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DebM 03-15-2013 11:32 AM

Atenolol and Armour
I am on a tiny dose of Armour 1/4 grain and 25 mg of atenolol a day. I was taking the atenolol about an hour b4 bedtime along with calcium, magnesium and 100 mg of compounded progesterone. Previously I was on compounded prog cream and we decided to try the pill. Still have trouble sleeping.

I'd read that sometimes beta blockers disturb your sleep and so I thought I'd try the beta blocker in the morning, about an hour after taking my armour. When I first started having thyroid issues, even b4 taking the armour an endo put me on the bb because i was have anxiety/panic type attacks. Of course due to my low tsh he thought I was hyper, WASN"T. He wouldn't run the tests.

Fast forward to today, 3 yrs later, I go to Body Logic - hashimotos. My low dose is probably good for me, my blood levels are good. I'm just wondering if the armour, followed by the atenolol an hour later will mess with the armour and lower it's effect. Since I switched to a.m., I've gained about 4-5 lbs. I see my thyroid doc mid April so I can ck with him too. Trouble is my latest labs were done prior to be switching the atenolol to a.m. so it won't show up.

Thoughts? Anyone on both, if so, how do you take it?

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