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Dottie 07-23-2003 02:51 PM

How to report a PM or Post to the admins:
IF you get an inapproprioate PM, you need to forward the entire PM to me or Cheri OR, if it's too long to send with a message about what it's for, e-mail it to me, Cheri or Lo at our atkinsfriends.com e-mail account. Copy the entire message and paste it to the e-mail box.

IF it's an inappropriate post, and since you know they get deleted fairly fast at times, as soon as you see it, click the "file" and "send", "send page by e-mail" option on Internet Explorer and send it to me, Cheri or Lo at our atkinsfriends.com e-mail accounts. (if you use another browser, use whatever option you have to to send the entire page to one of us).

I'd also like to point out Galatea's post ( http://www.low-carb-friends.com/bbs/...hreadid=126230 ).
Please, be cautious about how much information you post anywhere on the net.
I'm amazed at the amount of personal info, habits, pictured of kids, where they go to school, etc that people do post.

Finally: Please do not try and convict other posters on the boards! If there is something questionable, please let the admins look into it and deal with it.

One of us is usually here about 20 hours a day, so once you report something, put the person on ignore and just pretend they don't exist until we can deal with it.

Here's a link to the site rules:

Thanks for your cooperation!:)

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