I was pretty much full for the rest of the day. Was a little light headed in the afternoon. COuld be the crowd at Target or lack of carbs from bread. AT dinner I made meatless meatball (from Trader Joe's) and linguine for the family. I had that over baked spaghetti squash and cheese. This morning the scale said 143. Down 8 oz. I wanted to incorporate some excerises too since I do none! May go for a walk depending on time.

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