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goose1 12-07-2012 12:34 PM

Need help with some numbers
I've got a couple of questions about my daughter and I.

I've been treated for hypothyroid for the last 17 years. When I look back I'm pretty sure I needed help years before that. I just found out in the summer that Hypothyroid is all through my Dad's side of the family. Here are the numbers that I'm needing some help with. These are Canadian numbers

Thyroperoxidase Ab 40 <35
TSH 6.1 .38-5.5
FT4 13.8 10.5-20
FT3 4.4 3.5-6.5
TIBC 72 37-72
Iron Saturation .22 .20-.55

Currently I'm taking 112mcg of Synthyroid and 5mcg Cytomel(twice a day) The questions I have are, The Thyroperoxidase being out of range, is this showing me that I have an autoimmune disease(Hashi's)? Also the TIBC being at the very top range and the Iron Saturation at the low end, is this showing me that I'm low on Iron?

My daughter, she has been having hair loss, aching bones and joints, tired muscles, tired, can't sleep at night, cranky/moody, bruising.

Vit B-12 175 150-650
Ferritin 29 15-180
TSH 4.7 .38-5.5
Throperoxidase Ab 33 <35

Neutrophils 1.4 2-7.5
Platelet count 170 150-400

She had a lot of other things tested but everything else was in the mid range.

On the Lab results it says that the Ferritin levels show a probable iron deficiency and the TSH levels shows subclinical Hypothyroid. As far as I understand low Iron and B-12 can happen with hypothyroid. Her antibodies test is not out of range but close to it, does it show a probable autoimmune disorder?

The 2 that bother me the most are the Neutrophil and Platelets, they can be low because of anemia or an autoimmune disorder, but they can also indicate a bone marrow problem.

She is going to the Dr again on Tuesday, I'll be with her. Anybody have any input on what we should be asking the Dr? I'm not really worried about my own, I just hate to see her this way.


goose1 12-10-2012 11:39 AM

Anyone have any input?

lark595 01-06-2013 10:40 AM

Iron info
I take straight t3 and even it won't work if my iron is low. So I supplement with iron and get blood tests every 6 months to make sure I don't have too much iron (dangerous).
I don't take much iron - liquid Geritol with 18 mg per dose - and only twice a week. But if I miss it I get cold, muscles ache, eyes are puffy, I sleep more, etc.
I notice a difference the same day that I take the iron. My hands and feet are warm, and I feel great.
I also have to take zinc, B12, and selenium for the thyroid to work.
Tests should be iron panel - TIBC, Ferritin, % Sat, Serum Iron. I look for ferritin to be in the top 25% of the range.
This website has good info: Iron Disorders Institute:: Home

Emmaline 01-07-2013 03:55 PM

That high a TSH would be deadly for me, it shouldn't be that high if you're on meds. Both T's are on the low side.

Is your daughter on meds? That makes a big difference when talking about labs...

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