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barrycudda 03-24-2013 09:32 PM

Carb sensitivity and slow matabolism?
My Doc says my thyroid is fine. He doesnt believe I have to eat less than 1500 calories a day or not gain weight. I can eat a LOT more if its not carbs. Very annoying as my wife and kids eat bowls of rice and pasta, bread-but little meat.
Has there been any studies on whether carb sensitivity is anyone else like me?

inatic 03-25-2013 04:27 AM

Can you share your thyroid tests, results and lab ranges?

Carol 03-27-2013 09:27 AM

I'M a "study." I'm a girl who fainted many times in high school & was dubbed "epileptic." I was only a few years ago I was diagnosed hypoglycemic (reactive, which means it happens after too many carbs or sugar--not eating at all has little effect). And that diagnosis came with a 4 hour glucose tolerance--not 2, not 3. My father, who was diabetic, also was carb sensitive. He could never eat a high carb breakfast (like me) because he'd be ravenous all day. And as far as thyroid goes, TSH alone isn't a reliable test. A TPO blood test to detect thyroid-attacking antibodies might also help; if you have autoimmune thyroid disease, you may need to be at an "optimal" range to feel well & healthy. Also the range of "normal" has been modified upward in recent years. Best of luck!

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