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Avicenna 03-15-2014 01:56 AM

Thyroid doctor in London? (again)
Can anyone recommend a private doctor in London who is willing to consider thyroid treatment for people who are borderline hypothyroid according to UK standards?

I was thinking of visiting Dr Skinner next time I am in the UK, but I see that he has passed away.

On the good advice of someone on this board last year, I went to a naturopath in London who was very helpful and who I would definitely recommend, however I'd like to look into someone who will is willing to explore conventional medication because I am still having issues.

watcher513 03-30-2014 03:49 PM

Avicenna, do an internet search for Thyroid UK - List of Private Doctors and Practitioners.

Avicenna 04-03-2014 10:55 PM

Thanks, actually I got the list from them last year but I was looking for personal recommendations.

Anyway, I just went down the list from Thyroid UK and emailed them and picked one of them who responded to me (not everyone did). I went to see Dr Adenyi-Jones at Genesis Wellness and I was favourably impressed - not only that he seemed very competent, but also that he took the time to listen to me and ask questions and consider symptoms as a whole. (Something every medical practitioner should do). So, I feel it was money well spent, although initially I was hesitant about the cost.

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