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TaDa! 10-30-2010 07:45 AM

LOWCARB Vegetarian Cookbooks and Book Resources
In the last few years, it has become recognized that it is possible to eat a lowcarb, or a low glycemic diet as a vegetarian and even as a vegan. I started this thread to simply list cookbook resources out there right now for lowcarbing vegetarians.

It is easy to find dairy recipes (milk, egg, cheese - based recipes) on this website and other places like the websites of lc cooking gurus like Linda Sue, Sugar Free Sheila, Cleochatra, and Jennifer Eloff (as well as their contributions here on the recipe suggestions board). The challenge can come for many with the non-dairy vegetarian proteins: quorn, tofu, tempeh, wheat seitan, tvp, nuts, etc and the cookbooks can be helpful!

Please do add to this thread!!! But the goal is (lowcarb and moderate carb vegetarian recipe cookbooks only ... Any reviews or recipe ratings would be great too!!!:

The Vegetarian Low-Carb Diet by Rose Elliot
A diet plan written before the latest Atkins book (next on the list) actually is very like the recommendations in that book. It is written by a UK author so language and measurements can be a bit different. There are both menus and recipes, some vegan.

The New Atkins For A New You by Dr. Eric C. Westman, Dr. Stephen D. Phinney, and Dr. Jeff S. Volek
Marinade and Sauce Recipes, many of which are vegetarian or vegan, 4 sets of Vegetarian and Vegan Menu Plans for OWL where essentially the authors have Veg Folk start Atkins

Low-Carb Vegetarian by Margo DeMello

Carb Conscious Vegetarian by Robin Robinson

The Vegetarian Low-carb Diet Cookbook by Rose Elliot **

Low-GI Vegetarian Cookbook by Rose Elliot **

** I haven't read these ones, but can recommend all the rest of them!

I have also found that many of my old vegetarian cookbooks have recipes that can absolutely easily be altered for lowcarb and many of them are indeed lowcarb when you take out the bed of pasta or rice and instead substitute a large portion of vegetable - fried cabbage, spinach, broccoli on the side or in place of the grain (In particular the Moosewood Cookbooks by Katzen) ..

If you are new to this: Basically, just like with the "non-vegetarian" lowcarbers, you concentrate on a plate of protein and vegetables, minimizing, or (like me on Atkins), pretty much eliminating (for a period of time .. not forever!) grains, beans and white potato. For those who are in the latter stages of Atkins, or on other lowcarb plans, you may decide to incorporate whole grains, and legumes (beans other than soybean which is the lowest carb bean).

You are essentially doing what non-vegetarians do to their diet in order to lowcarb. If you have already been a vegetarian, it is essentially the same level of difficulty. If you are both 1) starting to become a vegetarian, or eat more like a vegetarian AND you are 2) starting to lowcarb, it can be more challenging as these are two very big changes to make.

I have done very well just using the guideline of substituting veg proteins for meat proteins and otherwise just lc'ing like everyone else .. (as I started and lost my weight before Vegetarianism was recognized a a viable and healthy way to lowcarb). Luckily you have all these books now availabe to you to help you figure it all out!!!!

It can be a little bit of work at times, but if you really want to do it, it can be done! Go for it!!!!!!!!!!



ontopofmygame 01-09-2011 10:24 PM

TaDa! Thank you for the cookbook references. I will be starting a vegetarian diet when I lose my last 3 lbs. I have been on Stillmans since August 2, and know that my body really needs lo carb, but after seeing the Food that Kills video on Youtube, my instincts seemed that they were right on. I can't eat soy because I have a low thyroid. So sometime this week I will be eating vegetarian, unless I don't lose those 3 lbs.! I just want to finish my course before I change tracks.

TaDa! 01-10-2011 04:24 AM

best of luck Anythingwilldo! Giong from Stillman's to anything higher carb might yield you some water weight though. I am not familiar with Stillman's - pther than the basics .. if they give you a method to add back in vegetables and good carbs, I recommend you try that first before making any drastic changes. Also - not sure if you are even allowed to have eggs and dairy on Stillman's. You may need some kind of transition over to doing a vegetarian lowcarb regime in order to avoid a water weight gain ...

Just a thought!



ihugtrees 01-29-2011 10:40 AM

I've been a stalker on this board for years (not this one particularly, but the site in general). I had my stint with induction but, well, yeah....

I kind of like the Hungry Girl cookbooks. I know these cookbooks aren't really low-carb (or vegetarian for that matter) per se but I love to cook and play with new recipes so I find these kind of nice for a really basic starting point. Usually I'll just start from scratch, but having something to work with helps some days.

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