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PixieDust1965 04-09-2013 08:28 AM

hello, newbie needs diagnosis
Hello Everyone!

I suspect that I have hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, my doctor does not.

Went to the ER over a week ago with non stop heart palpitations, shakiness, shortness of breath, dizziness.

All tests came back negative except for TSH and T3/T4. TSH came in at 6.1 an T3/T4 normal. The ER doc stated he did not believe that my symptoms were manifest of a thyroid condition.

Followed up with GP/Internist. All tests came back normal except TSH which was now 7.9 with normal T3/T4. GP is stating that he does not believe my symptoms are related to thyroid. He put me on a beta blocker a week ago to address symptoms preemptively prior to testing.

My mother was diagnosed with hypothyroidism ten years ago.

After being unable to complete a heart stress test/echo ( couldn't get heart rate above 100) the GP has now referred me to a cardiologist for evaluation. Due to our inept medical system, I cannot see the cardiologist until May.

I took it upon myself to schedule an appt with an Endocrinologist outside of the hospital practice that I am seeing. I see them on the 18th.

My symptoms include: heart palpatations ( better with beta blocker), soreness in chest plate, tight feeling in neck, stuffy head feeling with a whooshing sensation in my head, cold hands (lifetime after puberty), nervousness, irritability, low energy, cold sensitivity, very tight feeling leg muscles, throbbing breasts, anxiety, etc.. I eat very little and I am approximately 10-15 pounds heavier than my life long norm. I am 47, peri-menopausal but am probably near the end as I hadn't had period in almost a year, but had a very light period three weeks ago. Wondering if there is a connection to my recent symptoms/episode.

I would appreciate hearing any opinions. I feel like I am going to die. The doctors have even suggested generalized anxiety disorder. How would I suddenly develop that after 47 years?

Help? Thank you.

ravenrose 04-09-2013 09:19 AM

oh, sorry you are going though all this! it must be awful. *hugging you tight*

now, Pixiedust, the first thing to deal with is your fear of all this. it's VERY annoying and scary, but chances are that it's NOTHING TO URGENTLY WORRY ABOUT. fact of the matter is, we just get all sorts of nonsense going on as we age, and people still regularly live 40 years longer than you have at this point... so just relax about it.

view it as a mystery you need to solve rather than a life changing worry, please?

you need to get Free T3 and Free T4 tests.

when your TSH is that high, the theory is your body is being stressed to produce more thyroid hormones. if your levels were too high, it seems unlikely that would be the case. but they should do the "free" tests anyway.

I am sure people here will have more thyroid help for you. It's not my strong point.

I think the perimenopause thing is a good possibility too. That is mostly just a matter of bearing with it and waiting it out. It's normal to feel strange during that time.

just try to relax about it. the problem is, once you get anxious about this sort of thing it just snowballs. you start feeling all these symptoms and everything seems scary.

I suggest slow breathing every time this starts to overwhelm you. very slow, deep breathing. look at a clock with a second hand for 10 minutes and see how few breaths per minute you can get it down to. our bodies have a hard time panicking when we are breathing slowly, slowly, slowly.

good luck

PixieDust1965 04-09-2013 12:51 PM

Thanks very much Ravenrose and of course you are correct. I am rationalizing this, but the sensations are so very serious feeling. I went to the store to get some Selenium ( and had that whooshing head, dizzy, breathless episode while out). Perhaps the Selenium will be of benefit. Couldn't hurt. I treat my goats for selenium deficiency, so it is possible that the foods that we eat are also becoming devoid of this nutrient. I cannot believe how much my body has changed in two weeks. 10-15 pound weight gain, loss of waist, swollen breasts, fat hands. Also have carpal tunnel type symptoms...well. anyway, I ramble. Thanks for listening :)

Lokarbiebarbie 04-10-2013 05:03 AM

That's how my hypothyroidism coupled with falling progesterone levels all started. I was post meno before I was 37 though...because of no thyroid treatment.

I know we think endo's are thyroid doctors, but most are not...most do diabetes. So...you might want to give your area (state, not address, lol) if this endo doesn't turn out to be a Free T's doing kind of doc (all 12 in MY area ONLY do a TSH).

Heart palps and the dizziness could be anything from HBP to...whatever. The TSH coming up like that is telling something, and if they didn't give you the results (what ARE your supposedly 'normal' T4, T3's) than you don't know. Normal is a setting on a dryer after all.

Make sure you have a iron and ferritin test, a Vitamin D3 test, and selenium is used for reducing antibody attacks (it doesn't 'turn the thyroid around) also very important to have a TPO AB test (this is the test for hashimoto's hypothyroidism, the most common type of hypothyroidism...mostly women have it, it's autoimmune).

You need to be 'assessed' for hormone levels (and I mean sex hormones too of course).

Best of luck to you...many here have found really great thyroid doctors just 'word of board' here.

PixieDust1965 04-10-2013 09:57 AM

Lokarbiebarbie, thankyou so much for the advice. Can't get into the Endo until next week. Have a call into the Primary to ask for something to give relief. Do you ever get the stuffed up head/sinusy/tight neck feeling accompanied by heart palps, etc?

Lokarbiebarbie 04-10-2013 06:15 PM

Yes, I think a lot of us have that, along with 'air hunger'. Other symptoms for me included plantar fasciitis, costochondritis (ribs ached badly, difficult/painful to breath) and just plain tired out.

It's really difficult to separate the different symptoms between sex hormones (well, yanno...the first hormone to pack up and move out during perimeno/meno is progesterone and when the thyroid gets wind of it leaving...it tries to do the job of the progesterone and it's own job...and fails miserably in most cases).

Sometimes...people get 'lucky' and if they get replacement hormone....the thyroid is ok...but you also have to realize that if you have Hashimoto's that there isn't any 'supplement' that will 'replace' T4 and T3. It's kind of like changing the oil in a car that is missing the motor and expecting it to be alright again, unfortunately.

The heart palp thing is a hallmark of both thyroid and low progesterone...so many of these 'overlap' and 'are the same' that it's critical you get the proper testing..particularly Free T4 and Free T3 testing. What's the diff? Just T4, T3 (called 'total T4, total T3') shows the amount of hormone just circulating in the blood..but Free's show what's 'unbound and usable'. When they do a total T3 on me, it looks pretty good (without hormone/before being replaced)...it's about 1/3 of range (not good enough to feel well)...but when they did the FT3...um..it was the bottom of the range (not a good thing).

Get your research on...the more you 'understand' about how hormones work, and how they work together (or against each other...everytime progesterone/estradiol get raised it kind of unbalances the thyroid, and then the doc raises that and that goes on for a little while) the better you will feel...just knowing what's going on is a good thing. :)

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