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MargD 09-20-2013 10:02 AM

Pharmacy Difficulty
Shortly after starting this thread, I saw my doctor. He didn't think my levels were cause for concern, so he recommended some supplements. He said if the supplements didn't help, I could come back and he would prescribe medication.

I tried the supplements, which didn't help. I went back to my doctor yesterday and, true to his word, he agreed to write a prescription. He asked if I had a preferred medication and I said I wanted something desiccated, specifically Armour. He said he preferred Naturethroid, which is also desiccated, 32.5 mg, which I believe is 1/2 grain.

Unfortunately, I took the prescription to Walgreen's in the evening. They called me a few minutes after I dropped off my prescription to say Naturethroid isn't made in the amount my doctor prescribed (this contradicts STTM). This morning, I talked with a different pharmacy tech who had a very thick accent. She, I think, said that they don't carry Naturthroid, but I'm not completely sure. She called my doctor and they settled on changing the prescription to Armour.

I'm just wondering if it was a mistake to go to Walgreen's? Has anyone else had difficulty filling a prescription for thyroid meds?

Is there a big difference between Naturethroid and Armour?

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