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krow134 05-01-2013 06:14 AM

question about t3
So I was having female issues and went to the gynie. She ran blood work and a few other tests (sonograms). She came back to say that my FSH is 47 and my Estrogen is 15, which places me in premature menopause at 38 years old.

So looking around the internet and finding that this is usually (not always) cause by autoimmune issue. Now gynie also ran thryoid tests because her and I both thought it was a thyroid issue. Here premature menopause and thryoid have alot of same symptoms.

my results were:

TSH 1.930 (range 0.3-3.74)
T4 1.07 (range 0.76-1.46)
T3 Uptake 31 (range 31-39)

The T3 is what I am wondering about because it is running low normal according to range. I know from researching that the T3 affects the pituitary, which also affects FSH and Estrogen. She said however my testostrone, and those things were within range. Would I look like an idiot when I go to my general doctor tomorrow to ask about the T3? I have to go because my cholesterol and trigylcerides are way to high, and it goes hand in hand with premature menopause also. I am kinda dumbfounded over the premature menopause diagnosis, and if its as autoimmue origin, I would like that looked at to see if maybe the pituitary is an issue to all this.

Reading what I can on T3 but its all a bit confusing to me. Most of the sites I have found have medical terms that start throwing me lol! I mean it may be just a "meant to be" thing with my body and the premature menopause, but I just want to make sure its not something else being overlooked. I might be pulling at threads, but I want to make sure before I give up and except this.

Lokarbiebarbie 05-01-2013 08:01 AM

That's not a T3 test. That's actually a T4 binding test in disguise. You want a Free T3 test.

I went fully menopausal at 34 cuz of thyroid disease untreated...I went years seeing doctors who didn't know thyroid treatment well..they would do tests like TSH and just T4...you'll also want TPO AB to check for autoimmune Hashimoto's (hypothyroidism, the most common type, treated as any other).

So...you haven't had a T3 test at all, and your T4 test is a Total T4.

Totals (TT4, TT3) only show what's 'in the body running around', but Free (FT4, FT3) show what's usable. You can have VERY high T4, but very low FT4, you can have GREAT FT4 but not be able to convert it into T3, which is the usable thyroid hormone that gives us energy, and libido, and great skin, hair, etc.

If you want a FT4, FT3, and TSH (it comes as a panel) you CAN request and pay for it online and they send you to a lab near you and report back to you (you can get TPO AB too, but you may want to do that later.,..). I have used healthcheckusa many times, and it's under 100 dollars for that panel (FT4, FT3, TSH) I don't work for them, I'm not 'advertising' for them, I do believe there are a dozen online labs or more.

OH, and FSH is about as innocuous a test as TSH is...it just shows a 'range'..what you REALLY need is estradiol progesterone (when progesterone DROPS, which is the first hormone to go in peri..the thyroid tries to do 'it's job' and that's when the thyroid also drops..you may need progesterone badly) as a start.

There is now a Holtorf Clinic in Pennsylvania, I suggest you search for it.

krow134 05-01-2013 08:40 AM

Now see I know she ran the thyroid panel. I remember seeing in on the paperwork. But those above were the only ones I had listed when results came back. I asked for a copy of all the blood work but there is a page missing. I only have 2 of the 3.

She did say FSH alone doesnt tell the tale but when high FSH combined with low estrogen its a definite. So I was going by that as her conformation. She said another level she checked also showed I am not releasing eggs, and there are no cysts on my ovaries and that shows menopause also. Like I said I am not totally convinced that this is what it is. Only because I have been having issues since I was 35 and it took 4 years to come back menopause?!?! I still believe its PCOS without the cysts....but that estrogen level threw that off.......PCOS usually produces high estrogen.

I have an appointment tomorrow with GP to talk about my lipid panel Cholesterol is 264 and trig are 234, and my A1c is 5.6 which is starting to get up there.....all this with diet and exercise is what also confuses me..but could be hereditary. I will ask if he will run a full thyroid panel for me because of my doubts.

My main concern was the weight gain, which was almost overnight. I was 207lbs a year ago, diet and exercise I got down to 159 and since jan. even continuing watching calories and still running daily I am back at 184 with no reason. Which gynie said also is a menopause issue....I have to have all this retested in 6 months time. She doesnt want to do any hormone meds until a 2nd blood test. Her concern at the moment is the lipid and A1c results, because in menopause those levels will get worse.

edit to add: I know she ran the Free t's because I seen it and was very happy to see it on the paperwork. I need to call thier office and see about that missing page.

Lokarbiebarbie 05-01-2013 05:30 PM

The seven years I spent not able to get good thyroid treatment, I spent near your area. And I travel there every year...and everyone there should be so very excited to know there is a Holtorf clinic in your state. And we know that hypothyroidism, under or untreated raises that lipid panel like crazy. My starting cholesterol (total) was over 300...it's now very low. About four months after getting both T4 and T3, it dropped like a rock. Menopause doesn't even raise lipid panel like un/undertreated hypothyroidism does.

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