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Plum 11-19-2010 06:02 AM

chlorine & fluoride destroy thyroid???
I just got a copy of STTM and began reading intensely.
It says that chlorine & fluoride destroy thyroid :eek:& that they are both added in our water and that they have been used to reduce thyroid function in hyper cases.....

So question???? If I am taking Armour by chewing it up and then swallowing with a glass of tap water.......is the water just destroying the Armour?:confused:

So what does one do???:stars: not use tap water, you'd have to have a pretty fancy filter system to get rid of fluoride and chlorine.......??????

Leo41 11-19-2010 07:10 AM

I had read something similar and asked my endo if I needed to get one of those filters (forgot the name) that will eliminate all fluoride and chlorine (they cost about $350 and have to be installed by a plumber).

He said that it wasn't a problem--that the levels of those chemicals are carefully monitored and not a problem. Supposedly green tea is bad for us, since it's processed with fluoride, but I drink a lot of green tea, and there's no evidence that it has any effect on my thyroid (my levels have been fairly constant for a long time).

In addition, if anything is affecting the absorption of your meds, that should be apparent in your check ups when the doctor checks your hormone levels.

I think we can drive ourselves crazy over all the things that can affect the thyroid, but, according to my endo, even soy (which I totally avoid) would not be a problem unless we consumed a great quantity as a standard part of our diet.

When I read these things, I always check with my doctor before I panic.

Plum 11-19-2010 08:16 PM

so you're saying "BREATHE"...........got it...breathing now.:o

thank you....

CherylB 08-05-2013 07:56 PM

This is a very old thread, but I'd like to revive it. I just found out that there is Chlorine and Fluoride in the water where I work (a farm) and I drink tons of water. I have been having a lot of trouble with my weight these days and I wonder if the problems I'm experiencing are related to the large quantities of water I drink over there.

I asked for a water report for the program director, so she would know what we were giving to our horses. Then I read that we have both those things in the water and it dawned on me. I'm drinking that #%&@ too!

I have Hashimoto's. I'd love to hear how those of you who have the same things in your water supply and hypothyroidism; how do you deal with it? What is an appropriate way to cleanse the drinking water? Do we have to rely on bottled water? :annoyed: I don't even trust that that stuff is "purified."

Leo41 08-06-2013 04:14 AM

I have already responded in this thread, and I have Hashi's. My endo has told me that the amounts in our drinking water are not a problem.

We recently had some supplemental well water added to my city water, and I wasn't happy with the taste, so I got one of those pitchers that filter water. However, the reports on our water (our town sends out regularly) show that the level of the chemicals is well below that allowance, so I'm probably filtering only for taste.

Unless your water is contaminated in some way, there should be no problem. I think there are regulations that require monitoring of all water systems and notifications when there are problems.

Lokarbiebarbie 08-06-2013 05:16 AM

When town municipalities first started adding fluoride to water, they tended to 'overdo' it. The damage was caused BACK THEN when we were young. It doesn't 'just go away'. It doesn't have a LOT to do with what's in your water NOW (it's still too much, and the tooth cleanings and fluoride treatments at your dentists aren't something you want to do if you have hypothyroidism OR want your children to have if it's in your family).

'Well below allowance' doesn't mean 'won't hurt you'. But...we with thyroids that are replaced with incoming hormones don't have to worry much...we're already 'dead in the water' with our thyroids...it's the KIDS we have to be concerned about.

My thyroid doctor has information on this and shares it with his patients, and has for years and years. If you have thyroid disease in your family, you want to be careful with your children/grandchildren having fluoride toothpaste (especially when they are very young) and fluoride tooth treatments.

A lot of people who are in their late 50's and older have thyroid disease that's been triggered by the fluoride treatments we received in school in a program designed to diminish tooth decay.

The amounts in drinking water were definitely a problem for a long time, and even now...if you are going to have Hashimoto's (family members have it)...it can certainly be 'triggered' by that. (It can also be triggered by virus (EBV) and smoking, and other chemicals that we use in hair and body products).

Bottom line is to protect the young people in family if family is predisposed to it.

CherylB 08-06-2013 09:17 AM

Thank you both for responding. How interesting! "Dead in the water." :laugh: :cry: That's about how my metabolism is right now.

comanchesue 08-07-2013 12:02 PM

[QUOTE=CherylB;16547265]This is a very old thread, but I'd like to revive it. I just found out that there is Chlorine and Fluoride in the water where I work (a farm) and I drink tons of water. I have been having a lot of trouble with my weight these days and I wonder if the problems I'm experiencing are related to the large quantities of water I drink over there.

Is drinking this water relatively new?

CherylB 08-07-2013 02:09 PM

Well, I used to bring my own water from home which is from a different town with a different water supplier. I then used to drink the bottled water they provide for volunteers and staff but they sometimes run out. So I started just drinking the tap water with ice (either from a bag, bought from a store or cubes made from same water.)

So yes, it's relatively new that I've been drinking that water. And I drink a lot of water when I'm working because I sweat a lot in this heat. I'm hearing what everyone is saying here but I am going to stop drinking the water there. If you aren't supposed to use fluoride toothpaste etc, why would I want to take in chlorine and fluoride in "acceptable amounts"? My water from home has neither of those things. (I got a water report a while back.)

I have a Brita pitcher but it doesn't help with some things. Does nothing for Chlorine; not sure about fluoride. Anyway, I googled it , this thread came up, I'm a LCF person so I decided to post my concern. Thanks for all the responses.

Lokarbiebarbie 08-08-2013 05:56 AM

CherylB, are you hormone replaced for thyroid? If so, are you on both T4 and T3?

I generally know 'something is off' with my dosage if I start getting weight gain creep up (especially if I've been adhering to my eating plan).

Most experience throat soreness, tightness or a goiter if the water is affecting...not weight gain.

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