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Agee 12-19-2013 04:04 PM

My legs are like rubber - is this the Hashi's?
So I'm on the lowest possible dose of Armour, will see my doc. on Jan.6 to hopefully up it. I started about a month ago and on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is in the bed, when I went to see her I was at a 2, now at a 4.
Anyhoo, I have been feeling "well" enough to attempt some very basic exercise. I've gone on a few walks (1-2 miles), done a little stretching and light yoga. Yesterday I walked about a mile and a half with my friends and all day today my legs have felt like rubber. SO tired. Before the armour I was achy, but this is different. Just tired legs.
I'm assuming this is a Hashi's thing. Does anyone else have this?
Also - if anyone has a recommendation for an thyroid message board I'd love to hear it. I'm on the Stop the Thyroid Madness board on Facebook but they all screamed at me that my dr. was a hack b/c she wouldn't up my armour every 2 weeks and I know if I posted something about my legs they would start screaming about that again.

LVrooman 12-20-2013 06:34 PM

In my case, (Hashimoto's since 2009, diagnosed in 2011) all the dietary changes REDUCED my protein intake, and THAT caused muscular issues. Muscles need protein, they don't care if it's animal or vegetable. I had trouble with it until I 'spiked' it with Earthrise brand Spirulina. In two weeks, I knew I was better, and within a month the issue was gone, and has not returned. I do not know if this is your specific problem, just something to think about. (I'm on Armour too) The best of luck in finding your solution.

KeirasMom 12-26-2013 02:19 PM

I've not been diagnosed with Hashimoto's, though I'm fairly certain I have it, just based on my long term history. Soon before my hypothyroid diagnosis, I started falling down periodically, for no real reason. It didn't seem like my balance or coordination were too "off", but I took a couple of very nasty spills. Then, just a few weeks before my diagnosis, I was skating with my daughter and a friend. I never had problems skating. That day, my legs just felt like mush; like they couldn't support my weight. I would do one lap around the rink and then have to rest for 15 minutes. This sounds sort of like what you're going through, so maybe it is related.

I've been pretty well regulated on my medication (I only take Synthroid) for around a year now, and I don't have this issue at all anymore.

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