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CCGirl 01-01-2014 06:35 AM

Start the New Year Skinny the Stillman QWL Weigh!!!!!!!
Join Us for a New Year of Losing!!!!!!!!!!:clap:

Shreem 01-01-2014 06:47 AM

found you! Yea. Thanks CC. Great title.

IWasMadeThisWay 01-01-2014 07:18 AM

Happy New Year everyone! Looking forward to this year since there are a lot of changes for me. I'll be back at college full-time this semester, as well as working full-time, and trying to lose the rest of this pesky weight! I'm also hoping to make a big move by the summer, and start working on my Bachelor's degree in the Fall. I'm super psyched!

I did not weight this morning. I am trying to not depend on the scale, but more on what I'm eating, and exercise. So, I have a a January 2014 calender hanging in my bathroom where I'll just mark up my calories, carbs and exercise for the day. I do have plans to weigh in here and there, but I am really trying to avoid weighing in daily.

CCGirl 01-01-2014 08:07 AM

Yeah IWMTW ditch the daily weighing, it's madness.

Leo41 01-01-2014 09:22 AM

I only weigh weekly, and I mark the weight on my calendar so that I can check long-term trends. Sometimes when I get discouraged, the trends show me that things aren't as bad as I think they are.

I'm counting on my protein-focused, low, low fat WOE to keep me in shape in this New Year.

slvrmoon 01-01-2014 09:36 AM

It's been a very long time since I was here. I had much success with a Stillman's type approach many years ago, but illness and injuries (I had a migraine for 9 months and then discovered disc problems in my back - I had surgery on my neck just over one year ago) took me off track and I gained it all back. I tried all kinds of things to get back on track, but this is the only plan that actually works for me, so it's time to stop acting like a 2 year old who can't have what she wants and buckle down and "just do it".

I have many challenges to go along with my weight loss/regain my health goals. I'm a single mom of a teenage girl. I work full time and I'm a full time college student.

So here I am. I've been happily doing it since Monday and have lost 3lbs so far. I have to weigh myself every day because I have a tendency to let myself "slack off" if I don't see the number each morning.

The official New Year's weigh in is 273.6.

My bootcamp reunion is scheduled for the end of Sept (22 years) and I'd like to look more like I did back then this year than I did last year when I went.

cici52 01-01-2014 10:02 AM

Happy New Year.

Larcana 01-01-2014 10:40 AM

Happy New Year! This is the plan that works for me, too. I'm dang sick and tired of the extra weight it is slowing me down! ;)

Shreem 01-01-2014 11:20 AM

wow! so many great posts everyone. so happy to have everyone here. this will be our year for many good things to come!

Just saw the american hustle movie and liked it alot.

Anonymousity 01-01-2014 01:58 PM

Hi all!

I'm posting here as well as the challenge thread. My first day back on plan was yesterday.

Day 1.......176.0
Day 2.......174.8.......1.2 pounds lost

I weigh every day because it helps to keep me motivated. Not weighing was what helped me gain so much!

shawnshx 01-01-2014 02:48 PM

Started last week on a cross between Stillman's and Atkins. 1st 4 days just ate bonless baked pork chops. Last 3 days ate a few eggs and bacon.

Weekly average a day (******)
541 cals
49 protein
32 fat
02 carbs
Down 14 lbs 1st week ( I know it is mostly water weight) 291 to 277

Goal 230 (lower will be better)

pawp11 01-01-2014 03:43 PM

I didn't weigh this morning, but will tomorrow. We had a family thing this week and there were lots of wicked leftovers! LOL I know the scale won't be kind even though my calories have all been below 1500 a day, they were not smart and healthy choices. Grocery shopping in the morning to restock for Stillman's!

It'stime 01-01-2014 10:40 PM

marking my spot:)

Larcana 01-02-2014 03:49 AM

Breakfast black coffee and eggs. Lunch chicken. Dinner ?
Good morning all!

