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Weezy 06-17-2013 09:52 AM

Found a good thyroid doc!
Hi all...I've been lurking here for a while (and I don't even post much in the Main Lobby). However, I wanted to let you know about an N.D. I found who seems to be really tuned into the subtleties of thyroid.

I found her through an article posted in here by a Dr. Martin Milner (Center for Natural Wellness in Portland, OR) where he talked about research on T3 and sleep in older women. Since I have chronic insomnia I'm trying to fix, I read it. THEN I noticed that Milner practiced in Portland...I live in Seattle and was willing to make the drive.

So I called the clinic. Milner is expensive (about $500 for the first appointment), but I was told I could see a resident for about half that. She practices under the guidance of Dr. Milner. I decided to see her and am very happy I did.

Dr. Redding is a VERY good N.D. already and I just hope she stays within driving distance of me. She ordered all of the thyroid tests (including reverse T3), anitTPO, and lots of hormone tests including a cortisol "spit" test.

When the results came back, my thyroids were all "in the middle of the range." I have the results, but just not with me now. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I don't need treatment! I've been on Armour for years (2 grains/daily split dose), but she acknowledged that the test results aren't optimum for me because I feel crappy all the time.

She prescribed some supplements to help with cortisol issues (which is another story).

So I've started on a compounded thyroid that matches the Armour dose and we are now in the process of adjusting/tweaking the T3/T4 dosages to see what works best for me. From here on out, she'll adjust dosages based only on how I feel and not on lab results--she trusts my own body knowledge! (And after years of arguing about thyroid with doctors, that's fabulous!)

According to her, she and Dr. Milner have seen many post-menopausal women who respond better to higher levels of T3 and lower levels of T4, but it is very personalized and the dosages need to be tweaked differently for everyone.

I know it will take a while to tweak, but now I communicate with her via phone and email (after driving down for two in-person consultations). I'm happy to be patient because I know we're working on improving things. Now that I know how I'm responding to the first compounded thyroid, I can't wait to try the first real tweak in increasing the T3 and lowering the T4. I should get those pills in a week or so.

I've had a lifetime of messed up hormones (non-cystic PCOS for starters), probably high cortisol for decades, and I can't do any hormones at all now because I've had breast cancer. So far, with the exception of Dr. Redding, the doctors have all just said there's nothing to be done...grr....M.D.s keep trying to prescribe anti-depressants for me but I'm NOT depressed.

It's so nice to meet a doctor who (a) really seems to know thyroid and hormone subtleties; (b) is willing to truly listen and trusts me to know my own body; and (c) is perfectly fine with my low carb/ketogenic lifestyle. For the first time in decades, I'm optimistic that I'll get some energy again and feel "well" every day, instead of dragging through my days feeling foggy, half-dead, and sick.


Mistizoom 06-17-2013 10:20 PM

Congrats on finding a good doc! Sounds like a very successful appointment.

watcher513 06-18-2013 02:23 AM


positivity 06-27-2013 06:06 AM

Always so good to hear there are still great doctors out there! Good for you!!!

inatic 06-29-2013 05:50 AM


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