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Agee 02-27-2013 08:48 AM

Feeling really low, could use some encouragement.
The other day I posted this:
Oh Yay, I have Hashimoto's
and since then I've been really down.
My doctor left that message on Friday and I've called the office 3 times and NOTHING. No response.
Clearly I need to find a new doctor. Who does that? 'Hello, you have a disease,' and then no call back, especially when the patient calls + leaves messages. They also were supposed to do some insurance paperwork so I could get foot fungus medication and they haven't done that either.
I am bummed because I liked her and was hoping I could work with her but if they don't bother to return calls then I will have to quit her.
I made an appt. with a different doctor next week but I am just feeling so down about this. I hate that I have to drive around and interview folks. From reading this board and the other thyroid advocacy pages on the internet it seems like I'm going to have to FIGHT for treatment. I hate that. I have a lot of stresses going on in my personal life and I have to take care of so many other people I wish I could find a doctor who would be proactive on my behalf.
Boo hoo. Just needing to vent.

Leo41 02-27-2013 09:36 AM


Don't anticipate the worst just yet. While I had a problem getting diagnosed initially because my primary doctor kept insisting that my thyroid was 'fine,' once I self-referred to a local endo, I've had nothing but good doctors.

I've only had two in the past ten years, both endos, and both superb at treating thyroid. One of the problems I've noticed is that (thanks to pressures from the insurance companies), doctors don't have a lot of time to spend with each patient, so they often neglect to tell you things that are perhaps not 'vital' but good to know. I've tried to educate myself about Hashi's and hypothyroidism, and whenever I have a question for my endo, he's great at explaining things in detail.

So despite the horror stories (which are true; my own sister had a problem finding a decent thyroid doctor until her current internist), some of us have good experiences.

I would never stay with any doctor who did not return my phone calls! I believe that's actually a professional responsibility, and I've never had a doctor who didn't respond.

I wish you luck finding the right physician to manage your Hashi's with you.

Agee 02-27-2013 09:43 AM

So do you think I should go directly to an endocrinologist? I was thinking I'd just try to find a holistic women's dr. who seemed open and proactive instead of an endo. My sister is an endo and she said I didn't need an endo...but I'll get one if that seems like the thing to do.
The dr. I will be seeing next week has articles on her website about bioavailable hormones, adrenal fatigue, correcting low-level thyroid stuff, etc.

Leo41 02-27-2013 10:04 AM

It's difficult to say because it really depends on the doctor rather than the specialty. My sister has Type2 diabetes in addition to being hypothyroid, and she has had terrible experiences with endos--for both conditions. The two excellent doctors she's had (the first retired recently) have been internists, not endos.

Personally, I'm skeptical of a lot of 'holistic' doctors because of negative experiences that friends of mine have had. Both were diagnosed with a zillion issues, 'sold' a boatload of supplements, and never improved. One of them finally saw a standard physician (primary care), and once her thyroid was adequately treated, all her other symptoms were gone. Of course, this is anecdotal.

Another example. The doctor I currently see practices in an endo group (I was referred to him by a retired physician who is a family friend). After I'd been seeing him for a couple of years, I discovered that he's only board certified in internal medicine and not in endocrinology. Normally, I'd only see an endo who is 'board certified.' But it would be tough to find a better doctor! He is warm and encouraging, 'knows his stuff,' and will prescribe based both on labs and symptoms. So it's not really the specialty but the individual that's important, IMO.

When you see this next doctor, just trust your own reactions. Keep in mind that the doctor works for you, and if he/she isn't meeting your needs, you should just move on.

Agee 02-27-2013 10:11 AM

The person I'm seeing next week is a gynecologist who specializes in women + menopause. But since I have a variety of issues, including probably estrogen dominance, I thought she sounded like a decent bet.
I guess I'll see. I am just really pissed at the place I went last week and shocked that they haven't called back or dealt with my prescription. The stinky thing is that the practice also sees my kids, too. I will probably keep them for my kids due to convenience and the fact that there's no real health probs with my kiddos, but it is still annoying.
Why does this have to be so hard?

Lokarbiebarbie 02-27-2013 05:53 PM

I am so sorry you are being dealt this hand. I do have to say that Hashimoto's is 'common'. You aren't, the disease is. Out of allllll the cases of hypothyroidism, 98% are Hashimoto's. So...when they call to let you know the results...they also know that you will be put on replacement hormone. Now it's time for you...to research doctors, go to online sources where other women are talking about who THEY see. (Yahoo groups is a good place to go...look for North Carolina thyroid support board).

I used an endocrinologist at first...but mostly because I have 'other' diseases...and he just happened to be someone who liked using natural methods and hormones, and my doctor referred me to him (no, I didn't 'need' a referral, my insurance at the time didn't require).

About three years later I no longer saw him (the endo) but because I had become stabilized on Armour, and also on bio identical hormones (menopause). Now I just my regular doctor Rx. the Armour (and I was on the Bio HRT for 6 years and then weaned off, and was just fine and dandy.

