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Hopefulsweigh 06-06-2013 08:09 AM

Any Insight to help me talk with doc
April 2 labs -
TSH - 2.73 range .30-5.60
T4 Free - 10.6 range 7.2-21.0
Free T3 - 3.9 range 2.9-6.0

April 19th Prescribed 30mg of dessicated thyroid hormone. I called pharmacy and it is pork based with T3 and T4, so I am assuming this is like Armour? I am Canadian.

May 21st Lab- TSH - 2.18 range .30-5.60. In my error T3 and T4 were not tested but I had gained 5 pounds so doc increased dose.

MAY 29 - Increased dose of thyroid hormone to 60mg

June 4 - Gained another 5-7 pounds. Feel depressed. Lethargic.

I have also been prescribed testosterone, progesterone and DHEA.

Given the rapid weight gain and the tank in mood - I'm wondering if I do have a thyroid issue.

I went to see and endo last year who only tested TSH and told me I was fine. I wasn't I was having extreme mood swings but at that time did not see a relation between the two.

I am now paying out of pocket for this integrative doc. She says my thyroid can be optimized...I say sure. Now I don't know.

I called the office yesterday and cried to her secretary because this is what really upsets me

My weight increase

April 1 - 144
April 15 - 144

April 19 -Started taking testosterone and thyroid hormones

May 1- 150
May 19- 151.6
May 21- 153.5

May 29th - increased doses of thyroid and testosterone

May 30 - 152.4
June 4 and 5th - 157.8

Does anyone have any insight? I have not taken the thyroid meds yesterday or today.

I do have a phone appt with the doc later this afternoon, so I will follow proper channels. Not sure how to proceed.

Lokarbiebarbie 06-06-2013 08:40 AM

Other 'hormones' inhibit incoming Armour (or T4 or T3). Everytime you come up in Armour...(and are you splitting your dose? You need to be splitting it maybe and take the second dose about five hours after the first), and then you add testosterone and progesterone....it 'binds' the Armour in the bloosdstream (no matter what time you are taking it).

My doctor tests 'specifically' for half life of Armour (and yes, that's Armour you're getting and Canada has the best kind...not full of filler) after my split half dose, he takes my blood about five to six hours after. That tells him how I'm 'utilizing' my T3 (and I'm talking FREE T3 and FREE T4).

One GRAIN (60mg) of Armour is NOT a lot of hormone,,that's approx. 37mcg. of T4 and approx. 9mg. of T3.

It takes TIME...and yes, she is right, she WILL optimize you. Do you have your tests before she RX'd the Testosterone and progesterone? Is the prog. transdermal (rub on) or is it oral? I puffed up like a blowfish with oral progesterone (prometrium) on only 50mg. Ai yi yi!! I was only eight pounds up but three SIZES (thank goodness lowcarbing with NO sugar or flour corrected that a bit...I could gain ten pounds and only be up one size on lowcarb, lol). DHEA further puffed me up....agads!!! Did NOTHING for me...at all but make me feel sluggish and puff up.

When put on transdermal compounded progesterone (and eight MONTHS down the road...of testing, adjusting, testing adjusting...I'm tellin' ya..it takes TIME..I was glad I did the year and a half with my great doctor) and didn't puff, dropped the DHEA (up to you...), added estradiol (gel transdermal) and went from one grain (60mg. ) to three grains by the end of year and a half..stayed strict lowcarb...and voila...!! LOST the weight and felt better.

It's called 'balancing' the hormones and it's a juggling act. Take s LONG LONG time...but you need to SEE your: FT4, FT3, test. FREE testosterone, estradiol, and progesterone. Oh, and DHEA.

I'm sure you KNOW how DIFFICULT it is to get a doctor to do Armour where you live. ?? Yes, it is...

And, if you don't mind...what is your age? And also your estradiol testing results. :)

Hopefulsweigh 06-06-2013 09:42 AM

Thanks for your reply Lokarbie. I'm 41.

No I am not splitting the dose. Taking 60mg in the morning at least 30 mins before eating. Based on my original lab tests do you think I even need these?

The progesterone is oral. Taking from Day 12-26. Day 12 is tomorrow...oh no more weight gain?:cry: and DHEA too :stars:.

Labs before meds
Progesterone - 46.3 range 16.4-59.0
Estradiol 703 - range 350-1590
Testosterone .9 range .4-2.6

Lokarbiebarbie 06-06-2013 03:21 PM

Wow...no way my doc would have put me on test. and progesterone (especially oral) (and that IS bioidentical progesterone, RIGHT? Not synthetic 'progeSTIN'??) with those number. Yeah, maybe the progesterone, but the testosterone..no..usually until you are balanced with both estradiol and prog. do they add testosterone. Goodness!

Yeah, many taking oral progesterone gain water weight. Particularly if their estradiol isn't 'balanced' to the progesterone.

Do you have a TPO AB test?

I, personally would want Armour if my FT3 looked like yours.

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