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kvtlove 02-11-2013 11:32 AM

confused with results- help!!
i got some tests done to try and pinpoint whats triggering my ANA Titer. my thyroid was tested before, and everything came back normal. however, i asked for more specific tests to be done and these are the results:

thyroglobulin antibodies <20 (normal)
thyroglobulin 36.6 ng/ml (abnormal, range 2.0-35.0)
TSH (normal)
T4, free (normal)
T3, Total 75 ng/dl (abnormal, range 76-181

if anyone has any insight, i'd really appreciate it!! :]]

Lokarbiebarbie 02-11-2013 04:03 PM

You didn't put the result for the TSH, and having a Total T3 (which is what you show) and a FREE T4 is like apples and oranges. A total shows what's in the blood...but a Free shows what's being used and available...and it can really vary widely. So..suggest you go back, get a T3 FREE and a T4 free (what's the result for it??). You may have Hashimoto's...but you may not...and most of us see these type of results..my thyroid doctor's range for that TPO AB is in numbers, not just a 'normal under blah blah'. I had TPO AB done four times in three years...and it was like yours...nothing to really treat..BUT my FT4 and FT3 were barely in range..like yours. Once I started treatment, the doctor did the TPO AB one more time (and an ultrasound which clearly showed hashi's) and it was sky high.

ANA titre is generally also something that goes up with things like Lupus and arthritis (rheumatic) and can even be 'ticked up' by having had mononucleosis (which you'd have an EBT titre raised also to show that).

How HIGH is your ANA titre is what you'd want to know. Mine is a little high..but I have autoimmune disease, and arthritis, and Hashimoto's, and osteoporosis and asthma, and use steroids..and so on. It's an individual thing. You might want to see a thyroid doctor who does all those tests and also treats autoimmune disease.

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