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Island girl 03-22-2013 11:47 AM

Desperate and frightened
I have just joined this forum looking for answers and help. I have suffered Hypo for the last 13 years, detected at the time I was pregnant with my first born. Have been quite healthy so far but have not been able to control the weight.
Everyone keeps saying eat less excersise more and I am tired of hearing this. I eat very little but not regular exercise. Doctors don't take me seriously as they feel I eat on the sly!! Finally I had to convince my husband how desperate I am to lose 15 kg no matter what I do I gain it back. I read your forum and feel there is no hope for me. Has anyone tried alternate medicine or homeopathic treatment? Can anyone recommend a doctor in Singapore who could seriously help us?

Leo41 03-22-2013 02:53 PM

What thyroid meds (hormones) are you currently taking? When did you last have lab work done to check your hormone levels?

If you're hypothyroid, you should be regularly monitored by a physician, and that doctor is the one you should consult about weight loss. He/she would know whether the issue is your thyroid.

Lokarbiebarbie 03-23-2013 05:13 AM

Yes, you DO need a good doctor, well versed in hypothyroidism. Easier said than done where YOU happen to be, I know. I have a short list, but I'm not sure if it is 'up to date' enough. But at least it will give you a starting place in finding a doctor who may test appropriately and listen.

The first two on the list come quite highly recommended, but the last two have no rec. with them, sorry:

Dr Yeoh Swee Inn, Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist, Gleneagles Medical Centre, #07-10, Singapore, 4732622 / 4732387.

Dr Alex Fok, Endocrinology, 3 Mount Elizabeth #07-07, Singapore 228510, (65) 67346116

Gwee Hak Meng, Endrocrinology, Mount Elizabeth, 62359221

Tan chi Eng, Physician, 04-05 Gleanagle4, Singapore , 64722602

You must realize that thyroid doesn't 'help' with weight loss, but generally doesn't pack on huge amount of weight...but 'working out/exercising' also isn't something we 'want to do' when we aren't feeling well.

Try and be patient, it can sometimes take months and months for thyroid hormone to get into the body and 'work'...I hope this helps you...

Oh, and if you have hypothyroidism, than there is no 'alternative med' actually...there IS, however, 'natural thyroid' made from pig glands on the market...but you do have to have a prescription for that also...thyroid hormone is not to be 'used without a doctor's consent' because it impacts the heart rhythm and a lot of the endocrine systems in the body.

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