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ifthespiritmovesme 01-03-2014 05:36 PM

About thyroid and pregnancy
Strange thing in my family...Mother (RA), sister (hyperthyroid-thyroid removed), and me (hypo). When we become pregnant, we gain very little weight (like 13 lbs.) and at delivery lose 40-50 lbs. The joke between us is that if we want to lose weight, we should just get pregnant. Finding out that the immune system is suppressed during pregnancy makes sense to me why this is happening. If we are suffering from autoimmune diseases, when the immune system is suppressed, our thyroid, etc. is actually able to function properly. Any opinions on this??

Parislib 01-12-2014 03:06 PM

Hello! I actually developed hypothyroidism during pregnancy and was told by my doctor that its common. I had the opposite experience but one thing I've learned talking to folks with this condition is that its different for everyone! So that may be true for you where it wasnt for me! It would be great to hear from an expert.

Doing It Right 01-12-2014 08:45 PM

lurking here, hoping more chime in. I did some of the same, but not all.

I've got 2 kids 17 & 22, weighed 160 when I got pregnant with both, only gained 5-10 lbs each time and came home from the hospital weighing less and in a smaller size than the day I got pregnant. They were both 9 lb babies too. The kicker was over the next 6 months I rapidly gained 75 lbs. I tried everything to get it off and couldn't until they each turned 3, then it was like the weight melted off, as rapidly as it was gained. The Dr's of course said eat less, move more. I wasn't overeating, after all I barely gained at all when pregnant.

Still don't know how it all fits together, but I've been battling thyroid issues now for 10 years (hypo), and now know I have hashi's. I suspect something about having those babies made me swing hyper, than hypo after delivery.

Hope you get some answers

Parislib 01-13-2014 05:11 AM

This maybe an explanation for those with a hyper period--I thought it was interesting:

"The classic description of postpartum thyroiditis includes thyrotoxicosis followed by hypothyroidism. Not all women demonstrate evidence of going through both phases; approximately 1/3 of patients will manifest both phases, while 1/3 of patients will have only a thyrotoxic or hypothyroid phase. The thyrotoxic phase occurs 1-4 months after delivery of a child, lasts for 1-3 months and is associated with symptoms including anxiety, insomnia, palpitations (fast heart rate), fatigue, weight loss, and irritability. Since these symptoms are often attributed to being postpartum and the stress of having a new baby, the thyrotoxic phase of postpartum thyroiditis is often missed. It is much more common for women to present in the hypothyroid phase, which typically occurs 4-8 months after delivery and may last up to 9 –12 months. Typical symptoms include fatigue, weight gain, constipation, dry skin, depression and poor exercise tolerance. Most women will have return of their thyroid function to normal within 12-18 months of the onset of symptoms. However, approximately 20% of those that go into a hypothyroid phase will remain hypothyroid."
Postpartum Thyroiditis | American Thyroid Association

watcher513 01-13-2014 05:54 AM

In many instances, being pregnant triggers hypothyroidism.

ifthespiritmovesme 01-16-2014 10:53 AM

wow - Great info - thank you all so much!!

ifthespiritmovesme 01-16-2014 10:59 AM

Weird thing - I stayed skinny for 10 years before I started going hypo again..That seems very unusual...

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