I have met holistic pracs that know thyroid well, and in some states they cannot rx. hormones and instead they give supplements. That doesn't work well for most. Out of MD's, Specialists, and DO's and holistics, I've found the better thyroid care from DO's. I don't if they get more training or what, but from who I've seen/know, they've been better in MY area.

Some MD's are very good with thyroid...do all the correct tests, etc.

And endocrinologists have the worst 'record' of thyroid care in the USA...they are usually diabetes doctors..BUT...that's not to say there's good ones here and there...in my case, my endo did ONLY thyroid (quite rare, lol).

The website stop the thyroid madness is very good with information...um..how to put this...sometimes I feel, imho, they 'dwell' on some things they shouldn't. Hashi's is just something you have, the antibodies are gonna turn your thyroid off...and you're gonna need replacement. You may need ONLY T4, you may need T4 and T3...you may need iodine, you may need other things....but you'll only know that if you are tested properly (I'm sure reading this you have the 'lightbulb' moment thinking...oh yeah, if they only do a TSH and a T4, then they WON'T know).

Take a moment and also do a simple search of 'Top Thyroid Doctors' and you'll come up with a nifty list of PATIENT RECOMMENDED doctors. This means that some people will tell you THEIR doc is great cuz he wears a white coat. Others will do a lot of 'Oh the doc tor was marvelous cuz he LOOKED at me and let me talk to him'...but the bottom line is that you're an individual and you may have to see more than one doctor to get the care you need.

Last, but not least, hormones aren't like other meds...they take a long time to get into the body and work, and thyroid hormones affect the heart and other organs. So, most treatment is quite slow, and you'll be tested along the way to make sure things are going well....it can be frustrating...after all, antibiotics work in a few days...thyroid hormones can take a year just to 'get up to speed'...so try not to become discouraged.

Erin57 02-27-2013 06:37 PM

:console: I don't have anything to add Agee, just hugs. DH goes to his regualr Dr. now and does fine on Synthroid.

I've done well on the Naturethroid for a few years now.

Agee 02-28-2013 04:42 AM

Thanks for all of the support. I really appreciate it.
I have searched the 'top thyroid doctors' and there are only a few in my area - the closest one isn't taking patients and all the others have super mixed reviews. So I feel like I'm okay just looking around for dr's whose websites have philosophies that seem like they'll be open to looking at the whole picture instead of just TSH.
No call still from the dr. who I saw last week. Appt. was Thursday, she called and left a message that said I had Hashimoto's on Friday, and I've called their office 3 times and no call back.
Who does that?
I think I'm most upset about that.

Lokarbiebarbie 02-28-2013 04:48 AM

Are they on vacation? (The doctor's office/staff). When you called the office did you make another appointment to discuss treatment? I guess I might do that first, just to see how they want to 'treat' (or not). Just holding out hope that perhaps the doc who won't call you back has a good treatment plan...since you tested there, and they called you with result...don't overlook..make another appt. JUST to discuss. Come 'armed and dangerous' with info...specifically about testing (FT4, FT3 vs. just going by TSH, diff. hormones to replace, knowing most start on a very tiny dose of T4...about .25mcg....and then get raised very slowly...etc.)

Agee 02-28-2013 05:25 AM

They tested me for antibodies because I asked them to, not based on symptoms or even what they normally do. 2 years ago a different dr. (2 hours from my house - I've been looking for someone closer ever since) tested me and my antibodies were raised but not enough to be Hashimoto's.
I don't know if they are open to testing me further. I don't know their philosophy. I am very turned off by them not calling me back after 3 calls over almost a week. I also asked for a copy of the test results and I haven't gotten them.
I'll call their appt. line this morning and see if I can figure out why the dr. hasn't gotten back with me. That's probably the smartest thing to do. Maybe something bad happened.

Agee 02-28-2013 09:26 AM

So get this: I called this morning, AGAIN, and spoke to the receptionist who patched me through directly to my dr's voice mail where I expressed my shock at not getting called back, etc. I asked for the results to be mailed to me and said I was going to see another dr.
10 minutes later my dr's nurse called me and said, "I got a message you called. There's something in my box about an insurance form. That'll take a week to get your prescription" The script is for my toenail fungus medication that was called in a week ago - that day the pharmacy sent the auth. form to my dr's office, then they sent it again yesterday since there had been no response.
I told the nurse that I had left several messages and no one had gotten back with me. I said that I wanted my test results sent to me. She said she'd have to get the dr. to sign off on it - I said I had asked at my visit that I get this and I expected it to be sent.
NO sorry from anyone.
Makes me furious.

Shortie 02-28-2013 11:39 AM


Originally Posted by Agee (Post 16286106)
I said that I wanted my test results sent to me. She said she'd have to get the dr. to sign off on it - I said I had asked at my visit that I get this and I expected it to be sent.
NO sorry from anyone.
Makes me furious.

You have every right to have a copy of your test results, you shouldn't have to fight or have the Doc sign off on getting a copy. My Endo automatically gives me a copy of my results when I see him to discuss the results.
If it were me I would find a new doctor, but I understand how frustrating that is and not easy either. I went through 3 Endos before I found the one I am going to now.
BTW I have Graves' disease, but my Mother-In-Law was dx with Hashi last year.

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