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NW Ontario Girl 03-14-2013 08:16 AM

Lab results Where do we go from here? Need help please!
My daughter has just turned 15. I have been trying to get her some help since 2011. She suffers from classic hypo symptoms especially tiredness, anxiety, brittle nails, irregular periods, muscle and joint pain and frequent headaches. My family has more members with thyroid disorders than without. My father, all my aunts and uncles, most cousins, all my siblings even all the men. I have had blood work done on my daughter going back to 2011 trying to find out if she is hypo (or anything else that can explain how truly lousy she feels).
In 2011 I managed to get her TSH tested she was at 3.93 (lab range 0.5 to 5.0) I explained the strong family history and symptoms and tried to get free T3, free T4 tests done. I was told she was normal but m8ght be suffering from depression (darn tootin' caused by her thyroid in my humble opinion).I took her to a few different doctors/nurse practitioners and while she was tested for pretty well everything else I couldn't get anyone to budge on more thyroid testing.
Fast forward 1 and a half years. ... she has been getting steadily worse anxiety attacks, is so tired she can barely function at school or home. ....and recently ended up at ER with a severe panic attack. The hospital did a TSH test on admission and it was normal. I thought aha at least they acknowledge a link between thyroid health and mental health. At the intake interview I mentioned the family history, the fact that my sister and my aunt went 15 and 20 years respectively undiagnosed because their TSH always tested normal, and that they got diagnosed after free T3, T4 tests were done. I also told them both my brothers had severe anxiety and panic attacks before they were diagnosed.
The "team" on "the unit" (adolescent psych ward) told me they were willing to look into it further. ..do more tests. They did a single repeat TSH (mid day not fasting) which came back at 1.06. They basically told me that was it its not a thyroid disorder she has panic disorder and thought disorder (ie they think she is schizophrenic but too young to diagnose her). They put her on Seraquil and Prozac. I should note they did an MRI that was absolutely clear and she had a tox screen and was clean for prescription /street drugs.
I had a fit and one of the nurses went to bat for us and we got her free T3 and free T4 tested (finally). Her FT4 was 18 (range 11-22) and her FT3 was 1.6 (range 1.4-3.3) I though aha we've got it. No her FT3 is normal and there is no such thing as low normal .....normal is normal. Is a FT3 this low not a concern? And why would her TSH be so low (1.06) when almost 2 years ago it was almost 4 (could it be the time of day she was tested)
Anybody out there got any thoughs or advice?

inatic 03-14-2013 03:25 PM

keep searching for another dr. call some compounding pharmacies maybe. Canada is tough for thyroid care. :(

NW Ontario Girl 03-15-2013 06:09 AM

Is Minnesota any better I am only 4 hours from Duluth and I have been considering taking her there. .

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