Starzmom 01-02-2014 06:39 AM

Good morning Stillmanites!
So happy to be back on this WOE. My joints even feel better! Wow, love it!

skittles1982 01-02-2014 08:17 AM

Hello to all of my favorite people! I've been fairly good so far this year! I've at least stayed low carb. My bank account has been really low so I made some baked chicken, meat loaf muffins with extra lean ground beef, and breakfast muffins with eggs, sausage, and cheese. I was really tempted to grab some of the New Years candy someone brought to work for everyone but somehow I refrained. Hooray!

skittles1982 01-02-2014 08:20 AM

I pretty much have no choice except to stay on stillman's for the next two weeks since I can't buy any more groceries. I made sure to stock up on chicken breast and eggs! So that's pretty much all I have left after my meatloaf muffins and breakfast muffins are gone, which will be in no time at all! Can't wait til ketosis kicks in! I love ketosis. Feels SO GOOD!

skittles1982 01-02-2014 08:22 AM


Originally Posted by Starzmom (Post 16738070)
Good morning Stillmanites!
So happy to be back on this WOE. My joints even feel better! Wow, love it!

LMAO! I love it! "Stillmanites"! That's great! Accurate, also! We sure are Stillmanites! Stillmanians? LOL!:laugh:

skittles1982 01-02-2014 08:23 AM

As for weighing in, I usually do it every day in the mornings with no clothes. But sometimes I just feel like weighing in weekly because I love seeing the dramatic reduction in numbers! Something very satisfying about that rather than seeing gradual changes. Even though gradual changes really aren't all that gradual on stillman's! Hooray!

skittles1982 01-02-2014 08:39 AM

Has anyone else been "guilty" of eating hotdogs? I mean they're so cheap that I had to get 2 packages. 2 grams of carbs for each hotdog. I didn't look at the fat content. But do y'all think that's ok or have y'all heard or experienced otherwise?

pawp11 01-02-2014 11:59 AM


Originally Posted by skittles1982 (Post 16738252)
Has anyone else been "guilty" of eating hotdogs? I mean they're so cheap that I had to get 2 packages. 2 grams of carbs for each hotdog. I didn't look at the fat content. But do y'all think that's ok or have y'all heard or experienced otherwise?

I don't know what the experts will say, but my husband eats them and those lil smoked weenies and they haven't impacted his losses. The weenies are higher fat which is really satisfying some days!

Larcana 01-02-2014 12:32 PM

Stillmaniacs! Ha ha! I need a good laugh...been a tough morning. Staying on plan.

Anonymousity 01-02-2014 01:04 PM

Are they low fat hot dogs? I know that hot dogs in general are more Atkins friendly, but I stay away from them on stillmans because they tend to be higher in fat. If you can lose well eating higher fat, then no harm!

Day 1.......176.0
Day 2.......174.8.......1.2 pounds lost
Day 3.......171.8.......4.2 pounds lost

Down another 3 pounds! I think my mint tea is helping me shed all this bloat!

Erika1962 01-02-2014 02:31 PM

Yup...was gonna do some stalking in here, but now running in the kitchen to brew mint tea...

Shreem 01-02-2014 06:34 PM

:eggs: Eggs to save money and to lose weight!!

I weighed this morning and the scale was kind to me again. down about another .25 :jumpjoy: inch by inch for me, but I am thrilled with that!!

skittles1982 01-02-2014 11:16 PM


Originally Posted by Larcana (Post 16738665)
Stillmaniacs! Ha ha! I need a good laugh...been a tough morning. Staying on plan.

Stillmaniacs! I LOVE IT!!!:clap:

Larcana 01-03-2014 05:51 AM

Good Morning Stillmaniacs! Down two pounds since 1/1/14....staying on plan today no matter what. I will get to goal.
Current 145...goal 115.

pawp11 01-03-2014 07:52 AM

Good morning. I hope you are all warm this morning. I woke up and my heater wasn't on. It was FREEZING in here. I guess the thermostat batteries died. Brrrrrr. It is on now though.

I am committed and my first goal is to make it the whole month without eating off plan. We have no social commitments this month. The next one isn't until the first week of February. The fridge is stocked with protein. I made a chicken salad yesterday out of last week's leftover chicken breast. It's really good and only 2 carbs per serving!

I did wake up super dizzy this morning. Sinuses and the low carb? I don't know, but it wasn't fun. Hopefully it was just a one-time thing. I need to get to work. You all have a great day!

Kandi313 01-03-2014 07:53 AM

1/2/14 Day 1 (again) 209.6
1/3/14 Day2 207.1

BrattyS 01-03-2014 07:53 AM

Good morning and Happy New Year! I forgot to post but I did start on the 1st. Starting weight was 227.6 :(
I will only be weighing weekly. It looks like everyone is off to a great start!

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