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A good endo in the Pittsburgh area? (And any advice for a newbie!)

Hello everyone :-)

I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I've suspected thyroid issues could be the cause of my exhaustion, terrible brain fog, weight gain, non existent libido etc. for a while, but never had a doctor take me seriously when my tsh came back normal. I recently relocated and found a GP and when I described what I was going through he immediately suspected my thyroid and ran test to check my tsh and to look for antibodies. I still have a normal tsh level (1.76) but I do have antibodies. I also had an ultrasound and he said that my thyroid appears "lumpy" but that he wouldn't act on it now and wants to wait and recheck everything in 6 months. I thought I was getting somewhere.

I am miserable :-( I'm only 25. I should not feel this terrible all of the time. I would really like to consult a specialist and confirm that waiting is the best route. Is that silly? Should I just follow what my GP says?

Does anyone else have experience with Hashimoto's without hypothyroidism? Can anyone recommend someone who will help treat symptoms? I went gluten free about 6 weeks ago hoping it would help (I have a lot of stomach problems too) I do feel a bit more energy and definitely less stomach issues, but still no where near my old self. My mom, aunt, and grandmother all have hypothyroidism and my mothers other sister has Hashi.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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I have Hashi's, and I know that a good thyroid doctor will treat based on symptoms as well as labs. Usually, the TSH for 'treatment' is 3.0, but most thyroid doctors will treat someone with a TSH of 2.0 IF the individual has symptoms. So you're close, and a good thyroid doctor may give you Rx.

The reason they try to delay as long as possible is because once you begin taking thyroid hormones, it's for life.

The only way I know to find a good thyroid doctor is to ask any friends you know (I was amazed after my diagnosis how many of my friends are hypothyroid, and I didn't know it.)

Another resource is a local pharmacist--they know all the 'good' doctors, and if you know the pharmacist, he or she may share that information with you.

I see a great endo (NY), but my sister has had no luck finding a good endo, and she has an excellent thyroid doctor who is an internist. So the specialty isn't as important as the doctor's 'savvy' about thyroid issues.

I'm sorry that I don't know your area, and I wish you well in finding a good thyroid doctor.
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Old 11-01-2014, 06:28 PM   #3
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I live in the South Hills. You need to find a doctor who will not just test
TSH. You need to be tested for T3, T4 and Reverse T3. I love my doctor, Aldino Pierotti in Shadyside. He does not accept insurance because he hates insurance companies and what they have done to the medical industry, and because he wants to be free to test and treat as he feels is necessary, not as insurance allows. I submit my receipts to insurance for reimbursement (not great, but I get something back).

He does not rely on TSH. In fact, he often doesn't even test for it on my panels. He hates synthroid because it often increases Reverse T3 (and doctors who put you on it will never test for Reverse T3 and tell you your labs are fine!) He uses compounded thyroid meds with the dosage you need, or any natural dessicated thyroid hormone. He is a great doctor, worth the extra I have to spend in my opinion. Oh and he does a huge panel with new patients testing for everything you could possibly have (Quest nicknamed him Dr Blood lol). After 22 years of battling Candida, he is the first doctor that not only acknowledged that it exists, but tested for and treated it. I'm finally cured! He also tested for underlying infections that were keeping my immune system suppressed and thus the candida. Turned out I had Epstein Barr.

Another doctor who my sister sees for her Hashi's is Dr Evron in Bethel Park. He is one of the top endo's in the country. Unfortunately, he relies heavily on TSH and Synthroid. But if you are an informed patient, are specific about what you want tested and how you want to treat it (NDT definitely) he will work with you. He's reasonable with educated patients. I haven't heard of him acknowledging or testing for underlying infections though and I have several friends who see him.

Learn all you can. www.Stopthethyroidmadness.com is an amazing resource if you haven't found it already. And the book Root Cause too.

Good Luck!
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