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TaDa! 11-19-2010 11:38 AM

Thanksgiving .. Christmas .. trying to get at the stove! kitchen! Some Ideas ...
No, not the food ... that part is easily figured out! When you are going to be part of a household where the kitchen is being taken over the morning of, by all of the various highcarb dishes, and the Turkey, or Turkeys .. and the vegetarians at the feast suddenly become the poor orphaned long-lost cousins stuck begging for time at the microwave in order to eat ...

Well, this year, my family is having 13 for Thanksgiving ... and some of them are "guests", so of course my mother will be filling every available oven space with Turkeys and potatoes and pies and ...

What do we do about the 3 vegetarians and their need for food that is warm and tasty too? I was seriously stressing on this because it is always a pain trying to get room in the oven on these days .. and this year is going to be even worse. My solution this year, is to cook it all before Thanksgiving, at my home, and bring some appliances with me!

I think I am going to use my crockpot which is a "Nesco Roaster." I am going to try and pre-cook my casserole in there and then just put it on very very low to heat it through for Thursday!


I think I'll be buying a cheapy smaller crockpot (my mom has one) to use essentially as warming trays for the spicy green beans and the mashed fauxtatoes which I will warm in the microwave an hour or so before the meal when it is easily available. I am hoping to find ones that have the lift-out pan like my Nesco Roaster does.

In my travels, I also found some other cool things:

Something new to me called an electric skillet, a 16x16" one was about $50 and you can cook right in it and then serve it in the skillet thing too which looks like a fancy buffet server dish!! it is kind of big, so I'd need to cook with it on Thursday rather than pre-make the food, so I am going to nix that option, since that kitchen is going to be full of insane cooks! Kohls had them.

Also at Kohls, also for $50, was a three station crockpot!!!! For use at a buffet table. My problem was that the crocks all seemed tiny to me, but it might be a good option for someone else out there!


TaDa! 11-20-2010 01:36 PM

Yay!!! I got a cheap 5 qt crockpot at Wally World .. on sale this week for $15!!!! Unlike the 7 quart Nesco Roaster, it only has 3 settings like a normal crockpot, but will suit my purposes fine as a warmer for Thanksgiving and a backup crockpot for the house.


Since posting, I realized I can actually cook my squash / egg-based casserole right in the crockpot and am thinking this might be an awesome new way to use the crockpot in general ..

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